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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shoebat Exclusive: Egyptian Presidential candidate practicing Muruna

Former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat has done it again. This time, he has unearthed video evidence that Egyptian presidential candidate Abol Futuh is practicing Muruna, a very deceptive practice sanctioned by Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi that allows Muslims to engage in any and all prohibitions - if doing so furthers a larger agenda.

Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood promised not to field a presidential candidate. Futuh was allegedly "expelled" from the Brotherhood and is now running for president of Egypt.

Via Shoebat:
Interestingly, Muruna would theoretically allow Futuh to be jettisoned from the Brotherhood for a higher calling, namely, running for president.
It would also allow a woman named Huma Abedin to marry a Jew (Anthony Weiner) and become the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton (Huma's mother is a member of the Brotherhood's Muslim Sisterhood arm).

Video: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell provides perfect Appetizer for Media attacks on Romney

As much as it pains me to say that MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell makes a well-reasoned argument, he absolutely does here. Mitt Romney is in trouble with the mainstream media over his Mormonism. In this monologue, O'Donnell starts out by referring to a racist quote from Brigham Young, a man who Mormons believe was a prophet. O'Donnell conveys that Romney has praised Young in the past.

Again, my views on Mormonism are irrelevant. It's the views of the mainstream media and how they will communicate them that are going to matter. Look, NBC manipulated a 911 call and aired an altered tape to make George Zimmerman look like a racist who murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood.

The Republican Party - and Romney in particular - have a very big hurdle to overcome relative to Mormonism. Based on what O'Donnell says below (and we can expect much, much more of it in months to come), Romney is going to have a pretty bad time getting the black vote.

Republicans really need to ask themselves if Romney is their guy because, frankly, he is among the most vulnerable when it comes to his religion... and the mainstream media knows it.

Pretty hard to refute O'Donnell here.

Via MediaIte:

Video (it Begins): Mitt Romney asked about Mormonism at Town Hall

While at a town hall meeting in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney took a question from a Ron Paul supporter about his Mormon religion. The question was race-based; Bret Hatch wanted to know if Romney thought it was a sin for a white man to "marry and procreate with a black." Romney answered with an emphatic "no" and moved on but what he said a short time after that provided a clear opening for the mainstream media in the coming weeks and months.

Note that while referring back to Hatch a little bit later, Romney said he would not talk about the "doctrines" of  his religion but only the "practices" of his "faith." Again, if Romney thinks that setting these kinds of ground rules for the mainstream media is going to prevent future questions about the "doctrines" of his religion, he's living in an alternate universe. There are some bizarre practices in the Mormon religion he is certain to have to deal with as well, as I wrote about here and here.

There is something else at work here. Over the last several months, we've seen Ron Paul take a hands-off approach to Mitt Romney while attacking both Santorum and Gingrich. Why? As I wrote here, it probably has to do with a belief in the Paul camp that Romney is the least likely candidate to defeat Barack Obama; this would allow Rand Paul to run for president in 2016 as opposed to 2020.

If Mitt Romney thinks this moment was awkward, just wait until the mainstream media begins dissecting the "doctrines" of Mormonism. Though he is doing extremely well among Mormon voters, both he and they may want to be careful what they wish for because they could each end up in a lose / lose situation. No presidency and the "doctrines" of Mormonism laid bare by the media.

I've been saying it for quite a while now; Romney is a terrible choice for the Republicans to put up against Barack Obama because the media will be looking for some Jeremiah Wright payback in the form of a Mormon religion anal exam. Unfortunately, money and groupthink among the Republican establishment appears to be winning the day.

Via ABC News:

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