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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Videos: Marxist Leads MoveOn.Org Rally in Dallas, TX

Here's a protest in Dallas, TX. First up is video of the guy leading the protest. It's the usual leftwing shouting points about how unions are good and capitalism is bad repeated over and over as if it needs to sink in. Based on what we're seeing in Wisconsin with the police joining the protesters in the Capitol, I'm not sure if this guy's instructing the protesters to wave to the cops across the street is meant to win them over or mock them. Based on Wisconsin, it may just be the former.

RedWhiteBlueNews via Gateway Pundit

Next up, RWBN gets the speaker aside and asks him to explain his ideology. He takes the circuitous route but finally admits to being a Marxist.

Video: Wisconsin Capitol Police Taking Sides and Taking it Personal

This is a very telling video on a couple of fronts. First, central issue involves a War Memorial inside the Capitol. Leftists who have decided to camp out inside the Capitol have decided to use the Memorial as a storage area for their belongings, sleeping bags, etc. The person with the camera has requested police to show up. When they do, the lead officer asks what's going on; when the woman with the camera asks for assistance in clearing away the belongings from the Memorial, he appears confused as to what to do - possibly because many of his fellow officers (possibly him) have taken the side of the protesters.

Note that as soon as the officer realizes he has a bit of a problem with defending the desecration of a War Memorial, he demands not to be recorded. When the woman seeks out other officers, it's the same thing.

I hate to say it but Gov. Walker needs to go Ronald Reagan on these derelict cops and start firing or he's going to have to bring in the Wisconsin National Guard soon.

Via Gateway Pundit

Videos: Cops and Firemen Siding with Wisconsin Protesters?

It looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker might have an additional issue to deal with and it has to do with the fact that Police and Fire employees are made up of public union employees as well and many of them are actually siding with the protesters inside the Wisconsin Capital Building. This is what we call a conflict of interest and it's another consequence of unionizing the public sector. This is insubordination on the part of these police and fire departments, especially if they're protesting while in uniform.

Green Bay Press Gazette via The Blaze:
MADISON — Hundreds of off-duty police officers and deputies joined protests today against Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill that would strip most collective bargaining powers from about 170,000 public employees.

Police, state troopers and firefighters are exempt from Walker's proposal, but even as some marched on the downtown Capitol Square, hundreds of other officers from around the state provided security.

Sheboygan County Sheriff's Cpl. Matt Spence and Deputy Todd Traas stood guard on the Capitol's northwest side directing pedestrians toward entrances to the building.

"We left at 3 a.m. on Thursday and have been (in Madison) ever since," Traas said. Five Sheboygan County deputies were on duty Saturday.

They came equipped with riot gear, including helmets and batons, they said, but didn't expect trouble.

"It's been great," Spence said.
This is disgraceful and Walker needs to take a page out of Ronald Reagan's handbook relative to the Air Traffic Controllers. Granted, these public officials are not striking but they are certainly being insubordinate and are fanning the flames of lawlessness.

Here is video of a Police Officer with a bullhorn inside the Capital Building, who is clearly identifying himself as an officer of the law.

Here is video of Firemen doing the same.

Video: Assault and Battery by Who Else? Union Thug.

This protest took place in Sacramento and the union thug who was arrested is Richard Andazola, who was using a bullhorn to shout at Tea Party activists, calling them 'Fascists.' When confronted with a uncomfortable fact courtesy of a bullhorn from the Tea Party, Andazola decided to get a little up close and personal with the Tea Party after the voice behind the bullhorn directed at him shouted, 'We pay your salary!'

Via Big Government, here is Andazola demonstrating his inability to understand where money comes from.

Here is video of the actual assault of Tea Party activist Rodney Stanhope courtesy of Andazola, who was later cited for battery. At the end of this clip - after Andazola has been busted - you can hear another tea partier with a bullhorn shouting, 'We pay you!'

**UPDATE** Here's new video of the thug. Notice how sheepish he is with the news camera after the incident compared to his aggressive nature during the altercation.

Video: Liberal Protester Foams at the Mouth (Literally)

Here is a cartoon liberal come to life. This guy, while at the protest in Chicago, literally begins foaming at the mouth while starting off his argument by making a bet with money he doesn't have. After being challenged about actually having the million dollars, he says, 'Oh yeah, I'll get it.' He then goes into some Muhammad Ali-inspired diatribe about being able to fight Republicans. I'll give him this though. He said he's the 'meanest liberal in the land' and I guess if you were to envision such a creature, it would come with face hole froth but this guy's really missing some key attributes that would land him the honor.

Would the meanest liberal in the land have feathers in his hat?

Via Gateway Pundit **Mild language warning**

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