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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A Michigan man named Muhammud Bin Abdul Rahim Hill apparently found his way down to western Pennsylvania in a little town called Sharon (on Ohio border, about 50 miles NW of Pittsburgh) to engage in a little Jihad (until proven otherwise), shooting a man at 1am. Devin Williams was the victim.

Question: Did the attacker yell anything before shooting the victim?

The SHARON HERALD has the report.

h/t to Barrackaid #2


Where to begin, where to begin. First up is a video outside the debate that took place between the union-backed socialist Democrat candidate Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown, who's been closing the gap at breakneck speed. Notice the guy in this video. He is from the Sheet Metal Workers Union and is dressed in purple and yellow - purely coincidence, I'm sure.

Two very noteworthy things happen. First, he admits to being paid $50 to be there in support of Coakley but then admits that he's actually going to vote for Brown. Harken back to August during all of the tea parties. What was the narrative of the left that was used to demonize them? They claimed it was an organized astroturfing movement. Before watching the video, let's just remind ourselves what astroturfing is....
Astroturfing (Astroturf being an artificial grass) is an artificial grassroots movement, one that is made to appear as though it is a real grassroots movement, but it is usually done to advance a cause for the benefit of specific individuals or group(s), and most often not at a local level.
Hats off to this worker, actually. He likely needs the money and is required to do what his union bosses tell him to do. Your tax dollars at work.

h/t to MM

Moving on to another example of leftwing projection.. Let's go to a Martha Coakley press release regarding Scott Brown, courtesy of the Democratic National Committee. Thanks to WZ

Will Republicans Sell Out To National Tea Party Movement Backfire At Home?
And If He’s Elected, Who Will He Owe?

“Scott Brown made a deal with the devil – and he should have held out for a better one…Brown’s embrace of radical tea party groups for funding coincides nicely with his willingness to accept the millions in television ads from shadowy out-of-state organizations with links to Karl Rove…”

In light of that little gem, Hot Air provides this video of Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack leaving a Martha Coakley fundraiser when he is shoved to the ground by some thug demanding his press credentials.

At some point, even the most indifferent by-stander when it comes to politics has got to take notice of the lies, deception, projection, corruption and thuggery coming from the left.
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