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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TLC's All American Muslim Terrorist Problem

This story continues to unfold. The Learning Channel's program, 'All American Muslim' is supposed to be an accurate portrayal of Muslims in America. An Imam named Husham Alhusayni, who appears prominently in the television show, is a pro-Hezbollah, terrorist-supporting, anti-Semite who has no business being portrayed as a moderate.
All American Muslim's Shockingly Un-American Imam 
Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
Lowe's Home Improvement has found itself at the center of controversy for pulling its advertising from a program called All American Muslim that airs on The Learning Channel (TLC). There is now iron clad proof that if Lowe's had continued its sponsorship, a terrorist-supporting imam would be given a platform with the help of those dollars. 
Husham Alhusayni is not just the imam of the Karbala Center in Dearborn, MI. He is also featured in All American Muslim. In the program, Alhusayni presides over marriages within Muslim families. 
Alhusayni is a signatory to the Jerusalem Document of 2009. This document refers to the war on Zionism as a war between “good and evil.” Zionism is considered an “aggression” which is infecting “the entire human race.” Muslims are told to “get ready for the holy Jihad” and “continue in the path of Hezbollah,” which is “essential for the Iraqi community living in the Diaspora.” 
The document also refers to the “Israeli rape of Jerusalem that was pre-planned by the cursed Basel Conference in 1897.” The Conference took place in Basel, Switzerland and is recognized as the place where the Zionist platform and the World Zionist Organization were created. 
The Jerusalem Document goes on to encourage Muslims everywhere to support and align with the goals of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The goals of this organization includes the extermination of Israel. 
When speaking to Arabic audiences, the unvarnished Alhusayni is revealed.
In a very telling moment, a YouTube video (9:24 mark) captures Alhusayni talking about “criminals” while appearing to make the point that evil exists in “every nationality” and then speaks broadly about the Jews:
“In America, there is Timothy McVeigh... he's evil. Jeffrey Dahmer... he cut the heads off of children and put it in the refrigerator... he's a criminal. Saddam, he's a criminal, killing innocent people. So are so many Zionists in Palestine, killing innocent people.” 
Note the distinction here. This is a direct comparison between a mass murderer, a serial killer, a vicioius tyrant and a large number of unnamed Jews. This is the essence of racism. After all, doublespeak artists live by double standards. 
When the Florida Family Association successfully pressured Lowe's Home Improvement to pull its advertising from All American Muslim, a California state senator and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) charged that the association was engaging in religious bigotry. These are serious charges that appear to be rooted in projection on the part of the accusers. 
In a radio interview with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity in 2007, Alhusayni repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah, both of which are designated terrorist organizations that seek the extermination of the Jews. Is this not an advocacy for terrorism based on religious bigotry? 
On November 10, 2009 Alhusayni hosted a soccer game between Al-Tadamun and Chelsea on “The Day of Jerusalem.” Following the game, Samir Al-Jabiri and Muhammad Alhasayni thanked the imam and said the victory was “dedicated to honor the souls of the martyrs of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa...” according to an article on the Arab American website. The “martyrs” referred to in this case are clearly terrorists who sought the murder of Jews. 
Deceptively, the dress code of Muslim women in All American Muslim is not an accurate portrayal of what religious Muslim women are required to wear. The Muslim women of Husham Alhusayni's mosque must wear a true Hijab, an all black cloak that covers the entire body, save for a small portion of the face – a far cry from the decorative attire that appears on the television show. Photos taken inside the Karbala Center as westerners are being converted clearly demonstrate this. 
Alhusayni's role in the television show, coupled with how he runs his mosque, is blatantly inconsistent. Which is the true portrayal of American Muslims? Shouldn't viewers be exposed to that actual portrayal, regardless of what it might be? 
For example, an annual occurrence inside Dearborn's Karbala Center is self-flagellation or repetitive whipping of oneself; it can be seen in the videos below. This self-inflicted abuse is done to memorialize the killing of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein by the Sunni Muslims. Shouldn't these experiences, if part of the American Muslim experience be included in a program intended to convey that experience?
Why isn't this shown on All American Muslim? After all, the leader of this mosque is featured on the program. 
As Nadia Mahdeed from AlSharq Al-Awsat (Middle East News) entered the Karbala Center to interview Alhusayni, she was struck by how many people approached her for not adhering to the dress code: 
“I was not wearing a black sheet that women who came to prayer are supposed to wear.” 
Mahdeed then relayed what she was told by worshippers: 
“The people who came to pray all told me that they have no trust in America. I am amazed since they all enjoyed living in it.” 
When she interviewed Alhusayni, she said to him: 
“Your followers insisted I mention to you that they hate Saddam Hussein but that they also have no trust in America.”
Alhusayni, a master of political rhetoric, cleverly replied without disagreeing:
“Not many of us trust in the American policy.” 
As if underscoring the reality that Alhusayni only wanted to convey a peaceful perception while seeming to support something else entirely, the conflict between the two was not lost on Mahdeed: 
“Despite his gracefulness, when I walked out of there, my mind was charged with the slogans of war, not the tranquility of peace that is supposed to exist inside such a place.” 
Clearly, TLC's program is intended to portray the Muslim experience as a peaceful one. Yet, a reporter left the mosque of one of the program's featured imams, struck by hateful rhetoric inside what should one of its most peaceful places. 
Is this not a disconnect advertisers like Lowe's should reject?
More HERE and HERE.

This should be a very big deal.

Videos: Gingrich calls himself a 'Wilsonian,' Glenn Beck Filets Him

When Glenn Beck said he would consider voting for Ron Paul as a third party candidate if Newt Gingrich wins the Republican nomination, I must admit, my reaction involved wondering if Beck had finally lost it. The conclusion one is left to draw is that Beck sees no difference between Gingrich and Obama because an Obama victory would be the result of Ron Paul running as a third party candidate.

This video double dose from The Blaze may actually cause you to re-think Beck's position, as well as yours - if you're supporting Gingrich.

First up, some undated video (probably within last ten years) of Gingrich calling himself a 'Realpolitik Wilsonian' (think Democrat progressive Woodrow Wilson).

Video of Newt Gingrich championing himself as a Wilsonian could be a political torpedo to his campaign. Here is Beck analyzing the reality of what Gingrich said in the above video.

It's really tough to argue with him on this:

Something tells me that Newt may need to get very, very specific about his past comments and beliefs. Either he's a progressive in sheep's clothing OR he's had a road to Damascus experience.

Regardless of who your candidate is, Beck is bringing up very legitimate points about Gingrich that need to be probed further.

House Passes Bill that Mixes Tax Cuts with Keystone Pipeline Construction

One of the most egregious narratives Barack Obama has been putting forward is that he has to do things on his own because he would otherwise have to deal with a 'do-nothing' Congress. It's fallacious because it's a 'do-nothing' Senate that is to blame for legislation not reaching his desk. Here's another example. The House has passed a bill that would extend the payroll tax cuts while tying it to the mandated construction of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Passage, on a largely party-line vote of 234-193, sent the measure toward its certain demise in the Democratic-controlled Senate, triggering the final partisan showdown of a remarkably quarrelsome year of divided government. 
The legislation "extends the payroll tax relief, extends and reforms unemployment insurance and protects Social Security — without job-killing tax hikes," Republican House Speaker John Boehner declared after the measure had cleared. 
Referring to the controversy over the Keystone XL pipeline, he added, "Our bill includes sensible, bipartisan measures to help the private sector create jobs." 
On a long day of finger pointing, however, House Democrats accused Republicans of protecting "millionaires and billionaires, " and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., derided the GOP-backed pipeline provision as "ideological candy" for the tea party-set.
Not only does this provide another example that the House continues to pass legislation the Senate lets die but this bill was bi-partisan in both its support and opposition.
Voting in favor of the legislation were 224 Republicans and 10 Democrats, while 179 Democrats and 14 Republicans opposed it. 
At its core, the measure did include key parts of the jobs program that Obama asked Congress to approve in September.
This bill will do two things Obama says he wants to do. First, it will create jobs. Second, it will keep taxes from rising on the middle class. Despite this, Obama has pledged to veto the bill and the Eco-whacko vote has a lot to do with it.

Interestingly, the number of jobs that will be created as a direct result of the pipeline will be over 100,000 according to Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI). The State Department says it will only total 6,000. That last figure is laughable but even if we assume it's accurate, the economy is in a state where beggars can't be choosers. The figure is on the positive side of zero.

h/t to Hot Air for providing this incredibly ridiculous line of reasoning for not supporting the pipeline construction.

h/t Freedom's Lighthouse

Rabbi: If Tebow Wins Super Bowl, Look for Christian Riots

The success of Tim Tebow this year has been phenomenal to watch. He supposedly lacks the skills of an NFL quarterback and isn't that good... but he just keeps winning games. It's not just that his Denver Broncos win; it's how they do it in dramatic come-from-behind fashion late in games that only adds to the intrigue.

Of course, the left doesn't like the fact that Tebow is a professing Christian who is unabashedly pro-life. Christians themselves like that about him and the unlikely success of Tebow is inspiring in that regard. To the left, it's the perfect reason to come unhinged.

This is the quintessential case-in-point from Rabbi Joshua Hammerman at The Jewish Week:
A poster boy of the Christian right, Tebow steadfastly thanks Jesus after every game and, while in college, often inscribed biblical messages on his eye paint. Homeschooled in Florida, this child of missionaries turned down his selection as a Playboy All American because it was, well, Playboy. His trademark prayerful touchdown celebration (imagine Rodin’s “Thinker” on bended knee, or your grandfather davening Tachanun with a football) has become a verb. Google “tebowing” and you’ll find 84 million hits, including lots of YouTube parodies. Tebow’s mother, a Baptist missionary, became comatose during her pregnancy and was saved by drugs that nearly killed the fetus. Doctors anticipated a stillbirth and recommended termination to protect her life, but Tim’s mother refused to abort. Trumpeting that decision, mother and son appeared in commercials for “Focus on the Family” during this past season’s Super Bowl.
Then Hammerman allows himself to imagine a future possibility momentarily, only so he can see the tragic consequences if such a thing were to come to fruition:
If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably. 
Little of this insanity, mind you, has to do with Tebow himself. I admire much of what he stands for. His mom’s decision to risk her own life rather than abort her fetus flies against my own – and Judaism’s – values, but neither am I pro-choice in all cases. His story is so improbable that if he were to win it all, a part of me would be wondering whether there is a Purpose behind it, just as I saw a divine hand in the equally unbelievable Red Sox victory of 2004. And it makes me wonder whether other Jews, the ones who don’t happen to have advanced degrees in religion and a few decades of rabbinic experience, might be even more seduced by this unfolding drama. Will legions of Southern Baptist missionaries hit the college campuses the very next day, spreading this new gospel of Tim? Already there is a “Jews for Tebow” Facebook page.
Despite having no evidence to back up his claims, Hammerman puts forth a bigoted narrative that attempts to smear all faithful Christians.

I would love to know what this guy thinks of the Tea Party vs. OWS.

h/t JMF

Video: Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Mocks Man behind Lowe's Decision to Pull Advertising

The Florida Family Association's David Caton appears to have been successful in getting Lowe's Home Improvement to pull its advertising off of The Learning Channel's show, All American Muslim. His argument is being severely twisted by the left-wing media, including Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. In essence, Caton is saying that the show is an inaccurate depiction of Muslim life. In this clip, Stewart mocks Caton profusely by twisting the premise to make it sound like Caton would be happier if TLC played to his allegedly stereotypical view of Muslims.

What Stewart misses - and what Caton has failed to adequately enunciate - is that the Imam featured heavily in the program is a terrorist-supporting extremist. Husham Alhusayni supports Hezbollah and the reality about how he runs his mosque in Dearborn, MI is far different from how he is portrayed in the television program. The argument is not that TLC is refusing to play to stereotypes. The argument - and the truth - is that it is portraying radicals as moderate.

There will be much more on Alhusayni coming out in the next few days.

Via Comedy Central:

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