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Friday, September 10, 2010


The only thing that could possibly open a bigger can of worms than a pastor burning Qur'ans might just be what Pat Buchanan is advocating here - imprisoning that pastor if he refuses to stand down. This is over-the-top egregious on the part of Buchanan. Does he have any idea what this could lead to?

Why wouldn't Buchanan call for the imprisoning of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf if he didn't refuse to abandon the ground zero mosque idea? That mosque would largely be seen by Islamists as a recruiting tool, thereby endangering American lives. If a pastor can be imprisoned for burning books, what next?

Petraeus took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Ostensbily, that's one of the primary reasons he's leading our troops in Afghanistan. If Buchanan's advice is heeded, the Constitution Petraeus has taken an oath to defend will have been assailed here at home.

If you were confused about why we're in Afghanistan before, imprisoning a man for exercising his first amendment rights will only compound that confusion.

Via NewsBusters:


Even if you disagree with conflating the issues of the Qur'an burning and the ground zero mosque - which are becoming even more linked in light of the recent developments between the claims of Dove World Outreach Center pastor and Imam Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida - there is one thing that links both together inextricably; that thing is the first amendment. In the case of the mosque, it's a freedom of religion issue. In the case of the Qur'an burning, it's a freedom of speech issue.

Rewind to August 14th, the day after Barack Obama announced that he supported the right of the Cordoba Initiative to build their mosque at Ground Zero. After his controversial remarks one day earlier in front of a Muslim audience at the White House, Obama was confronted in New Orleans about his support of the Mosque.

Take note of what he says here about not commenting on the "wisdom" of the decision.

Fast forward to September 9th. While on Good Morning America, Obama is asked about the proposed Qur'an burning scheduled to take place in Gainesville, FL. For some reason, he feels compelled here to comment on the wisdom of the decision for a full three minutes.

Same First Amendment; different standard. One last thing before watching. In 2006, Barack Obama cast the deciding vote against an Amendment that would have made burning the U.S. flag illegal.


It still makes absolutely no sense to me why, of all the people Dove World Outreach Center pastor Terry Jones could meet with - at this point, he could probably meet with whomever he chooses - why he settled on Imam Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF), who has already been tied to the funding of Hamas. Not surprisingly, Jones now feels he was lied to by Musri, who he claims told him that if the Qur'an burning was called off, the Ground Zero mosque would be moved.

After getting Jones's buy in, Musri has apparently backtracked on his end of the deal, according to Jones. At a press conference after his meeting with Musri, as well as a phone call with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Jones gives the hint he is not happy with Musri, saying that he will take him at his word about the Ground Zero mosque.


Apparently, Terry Jones now feels he's been lied to by Musri about the Ground Zero mosque and appears to be re-thinking things. Via the AP:
The Rev. Terry Jones said Thursday he would call off the planned burning of Qurans based on a deal negotiated with the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida that the location of a mosque planned near ground zero in New York would be changed.

But Imam Muhammad Musri said he was clear on Thursday when he told Jones that he could only set up a meeting with planners of the New York City mosque, whose leader said he had spoken to neither the pastor nor Musri. Jones responded by opening the door, if only a crack, that he would go forward with his plan on Saturday.

"We are just really shocked," Jones said of Musri. "He clearly, clearly lied to us."
The meeting's postscript obviously turned into a "he said / she said" moment. Was it recorded? Were there witnesses to the conversation?

Apart from the controversy of actually burning the Qur'ans, I keep coming back to Musri. Imam Rauf in New York said he hadn't spoken with either Musri or Jones about the scheduled burnings but how well does he know Musri? That would open up an entirely new can of worms because if Rauf is connected to Musri, it would be yet another bright red flag relative to the funding of the Ground Zero mosque.

More on Musri HERE.

h/t to Gateway Pundit


Notwithstanding Christie's inexplicable endorsement of Delaware RINO candidate for Senate, Mike Castle over Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell, he continues to be on the right side in the fight against teachers unions. In this exchange, the immaturity of this teacher's kids appears to have rubbed off on her a bit and Christie calls her on it. After finishing her rather lengthy diatribe, the woman is seen shaking her head in disgust, while giggling to demonstrate her disagreement with Christie's response.

After being put in her place, Christie delivers a response no rational human being could disagree with; the fact this teacher does, even up to the end, speaks directly to how rational she is.

This was a verbal paddling.

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