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Monday, October 26, 2009


I love this guy, John Ziegler. He has a knack for getting under people's skin in a nice, hold-them-accountable kind of way. He asks tough questions comfortably and with a constant smile / smirk on his face that just seems to prompt laughter.

This interview with CPAC Chairman David Keene (who also heads the American Conservative Union) is a must-see. At WCPAC in Newport Beach, CA recently, Keene was in attendance and agreed to an interview with Ziegler. It's a safe bet that Keene was well aware that Ziegler has spent a significant amount of time fighting in defense of Sarah Palin and expected a polite exchange based on some statements Keene had made in opposition to Palin.

What he got was something entirely different.........and WAY more entertaining. Keene was right at first. Ziegler started out with soft jabs asking about Keene's stance that Sarah Palin was "whining" too much about the attacks against her.

The interview is in three parts and gets better with each installment.

Here's part 1. Remember, starts out with soft jabs and slowly escalates.

Ok, so Keene's buttons have been sufficiently pushed at this point. Here, Ziegler follows Keene through the hotel as Keene tries in vain to escape. I can't decide which part is the best. When Keene says Ziegler needs punched or Ziegler's exchange with the blogger.

Decide for yourself but I laughed the hardest at Ziegler's exchange with the blogger.

You know you can't help yourself. Here's part 3.

Check out ZIEGLER'S website


Every time Victor Davis Hanson writes, it's usually very profound. However, today he writes what could be the most salient and telling prose in the fewest words. In fact, in what he calls "A Modest Suggestion", Hanson provides the best argument for those who hold that the best points are usually the shortest.
I think the president could improve his poll ratings markedly if he simply took all the things he has said about Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News, the town-hallers, and his domestic critics and instead applied that invective to Iran, radical Islam, Russia, and Venezuela, and, in turn, took all the outreach things he's said the latter and applied them to the former.
Quite telling, isn't it?

h/t to NRO


You know Jane Hall, right? Often appeared on Fox News Channel during the weekend programming with Cal Thomas, James Pinkerton, et al. She's one of those liberals who like to appear moderate, never really tipping her hand too much. She showed her true self this weekend when pointing to Glenn Beck's "scary" language as one of the reasons she left.

CLICK HERE to hear Beck go after Hall on his radio show. You will notice that he never mentions her name and says that he's never heard of her. I find that less believable than him pretending to be ignorant of her name as a dig at Hall. Nonetheless, for those who don't know who she is, there is a picture of her to the left.

There are certainly different degrees of liberalism. On the far left you will find the likes of Mao Tse Tung. Coalesced around the moderate center are people like Jane Hall who seem to be on a constant quest to avoid conflict. They provide "analysis" without challenging. Well guess what. Conflict is inherent in human nature. Simply not telling the truth because it's too ugly is called kicking the can.

Applying the Jane Hall model to real life, she's like someone who is told her house is on fire and attacks the person who brings her the uncomfortable news instead of putting out the fire.

If you're interested, you can watch the panel on CNN where Hall made her comments about Beck. My favorite quote comes at about the 3 minute mark when Kurtz asks Hall if she considers herself a liberal. She says she considers herself a "moderate" and a "journalist" and "not really a liberal".

Not really a liberal? Is that like kinda sorta liberal but not really?

As if you needed it, further proof that liberals don't like being called liberal.

Another very telling moment comes shortly after the 5 minute mark. When talking about Obama's war on Fox, Hall says, "Trust me (yeah, right). It is not Nixonian."

h/t to H4A


On Friday, October 23rd Accuracy in Media held its 40th anniversary conference, which was shown on CSPAN2 and featured AIM editor Cliff Kincaid along with the man who broke the Van Jones story, New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon. This video is an absolute must-see!

Though it's a little long, if you're at all interested in learning what's truly wrong with Barack Obama as POTUS, this pretty much sums it all up in about the least amount of time possible.

CLICK HERE to watch and take note of the fact that Kincaid says there is much more to come.

Probably the most glaring aspect of Obama's background is his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who Kincaid spends significant time discussing at the beginning of the video. The National Enquirer actually covered the Frank Marshall Davis angle more than any other mainstream media outlet (including Fox) and the Enquirer only did one story on it! Here's the description of the AIM event from the CSPAN website:
Accuracy in Media, a self-described conservative media watchdog group, hosted its 40th annual conference. Cliff Kinkaid, the editor of the Accuracy in Media newsletter, and Trevor Louden talked about the alleged reluctance by the media to investigate President Obama’s background. Mr. Louden is a New Zealand blogger whose work led a White House staffer to step down. They responded to audience members' questions following their remarks.
Towards the end, Loudon explains why he's spending so much time and effort investigating a foreign government and has some sobering thoughts for anyone interested in escaping the American government by moving to New Zealand.

Kincaid's sarcastic swipe at Bill O'Reilly notwithstanding (Kincaid mockingly gave O'Reilly credit for being smarter than a light bulb), he is obviously angry that the media did not listen before last year's election when so much information about Obama was already available. Justifiably angered, Kincaid makes reference to O'Reilly's surprise last week that Obama has been so far left and does everything to express it short of holding up a picture of O'Reilly in a dunce cap while saying, "DUH!".

Loudon and Kincaid broke the story about Frank Marshall Davis in early 2008 and no large media outlets, including Fox, did anything with it. Even last year, prior to the election, the National Enquirer did more work on the Frank Marshall Davis story than Fox News did.

But hey, at least O'Reilly still has the Body language lady.

h/t to NEW ZEAL and AIM


Ah, the legacy of Carter's Community Reinvestment Act from 1977. Beginning in 1998, Bill Clinton gave it a steroid injection, which opened the door for ACORN-types to bully banks. Then the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (otherwise known as the $787 Billion stimulate nothing bill) came out. Check out this video thanks to BREITBART, which shows SEIU thugs at the American Banking Associates conference.

Keep in mind that SEIU is protesting banks taking bailout money yet seems completely ignorant of the fact that their Community Organizer-in-Chief is the one responsible for giving it to them. Then once you consider that groups like the Apollo Alliance, who actually contributed to writing the stimulus bill are in bed with the same SEIU thugs who are raising a ruckus at this conference, you have to scratch your head even if there's only a grain of sand in your logical hourglass.

It's just like the UAW protesting outside one of its UAW owned plants. These people are so high on anger that they can't even take a two minute break to realize how unbelievably insane their position is.

Of course, if government is responsible for giving the banks all of this money, why aren't the union thugs going to Washington, D.C. to protest the government instead of going after the people the government gave the money to? Well, to do so would mean tea partiers have a point and pride trumps facts when you're drunk on it.

So why would these nuts love Obama while getting mad at the people Obama is responsible for giving money to?

1.) They just like to be angry
2.) They want in on the action
3.) All of the above

And to think that THIS video actually came out BEFORE Obama was elected.

h/t to MICHELLE MALKIN who has much more on this story (be sure to click and read the links within her post - powerful).
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