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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video: Obama Doubles Down on 1967 Borders Comment, Licks Wounds

While speaking at AIPAC one day after he got a spanking in the Oval Office from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his comments regarding Israel returning to the 1967 borders, Obama decided to fire back at Netanyahu. Indignant, Obama re-read the same comments that were so inflammatory on Thursday. He did so while claiming that he didn't veer off the path of what has long been U.S. policy with respect to Israel. Even if he's technically correct, his calculated ambiguity and timing is what hurt him. Both were calculated. Otherwise, Netanyahu wouldn't have objected so much.

As I said on my radio show this morning, Obama used Alinsky Rule #3 on Thursday, which says:
"Go outside the experience of your opponent. It will cause confusion, fear and retreat."
No Israeli Prime Minister had experienced a U.S. President invoke 1967 borders in the way Obama did, just one day before a White House visit. If Obama was relying on his hero's Rule #3 working on Netanyahu, it backfired in a big way and this video is proof; watch Obama lick his wounds.

h/t the Blaze

Shocker: Islamist Convicted of Threatening South Park Creators an Obama Campaign Worker

Remember when South Park portrayed Islam's Muhammad by dressing him in a bear outfit so you couldn't see him? After all, they did honor the wishes of the Islamists not to show a picture of their prophet. It wasn't good enough for a Jihadist named Zachary Chesser, who threatened Matt Stone and Trey Parker - the creators of South Park. Chesser was sentenced to 25 years in prison for threatening the pair. The kicker has to do with what the would-be Jihadist did with his time back in 2008. He campaigned for Barack Obama.

Via The Smoking Gun:
In U.S. District Court filings, Chesser’s lawyer and family members described him as a passionate young man whose interests pinballed from subject to subject (sports, Japanese anime, break dancing, heavy metal, Buddhism, Islam) and often turned on a dime. His attorney reported that despite Chesser’s “increasing devotion to a rigid form of Islam,” he “volunteered to campaign in the 2008 presidential election.” However, “by the time the election came on November 4, 2008, Mr. Chesser had become convinced it would be a violation of Islamic law to vote.”

In a character letter, Chesser’s stepmother recalled him “ranting about how the Koran says he can’t support Obama even though he had signed up to help with the campaign."

Chesser apologized in a “Statement of Responsibility” for the “harm and pain I have caused,” noting that he was “ashamed and bewildered that I was capable of doing it.” Chesser added that, “I have always been a pacificist” and “The jihadi ideology I was drawn into was contrary to everything I had grown up thinking and believing.”
Is it me or did Chesser admit that Islam is violent?

Interesting that this comes on the heels of Obama's flap over comments perceived as anti-Israel this week.

h/t GWP

VIdeo: Are you Ready for the 'Cain Doctrine?'

The 'Cain Train' will be an energized bunch for sure. Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain announced his 2012 candidacy for President in Atlanta at Centennial Park and he has tapped into the Tea Party fervor in much the same way that Sarah Palin energized the conservative base back in 2008. If not for her, John McCain would have been lucky to show better than Walter Mondale in 1984. The RINO herd is thinning (Mitch Daniels is the latest to fall) in large part because they know they can't offer what the Tea Party demands. It's an educated and very powerful voting bloc. RINOs like Huckabee and Daniels have figured out that it's a group that can't be fooled; Newt is taking his sweet time figuring it out but he'll get there.

Here is Cain with Neil Cavuto one day prior to his announcement via Pundit Press:

Here is Cain's speech in Atlanta. It's long but worth the watch. Via The Blaze:

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