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Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: Obama's Vicarious Read My Lips Moment

Wow. H/T to Hot Air

Remember the campaign pledge that people making UNDER $250k / year would not see a tax increase?

Well, today WH Press Secretary and Word Fumbler Robert Gibbs was forced to respond to the question, "Is that pledge still active?".

Gibbs response?

"UHHH......We're going to let the process work it's way through it."

Work it's way through it?

Gotta give Obama credit for learning from Bush Sr. though. Unlike George H.W. Bush, who said "Read my Lips" and then had to explain it away, THIS 'Read My Lips Moment' didn't actually come from Obama's lips. It came from someone we've grown accustomed to seeing have trouble moving his lips while getting coherent sentences to come out from between them.

Aren't you starting to feel sorry for Mr. Gibbs? He's got to be miserable if he's honest.


Obama Siding with Chavez Ally in Honduras

Let me get this straight.

Iran has what many believe are fraudulent elections, the people protest, and Obama doesn't want to "meddle" in their affairs while later coming out decrying the Iranian government brutalizing its people for doing so AND canceling a shared July 4th celebration with an Iranian entourage.

At best, one can say he was ambivalent or indecisive relative to Iran.

Now, in Honduras, the president there (Manuel Zelaya), who is an ally of Hugo Chavez AND Fidel Castro allegedly attempts to circumvent his country's constitution by using a referendum to keep him in office even though the constitution forbids presidents from re-election.

With the apparent backing of the Legislative branch, the Supreme Court orders the military to detain Zelaya to prevent him from using a referendum to keep him in office. Some would argue that's not a coup but Obama is not mincing any words when it comes to how he views it - as a coup.

Now it appears that Mr. Obama is a bit more decisive on this matter, saying that the "coup" was "not legal". Yet, he makes NO MENTION of Zelaya's supposed attempt to guarantee his own re-election through an illegal referendum.

Breitbart has the story So does HOT AIR

Constitutional Crisis in Honduras?

h/t to Allahpundit over at hot air for providing all of the key links...

The president of Honduras (Manuel Zelaya) was forcibly removed from his home by the military on orders of the country's Supreme Court.

Zelaya allegedly attempted to circumvent his country's Constitution by using a referendum to keep him in office. According to a link provided by Piece of Work in Progress, the President of Honduras is forbidden from re-election upon completion of his term.

Title VII, with two chapters, outlines the process of amending the constitution and sets forth the principle of constitutional inviolability. The constitution may be amended by the National Congress after a two-thirds vote of all its members in two consecutive regular annual sessions. However, several constitutional provisions may not be amended. These consist of the amendment process itself, as well as provisions covering the form of government, national territory, and several articles covering the presidency, including term of office and prohibition from reelection.

Those in support of Zelaya being detained point to the fact that a president cannot remain in office by referendum and that being permitted to do so must involve the amendment process within the Legislative Branch.

By any measure, Honduras is in the middle of a constitutional crisis. The Executive Branch has been pitted against the Legislative and Judicial Branches.

Zelaya is reportedly an ally of both Chavez and Castro. The Fausta Blog (see link below) reports that Zelaya remaining in office could be the first step in allowing Chavez to govern Honduras by proxy.

Gee, doesn't Iran govern by proxy when it comes to Hezbollah? Are Ahmadinejad and Chavez operating from the same playbook?

As this plays out it will be interesting to see how the Obama Administration deals with this compared to how it dealt with the recent Iranian elections.

Time will tell.

The best place to find a blow by blow account of what happened seems to be over at Fausta's Blog.
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