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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Recently, a black man showed up with an assault weapon and a pistol at a health care rally outside Obama's speech at the VFW event in Arizona. His stated position when interviewed was that of being against government run health care.

Small problem. Such a scenario significantly disrupts MSNBC's "conservatives are racist" paradigm. Ah, what to do, what to do?

MSNBC calling Dr. Brainiac! Calling Dr. Brainiac! We can't let this opportunity slip by. We have a man with guns at a rally but he's black and we can't do anything with that! We have scripts and segments custom made for this gem but HE CAN'T BE BLACK!

Dr. Brainiac's solution? Keep the racist paradigm and only show video of the guy's guns (not his face).

Maybe I'm alone, naive, or both but this blatant bias is getting so absurd that I'm mildly surprised that people at MSNBC aren't getting so disgusted that they're going public with this. I'm just waiting for one person inside that rat trap to come out and tell us what's up.

Shameless propaganda. It doesn't get anymore despicable.



Obama (via Linda Douglass) has set the course of action. Obfuscate when it comes to his 2003 admission (on video) that he wants single payer health care. It appears he has a new problem. Specifically, the number of his fellow democrats who have been caught on tape calling for the same thing. That list of Democrats caught inside the trojan horse (in addition to Obama in 2003) is as follows:

Russ Feingold
Kathleen Sebelius
Barney Frank
Paul Krugman (NY Times)
Ezra Klein (Washington Post)
Janet Schakowsky
and Rahm Emanuel (notice how he says "the objective is what's important, not the means")

It would appear that with town halls, Americans have insisted that the Trojan Horse stay outside and as a result, they are seeing what's really inside. VERUM SERUM does it again. Last October, they uncovered the truth about Obama and Ayers sharing a business address in Chicago for three years. Now they have revealed who's inside the Trojan Horse.



As the health care debate heats up between the blue dogs and the rabid dogs in the Democrat party, each side appears to be digging in its heels more. The longer this goes on, the more that pride will gain momentum on both sides.

That leads to the Dr. Seuss classic, The ZAX. I just can't figure out if the blue dogs are the north going zax or the south going zax.


Barack Obama's gaffe about the Post Office having problems while UPS and FedEx are doing "just fine" was not only repeated by him again only days later but is now being chiseled and refined by none other than Jesse Jackson Jr.

Unbelievable! JJJ actually compares the public health care option to a stamp and then provides viewers with an economics lesson that will not be lost on people who do not understand economics.

As for those who actually do understand where money comes from and didn't short change acquiring that knowledge by learning how to put a condom on in a public school classroom, it should be clear that JJJ is literally an economics changeling.

DISCLAIMER: JJJ is NOT an economics changeling because he's black. My motivation for identifying him as an economics changeling is NOT based on race. It is based on this absurd and disgraceful attempt at an argument using Obama's failed metaphor that he (Obama) actually used twice. The question remains though, is JJJ really this challenged when it comes to understanding economics or is this the only argument he feels he's got left? Either way, he looks foolish.


h/t to HOT AIR


It appears that we have a new kind of triangulation taking place. The balloon floated by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Sunday (government option not essential) is turning out to be one made of exploding lead for the net roots.

We are now seeing the far left beginning to admonish Obama for caving in to the public pressure against his health care plan. A fight between blue dogs and rabid dogs is beginning to escalate. You know what they say about breaking up dog fights, right? Not a good idea.

However, this is the position Obama finds himself in. Republicans have a front row seat. What we're seeing here truly is phenomenal.

The town halls have seemingly set off a chain reaction of unintended consequences. Supporting the public option became a radioactive position Obama had to distance himself from but the backlash it caused from his far left base could be turning out worse for him. Obama-care may have just put him in a LOSE/LOSE situation from which he may not escape.

On another but related note, liberals love to hide who they really are (especially ones in the media who are extreme leftists). Two examples are Fox News Channel's Shepard Smith and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart (h/t to HOT AIR for posting both of these videos).

First up is Shepard Smith, who is taking Obama's Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton to task. While doing so is a noble endeavor (Burton is shameless), once you realize that Smith's anger at Burton appears to be coming from an angry far left perspective that Obama is backing off of a public option. This video exposes a level of liberalism in Smith that he has attempted to mask in the past but doesn't do it here.

CLICK HERE to watch Shepard Smith unmask himself.

Next up is Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. This clip is so much more telling because it provides a glimpse into the motivation of the rabid left's insistence on single payer health care. This clip shows that the left's position is so much more about payback over Iraq than it is about belief in the idea of government run health care. This perpsective shows that the left is more interested in making the right feel their pain than they are in what's good or right.

This is a case of cutting off one's head to spite his body.

CLICK HERE for Stewart clip.

Last up is Rachel Maddow, who blames the retreating of Obama and the moderate left on lack of will. She doesn't hide her far left ideology but mirrors the agitation of both Stewart and Shepard Smith, which provides an example of how the far left and the far left who wear moderate masks are so closely aligned on the most ideologically divisive issue of our time. WND quotes Maddow as saying:
"How did we get here? How did we get to the foretold 'death' of the public option? ... We got here through a collapse of political ambition."
Collapse of political ambition? This isn't about doing what's right. This is about doing TO the right.

Check out Maddow here:


My list of problems with the Bush administration is extensive indeed but 43's attempt at social security reform wasn't one of them. Check out this video from 2006 in which he addressed both houses of congress. Bush makes a joke about himself and Bill Clinton being two of his dad's favorite people. Hillary was thrilled.

Two things to watch for.
1.) The look on Hillary's face after Bush makes the joke
2.) Hillary's excitement when Bush alludes to congress blocking SS reform

In light of today's health care debate, I doubt that the sort of joke Bush told would fly now (or be written into the speech) because politicians being challenged on their health care plans vs. what they're proposing for the rest of us has been a sore spot to say the least. The same applies to social security for two former presidents. Anyone think Bill or W. are relying on their social security checks?

For the record, the closeness between George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton has always disturbed me a great deal. Based on what is known about the latter, one would think that 41's association with him would be nothing more than a cordial, office respecting distance. It's been much more than that over the years and I don't think it can be excused away by saying there are so few people who share the experience that it's a brotherhood no one can understand. Bush Sr. has always carried himself as a statesman and he lowers himself when he's chummy with Bill Clinton, despite any history or experiences they share.

That said, #43's attempt at Social Security reform was a valid endeavor and the truth about those who opposed it (who is the party of "no" again?) is rearing its head only a short three years later.



Dateline: Brevard County, FL. This is where the latest eruption took place. Brevard county is along the east coast of Florida in the middle half of the state. As the AARP continues to hear from members angry at either their tacit support of Obama-care or their refusal to denounce it, the group continues to watch a mass exodus of its members.

So where are all of these former AARP members going? A group getting flooded is the AMERICAN SENIORS ASSOCIATION. In fact, when you call them, the automated message tells you that they've been so overwhelmed with inquiries that the only way to communicate with them is via email.

Anyway, check out the LATEST VIDEO of why the AARP is bleeding members.

Suggestion to ASA. Guard your leadership standards and principles. If the AARP is anything like most liberal outfits, once they see that the jig is up, they'll head on over to where the money is and aid in slowly devolving the organization into something left of what it is now.

h/t to DRUDGE


Definitely a MUST LISTEN. The quintessential weapon for any opponent of Obama-Care. Nearly half a century later, these words explain better than anyone has today the reasons why Americans have no business entertaining the notion of any form of socializied medicine.

Think about the Democrats' latest attempt to shift away from "government option" to "co-ops" as you hear Reagan quote a congressman named Ferrand who said,
“If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can extend the program after that.”
If enough people listen to this speech, Reagan's words may actually make a difference 20 years after he left office.

If you'd like an mp3, RIGHT CLICK HERE and download.

CLICK HERE for the transcript.

Again, think of Reagan's reference to Ferrand while watching this 17 second montage of Obama from 2003 and then 2009. What was that about getting your foot in the door (h/t to CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN)?

"I spent a lifetime fighting against Ronald Reagan's policies."
- Barack Obama, January 21st, 2008

h/t to THE NEW PUNDIT for the mp3 link and h/t to Barrackaid #34 for reminding me of this speech.
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