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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Lt. Col. Allen West is running for congress in district 22 and I don't know if he's going to win.....but he should. Current congressman of that district, Ron Klein (D) should have a fight on his hands but it will take a public that is engaged and fired up. West does his level best to do that at this rally in South Florida.

If you'd like more information on West's likely opponent, RON KLEIN.

h/t to NZ


This video is a "must see". After Sarah Palin critic William Shatner mockingly reads from her new book, Going Rogue, with a merry band of musicians behind him, Palin makes a pseudo-surprise appearance and does likewise with Shatner's book. The most refreshing aspect of this skit is not the one-upmanship or the duel itself but the ability of both Palin and Shatner to trade light-hearted jibes without taking one another too seriously.

Helping to ease the pain of the jabs was, no doubt, the increase in book sales both experienced as a direct result of this skit.

At the end of the day, however, Sarah Palin gained political power in addition to book sales. Shatner just got the book sales.

Victory for Palin here. Fo Sho.


Much ado has been made about Penn State University's Michael Mann and his "hockey stick" chart that showed a dramatic upswing in global temperatures based on the warm year of 1998, which Mann appears to have exploited in a big way. The chart has been de-bunked yet he continues to arrogantly champion what it indicates.

Ok, let's appease Mr. Mann. Let's assume that his "hockey stick" chart has not been de-bunked, is valid, and will stand the test of time. Now let's put it to an historical test.

Take note of how insignificant Mann's chart is when viewed in the scope of 10's of thousands of years. Not only doesn't it stand up (even if it hadn't been de-bunked) but the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) around the year 1000 still dwarfs it.

A lot of people should be going to jail.

h/t to WUWT


This is so very nice to see. Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo truly understands how to prioritize. After his team was victorious in the annual game, he was approached by a reporter to give his take. Instead of focusing on the minutia of a victory on the gridiron, he Niumatalolo decided instead to tip his hat to his country's military. He got emotional not because he won but because he wants both sides to win.

To see true character, fast forward to the 1:00 mark and watch.

h/t to HA


I shamefully admit that I used to be a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. That is, until 2004, when he broke his long-standing rule not to engage in political partisanship and threw his support behind John Kerry. In hindsight, I should have known that Springsteen is the typical liberal. One who feigns indifference while espousing values all can relate to. However, when controversy erupted over his Born in the U.S.A. album over whether or not it was anti-American, such musings were dismissed and Springsteen played the middle of the road, refusing to tip his hand to what the true meaning of the song was.

Those not blinded by admiration for a man who could put on a great show knew exactly what he was saying with his words while those who ignored the message and instead chose to revel in his ability to perform and entertain scoffed at the notion that he meant anything other than what they wanted him to mean.

Springsteen's true colors began to show brighter in 2000 when the song, "41 Shots" was released. Law enforcement officers nationwide had a problem with his glorifying of a victim on the wrong end of a shootout with police. Again, fans of Springsteen interpreted the song in a way that didn't do that because that would be wrong. Those fans rationalized the obvious and just sang along as if the officers who objected didn't "get it".

In reality, those officers "got it" just fine and Springsteen continued to come out from under the rock he wanted to use to protect himself from being viewed as the ideological whack job he truly was. Somewhere along the way, he stopped caring about public perception and decided to cast that rock aside.

On December 9th, the NY DAILY NEWS wrote about Springsteen's support of gay marriage. I was struck personally by the photo of Springsteen shaking Barack Obama's hand while looking completely ridiculous wearing rainbow-colored suspenders. He was either embarrassingly showing his support of gay marriage or imitating Mork.

Obviously, Springsteen was doing the former. However, the question I have is to what extent does he support gay marriage and to what extent does he support homosexuality.

In 1998, when I was still a big fan, Springsteen released an album called, "Tracks". It featured a bunch of songs Bruce had recorded but never released - B sides if you will. I remember at the time questioning my own assumptions about Springsteen whenever I heard one of the songs. It was called, "My Lover Man". I tried on many occasions to rationalize it, thinking that maybe it was one of the outtakes from the movie, "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks, who portrayed a homosexual with Aids. Maybe it was him trying to understand a view he didn't understand. Believe me, rationalizing this song to mean something other than a writer that espoused homosexuality is a stretch by any measure.

Listen for yourself.

It's a shame such a talented man is such a mess.



Not much movement in the Strongly Disapprove category but a serious decline in the Strongly Approve area as a new low of 23% has been reached. For several months, the differential has been between SD numbers in the low 40's and SA numbers in the high 20's. The SD is at 42% but with the SA at 23%, it seems to indicate that some far left loonies are having a big problem with Obama's Afghanistan decision.

Not a huge deal. I have long insisted that the more powerful number is the Strongly Disapprove figure, which hasn't really changed. Though this latest poll is indicative of a loss in passionate support, it's more like left-wing pouting that won't really amount to much.

As further evidence of this, the Overall Approval / Disapproval numbers have not achieved new highs or lows. Again, when the Strongly Disapprove numbers start to climb, it will be a bigger issue.

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