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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Jason Mattera is awesome. He and his cameraman have on many occasion provided a glimpse into liberal insanity at different events. He even got Charlie Rangel to cuss him out before fleeing for the open elevator.

This time, Mattera donns funky sunglasses, a Jamaican colored hat, and a Bob Marley T-shirt and gets the liberal whack jobs to say things they would never admit to if they knew who we was.

DATELINE: RESTON, VA on August 25th.

30% of Americans still strongly approve of Obama's performance. Here's a great cross-section of who makes up that group.

h/t to HOT AIR


Yet another example of astroturfing, courtesy of the Obamautomatons. Health Care for America Now (HCAN) was in action at a town hall for Jan Schakowski (D-IL). Note how this organizer is coaching the HCANs how to stand up and "block" when opponents stand up to protest.

Also note how he's come up with the incredibly original and insightful chant of, "Health Care Now".

Just as a refresher, here's Jan Schakowsky back in April claiming enthusiastically that the insurance companies will be put out of business. Personally, the line I was most disturbed by was, "This is not a principled fight." Can someone explain to me why you would choose sides not based on what you believe is right but on what you want?

Sounds like that Alinsky-inspired, "ends justify the means" mentality at work.

Here are the websites for SCHAKOWSKY and HCAN.

h/t to GATEWAY PUNDIT for the HCAN video.


Dave Carroll hit YouTube Gold when he released a song called, "United Breaks Guitars". It was a video about how United's baggage handlers broke his quite expensive guitar and wouldn't pay for it. Carroll's video was viewed by millions and United most certainly regretted their course of action.

But Carroll's not done. On his website, he discusses how he committed to writing three songs about his experiences after he learned United would not reimburse him for his troubles. The first song made reference to the lady who handed down the final verdict from United. Here name is Ms. Irlweg. This video features Irlweg prominently. Here is the video for song #2 of 3.


Just in case you have a craving for Song #1....

Here is DAVE CARROLL'S website.


On August 21st, a Florida judge ruled that Rifqa Bary, who converted to Christianity and fled her Muslim parents, would not have to be immediately returned to her parents. Bary is adamant that if she is returned to Columbus, OH she will be either killed or sent to an insane asylum in Sri Lanka.

The next important date for Rifqa is Thursday, September 3rd when there will be another hearing. Since the 21st, some very disturbing things about the mosque her parents attend have come to light.

WORLD NED DAILY is reporting on some claims made by Bary's Attorney, John Stemberger, that if true, should lead into an investigation over whether an American citizen is being prevented from exercising 1st Amendment rights.
According to exhibits submitted by the Department of Justice during a terrorism finance trial, the CEO of the Noor Center, Hany Saqr, has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The Muslim Brotherhood of North America is an international organization which was responsible for birthing every Islamic terror organization in the world, including al-Qaida," Stemberger said. "So, when you think about al-Qaida, you can think that the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for al-Qaida's existence."
Allow me to digress for a moment as I think it's extremely important to put the Muslim Brotherhood in the proper context because one of its past leaders was a close ally of Adolf Hitler. AMIN AL-HUSSEINI (pictured with Hitler) appealed to the infamous Nazi leader in 1944 to go public with their alliance but Hitler wanted to wait until he took Moscow and opened the Caucasus Mountain ranges. That never happened and the weather had a lot to do with it. HERE IS A LINK to the alleged minutes of the meeting between al-Husseini and Hitler in 1944.

Now that we have strong evidence that the CEO of the Noor Islamic Center has ties to a group once led by an ally of Hitler, how about Saqr's subordinate having ties to Hamas?
Saqr's subordinate, Ismail Elbarasse, was one of the top Hamas operatives in the country and had provided at least $735,000 to Hamas at that time. Saqr was also listed as a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood official in a 1992 phone directory recovered from the home of a Hamas operative.
Hamas has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States.

But wait! That's not all. How about an interesting connection between another Hamas operational leader, this Mosque, and Jeremiah Wright? Who on earth could that be?
Mousa Abu Marzook, another operational head of the Hamas terrorist organization that operated out of the U.S. placed numerous calls to Saqr's home.
So a Hamas leader placed multiple calls to the CEO of the Noor Islamic Center. How does that tie back to Jeremiah Wright? While tangentially connected, isn't interesting that Wright placed a TERROR MANIFESTO written by Marzook in the Trinity United Church of Christ Newsletter on July 22, 2007? HERE'S MORE on Marzook, who also hangs with another Hamas leader named Khaled Meshaal who was expelled from Jordan and now is in Syria.

How about another upstanding gentleman with ties to the Noor Islamic Center? Sulah Sultan has actually been banned from the United States:
Stemberger also noted that Salah Sultan, a former Islamic scholar associated with the Noor Center whose family household is located only one mile from the Bary family's mosque, has been photographed with leaders who have been designated terrorists by the U.S. government.

"Dr. Sultan has recently appeared on television inciting violence against Jews, and he has previously appeared at events in support of designated terrorist organizations while an active part of the Noor Center community," the memorandum states.

In a May 2006 appearance on the Al-Risala television network, the Middle East Media Research Institute revealed Sultan accused the U.S. government of playing a role in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and attempting to wage war against Islam. He also praised al-Qaida cleric and Osama bin Laden mentor Abdul Majid al-Zindani – a U.S.-designated global terrorist who recruited for al-Qaida training camps.
I'd say there are plenty of red flags when it comes to the intentions of Bary's parents and / or the Mosque they attend.

Remember, September 3rd at 2:30pm ET, Rifqa Bary's fate is in the hands of a Judge and also Florida's Governor, Charlie Crist. Please contact Crist's office today.

Concerned individuals may e-mail Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, fill out a contact form, call his office at (850)488-4441 or (850)488-7146 or fax (850)487-0801.

The Florida Department of Children and Families may be reached by calling (850)487-1111 or fax (850)922-2993.
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