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Thursday, December 3, 2009


When I first saw this, my jaw dropped waiting for the earth to quake. April Ryan, a black reporter is justifiably persistent with Gibbs over the fact that Obama's social secretary Desiree Rogers was actually on the guest list during the state dinner at the White House. Everything I've heard and read says that breaks protocol so Ryan is 100% in the right to expect an explanation. Gibbs reaction is more than self-indicting.

It far exceeds the combined standard of racism set by Al and Jesse.


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Obama Science czar John Holdren has found himself in the middle of climategate. There are emails from him to other players in the saga - in particular Michael Mann - in which he is boasting about his efforts to discredit two solar scientists who were challenging Mann's "hockey stick" chart by pointing to the Medieval Warming Period (MWP). The MWP is generally considered to have been between the 9th and 14th centuries.

Considering the fact that Mann's chart covered the period between 1000 - 2000 A.D., the MWP was likely considered to be a period of "inconvenient truth". Otherwise, I don't know that Holdren would have been so concerned about discrediting them.

Here, Wisconsin Representative James Sensenbrenner (R) grills Holdren and rightfully so. While Sensenbrenner points to Holdren being wrong about the rise in sea levels in 2006 and the "hockey stick" chart, he neglected to mention Holdren's pathetically inaccurate predictions in the 1977 book of his titled, "Ecoscience". By the way, ZOMBIETIME did a thorough analysis of WackoScience a few months ago.

Before watching the video, check out the ACTUAL EMAIL Sensenbrenner is referring to when talking about correspondence between Holdren and Mann about the solar scientists, Soon and Baliunas.

Here's the exchange with Sensenbrenner.

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Last year, Dallas county commissioner John Wiley Price took offense when fellow commissioner Ken Mayfield likened central collections to a "black hole". Price, who is black, took it personally. He's done it again.

This time he challenges a judge who tries to get him to come to order.

For those who would like to reminisce about the "black hole" outburst, here it is.

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This can't be true, can it? Was Mike Huckabee so smug as Arkansas Governor that he would so dismissively respond - through his attorney - to concerns from a prosecuting attorney about the number of clemencies violent criminals were receiving at the stroke of Huck's pen?

Based on these two letters - one sent to Huckabee by ROBERT HERZFELD, a prosecutor from the 22nd district of Arkansas on January 13th, 2004 and a response back to him by CORY COX, an attorney for Huckabee - the former Arkansas Governor may not only have to forget about running for president. He may need to worry about that television show he has. Here is what Huckabee's attorney wrote in response to Herzfeld's concerns about Huck's propensity for granting clemencies:
The governor read you(r) letter and laughed out loud.

He wanted me to respond to you. I wish you success as you cut down on your caffeine constuuption.
The arrogance of the letter from Cox to a lowly prosecutor is palpable. After Herzfeld expresses legitimate concern about the number of clemencies granted by Huckabee, he goes a step further and offers to be available for Huckabee to explain his case. Appearances and perception is everything here. Check out this excerpt from Herzfeld's letter to Huckabee: seems clear that you did not finish reading my December 29th letter. As I stated last month, if you have a case which merits clemency, I requested that you contact me with the reasons you believe clemency is appropriate for persons incarcerated and allow me to research the facts and then determine whether I would withdraw my objection.
Rather than the King of Arkansas humbling himself in front of a lowly prosecutor from one of the many districts in the state, one of the King's men scoffs at that prosecutor's concerns by laughing at him and intimating that his level of forthrightness with a governor is somehow chemically induced. Huckabee is beginning to look quite disgraceful.

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I find myself reading Scripture more than I used to. In light of all of the things going on in the world today, I found Habakkuk Chapters 1 & 2 to be extremely interesting reading. Habakkuk was one of the later prophets in the Old Testament.


Habakkuk 1
1 This is a vision the prophet Habakkuk received from Yahweh. Here is what Habakkuk said.

Habakkuk Asks Yahweh a Question
2 Yahweh, how long do I have to call out for help?
Why don't you listen to me?
How long must I keep telling you
that things are terrible?
Why don't you save us?
3 Why do you make me watch while
people treat others so unfairly?
Why do you put up with the wrong things
they are doing?
I have to look at death.
People are harming others.
They are arguing and fighting all the time.
4 The law can't do what it's supposed to do.
Fairness never comes out on top.
Sinful people surround those
who do what is right.
So people are never treated fairly.

Yahweh Gives His Answer
5 Yahweh replies,
"Look at the nations. Watch them.
Be totally amazed at what you see.
I am going to do something in your days
that you would never believe.
You would not believe it
even if someone told you about it.
6 I am going to send the armies of Babylonia to attack you.
They are very mean. They move quickly.
They sweep across the whole earth.
They take over places
that do not belong to them.
7 They terrify others.
They do not recognize any laws but their own.
That is how proud they are.
8 Their horses are faster than leopards.
They are meaner than wolves in the dark.
Their horsemen charge straight into battle.
They ride in from far away.
They come down like an eagle
diving for its food.
9 All of them are ready to destroy others.
Their huge armies advance like a wind out of the desert.
They gather prisoners like sand.
10 They laugh at kings
and make fun of rulers.
They laugh at all of the cities
that have high walls around them.
They build dirt ramps against the walls
and capture the cities.
11 They sweep past like the wind.
Then they go on their way.
They are guilty.
They worship their own strength."

Habakkuk Asks Yahweh Another Question
12 Yahweh, haven't you existed forever?
You are my holy God.
So we won't die, will we?
Yahweh, you have appointed the Babylonians
to punish your people.
My Rock, you have chosen them to judge us.
13 Your eyes are too pure to look at what is evil.
You can't put up with the wrong things people do.
So why do you put up
with those who can't be trusted?
The evil Babylonians swallow up
those who are more godly than themselves.
So why are you silent?
14 You have made men as if they were only fish in the sea.
They are like sea creatures that don't have a ruler.
15 The evil Babylonians pull all of them up with hooks.
They catch them in their nets.
They gather them up.
So they celebrate.
They are glad.
16 They offer sacrifices to their nets.
They burn incense to them.
Their nets allow them to live in great comfort.
They enjoy the finest food.
17 Are you going to let them
keep on emptying their nets?
Will they go on destroying nations
without showing them any mercy?

Habakkuk 2
1 I will go up to the lookout tower.
I'll station myself on the city wall.
I'll wait to see how Yahweh will reply to me.
Then I'll try to figure out how to answer Him.

Yahweh Gives His Answer
2 Yahweh replies,
"Write down the message I am showing you in a vision.
Write it clearly on the tablets you use.
Then a messenger can read it
and run to announce it.
3 The message I give you
waits for the time I have appointed.
It speaks about what is going to happen.
And all of it will come true.
It might take a while.
But wait for it.
You can be sure it will come.
It will happen when I want it to.
4 "The Babylonians are very proud.
What they want is not good.
"But the one who is right with God
will live by faith.
5 "Wine makes the Babylonians do foolish things.
They are proud. They never rest.
Like the grave, they are always hungry for more.
Like death, they are never satisfied.
They gather all of the nations to themselves.
They take their people away as prisoners.
6 "Won't those people laugh at the Babylonians? Won't they make fun of them? They will say to them,
" 'How terrible it will be for you
who pile up stolen goods!
You get rich by cheating others.
How long will that go on?
7 Those who owe you money will suddenly rise up.
You charge them too much interest.
So they will wake up
and make you tremble with fear.
Then they will take away
everything you have.
8 You have robbed many nations.
So the nations that are left will rob you.
You have spilled man's blood.
You have destroyed lands and cities
and everyone in them.'
9 "How terrible it will be for the Babylonians!
They build their kingdom with money
they gained by cheating others.
They have tried to make the kingdom
as secure as possible.
After all, they did not want to be destroyed.
10 They have planned to wipe out many nations.
But they have brought shame on their own kingdom.
So they must pay with their own lives.
11 The stones in the walls of their homes will cry out.
And the wooden beams will echo that cry.
12 "How terrible it will be for the Babylonians!
They build cities by spilling the blood of others.
They establish towns by committing crimes.
13 I am Yahweh who rules over all.
Human effort is no better than wood that feeds a fire.
So the nations wear themselves out for nothing.
14 The oceans are full of water.
In the same way, the earth will be filled
with the knowledge of my glory.
15 "How terrible it will be for the Babylonians!
They give drinks to their neighbors.
They pour the drinks from wineskins
until their neighbors are drunk.
They want to look at their naked bodies.
16 But the Babylonians will be filled
with shame instead of glory.
So now it is their turn to drink
and be stripped of their clothes.
The cup of anger in my powerful right hand
is going to punish them.
They will be covered with shame instead of glory.
17 The harm they have done to Lebanon
will bring them down.
Because they have killed so many animals,
animals will terrify them.
They have spilled man's blood.
They have destroyed lands and cities
and everyone in them.
18 "If someone carves a statue of a god, what is it worth?
What value is there in a god
that teaches lies?
The one who trusts in another god
worships his own creation.
He makes statues of gods that can't speak.
19 How terrible it will be for the Babylonians!
They say to a wooden god, 'Come to life!'
They say to a stone god, 'Wake up!'
Can those gods give advice?
They are covered with gold and silver.
They can't even breathe.
20 But I am in my holy temple.
Let the whole earth be silent in front of me."
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