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Friday, October 15, 2010


There have been a lot of really awesome Tea Party songs and only a select few make it to this level. This is one of the awesome ones. The video images only add to the tune. In Texas, it's what we call 'cream gravy.' I I can't decide which image is best - the woman dressed in Burkas made of U.S. flags or the lady on the Washington Mall sporting a t-shirt that says 'INFIDEL' in big letters. All that aside, you'll find yourself singing this one even after it's over.

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We can at least chalk a portion of this victory for Geert Wilders up to the massive shift in political sentiment in the Netherlands recently. His anti-Islam Freedom Party won huge gains in that country's elections this past June and with that victory comes power. That's not to say there was anything untoward. It simply means that politicians know when the political winds are shifting. They have shifted in a major way in the Netherlands. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wilders leading that country before long.

Via Dutch News:
The public prosecution department on Friday afternoon stated that Geert Wilders is not guilty of discriminating against Muslims. Earlier on Friday it announced he should also be found not guilty of inciting hatred.

Prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman reached their conclusions after a careful reading of interviews with and articles by the anti-Islam politician and a viewing of his anti-Koran film Fitna.

They said comments about banning the Koran can be discriminatory, but because Wilders wants to pursue a ban on democratic lines, there is no question of incitement to discrimination 'as laid down in law'.
This may be a bigger victory for Wilders than the election. He definitely has the opposition on defense. This victory is certain to strengthen his influence. Look for this guy to take the lead in Europe as the inevitable battle with Islamo-fascism becomes the top priority for the west.

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Day 2 of the Article 32 hearing designed to determine if there is enough evidence to bring a court martial against Nidal Malik Hasan took place yesterday. Witnesses who were shot by Hasan testified about their horrific experience and from whose gun the shots came. The most bone-chilling testimony came from Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler.

Via the Dallas Morning News:
FORT HOOD, Texas – The slow, rhythmic thunk of a metal cane was the only sound in a military courtroom for nearly a minute Thursday when Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler was called to testify about the attack last November that left him brain-damaged.

The man accused of shooting him, Maj. Nidal Hasan, sat motionless in a wheelchair, his dark eyes blinking as he tracked the sergeant's halting steps. Zeigler did not return the Army psychiatrist's gaze as he made his way to the witness stand.

Ziegler spoke carefully and sometimes paused as he described the horror that left his left side so damaged that he had to relearn to walk and his head so riddled with bullet and bone fragments that 20 percent of his brain had to be removed. His fiancée listened intently from an aisle seat, sometimes biting her lip.

Zeigler said he initially "froze up" when someone near the entrance of the soldier readiness center yelled "Allahu Akbar" just after 1 p.m. Nov. 5. Like most of the 18 other witnesses who have testified in the proceeding, Ziegler said he thought at first that the incident was some sort of drill. He saw a man in a combat uniform pull something from his uniform top – an object he initially thought was a training weapon. Then he registered that the gun had a laser sight and that its red beam was arcing toward him.

"It actually crossed paths with my eyes," Zeigler said. "I have no sense of time, but it felt like somebody hit me in the side of the head with a metal baseball bat."
Hasan is like the alien in Independence Day who allowed people to see the face of evil and the true intentions of the enemy.

Read it all.


What better way to demonstrate that you're a man of the cloth who represents the best of your religion than to rant and rave in response to a question from a reporter you don't like, thereby whipping up your entourage into a frenzy? Watch as this Imam's supporters punch and beat a reporter who asked physically attack someone who asks you a question you don't like?

Via Jihad Watch:
Shahi Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, on Thursday lost his cool when a journalist questioned him regarding the Ayodhya verdict during a press conference, following which he was thrashed by supporters of the cleric.

Mohammed Abdul Waheed Chisti, a reporter with a local Urdu daily, raised a question relating to the ownership of the disputed site before the construction of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya.

Chisti asked the Shahi Imam to spell out his stand on the mention of King Dashrath's name in land records of 1528 before the Babri mosque was constructed.

Initially, Bukhari skirted the question but when the journalist insisted, he was threatened.

"Get him out of this conference, Bukhari shouted while accusing the journalist of working against the interests of the Muslims," he said.

Bukhari's supporters then thrashed the journalist in full public glare.

People like him will 'not be tolerated by Muslims at any cost,' the Shahi Imam said before leaving the press conference....
Thou doth protest a bit too much?

h/t to Jihad Watch


Talk about doubling down. The National Organization for Women (NOW) has apparently decided it's time to just rip its mask completely off. It was bad enough that NOW endorsed Jerry Brown for governor one day after it was learned that an associate of his called his Republican opponent Meg Whitman a 'whore.' While giving Brown's campaign a pass by saying that the next person who calls a woman a 'whore' should be fired, NOW president Terry O'Neil was apparently backing that the next time the word was used to describe a woman, it would be hurled by a conservative or Republican.

Not only would that have been a bet that failed but the next person to use the word was the California president of NOW, Parry Bellasalma! What's even more amazing is that Bellasalma directed the slur at Meg Whitman.Talking Points Memo had the following to say about National President O'Neil:
She might want to have a talk with California NOW President Parry Bellasalma, who today told TPM in response to a question that "Meg Whitman could be described as 'a political whore.' Yes, that's an accurate statement."
Can someone tell me what the "W" in NOW actually stands for?

To get caught up on this mess, click HERE and HERE.

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