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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shocker: Tough Alabama Immigration Law already Working

I hope Mr. Rick Perry is taking notice because what a variation of he avoided pushing through his state Legislature in a Special Session this past June, got through Alabama's Legislature (and a Federal Judge); and it's working. Schools there are seeing a Hispanic students disappearing, presumably because those students, their parents, or both are in the country illegally. Meanwhile, Rick Perry signed a Bill that granted in-state tuition to illegal aliens and declared anyone who disagreed with such a bill is without 'a heart.'

Via AP/The Blaze:
Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state’s tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorities.

There are no precise statewide numbers. But several districts with large immigrant enrollments — from small towns to large urban districts — reported a sudden exodus of children from Hispanic families, some of whom told officials they would leave the state to avoid trouble with the law, which requires schools to check students’ immigration status.
As far as I can tell, there are only two reasons why these children would be pulled out of school.

1.) Their parents have something to hide
2.) Their parents are the victims of fear-mongering from the left

In either case, the new law is already causing people to flee the state.
Local and state officials are pleading with immigrant families to keep their children enrolled. The law does not ban anyone from school, they say, and neither students nor parents will be arrested for trying to get an education.

But so far, many Spanish-speaking families aren’t waiting around to see what happens.

A school worker in Albertville — a community with a large poultry industry that employs many Hispanic workers — said Friday many families might leave town over the weekend for other states. About 22 percent of the community’s 4,200 students are Hispanic.

“I met a Hispanic mother in the hallway at our community learning center this morning, where enrollment and withdrawal happens. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I asked, ‘Are you leaving?‘ She said ’Yes,’ and hugged me, crying,” said the worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not an authorized spokeswoman.
I'm sorry but I have an extremely hard time believing that this new law would cause LEGAL residents in the US to flee the state.

Then again, they can always head over to Texas. We've got in-state college tuition available for them.

h/t The Blaze

Ted Nugent Agrees with Michael Bloomberg: Riots ARE Possible

You often don't see Ted Nugent and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg agree on anything but it appears we have the equivalent of a February 30th when it comes to the issue of riots. Bloomberg popped off on WOR radio recently that if young people didn't get jobs and the rich didn't get soaked (Bloomy apparently has a waiver), that there would be riots in the street similar to what's happening in the Middle East. Uncle Ted thinks that if young people actually realize the source of their anger, they could actually protest against a different group.

Via the Washington Times:
New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg stated that he’s worried that American young people will begin to riot in our streets because of their unemployment.

While the mayor and I disagree on most things, he might be onto to something here.

I recently opined that I couldn’t figure out why America’s young people were not already rioting because of the stacks of debt being foisted on their backs by a government that would rather borrow and spend than live within its means.

Young people are starting to figure out that our president conned them in the last election, claiming that he could fix everything, make the world safer, create jobs, provide for everybody, redistribute earnings, coddle the unemployed, etc. With many college graduates having to move back in with their parents, young people are beginning to understand that the president’s policies are anathema to job creation in the private sector.

I remember the riots of the 1960s over the Vietnam War and race relations. Young people back then were socially aware, on the surface, of the conditions that were impacting their lives. The differences between the protesters of the 1960s and the void of angry young people today are stark.
It might be asking a lot for these brainwashed masses to have an epiphany but stranger things have happened.... I think.

Read it all.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Police Herd Wall Street Protesters like Cattle, Arrest Hundreds

Two days ago, it was reported that the Occupy Wall St. protesters got lost when they tried to march on NYPD HQ. It looks like the Police got the best of the whack-a-doodle bunch again yesterday, when a few protesters broke away from the pack in an attempt to shut down the Brooklyn Bridge. Apparently, this flash of brilliance enticed others to join them. The police allowed the protesters to march on the bridge... for a while. That's because they were waiting for them farther down the bridge with orange netting and nylon handcuffs. The only thing missing was a border collie or two.

Via NYT:
In a tense showdown above the East River, the police arrested more than 700 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests who took to the roadway as they tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

The police said it was the marchers’ choice that led to the enforcement action.

“Protesters who used the Brooklyn Bridge walkway were not arrested,” Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the New York Police Department, said. “Those who took over the Brooklyn-bound roadway, and impeded vehicle traffic, were arrested.”

But many protesters said they believed the police had tricked them, allowing them onto the bridge, and even escorting them partway across, only to trap them in orange netting after hundreds had entered.

“The cops watched and did nothing, indeed, seemed to guide us onto the roadway,” said Jesse A. Myerson, a media coordinator for Occupy Wall Street who marched but was not arrested.
Here is another account of how the police dealt with these mental / emotional juveniles, who don't even know why they're protesting:
Where the entrance to the bridge narrowed their path, some marchers, including organizers, stuck to the generally agreed-upon route and headed up onto the wooden walkway that runs between and about 15 feet above the bridge’s traffic lanes.

But about 20 others headed for the Brooklyn-bound roadway, said Christopher T. Dunn of the New York Civil Liberties Union, who accompanied the march. Some of them chanted “take the bridge.” They were met by a handful of high-level police supervisors, who blocked the way and announced repeatedly through bullhorns that the marchers were blocking the roadway and that if they continued to do so, they would be subject to arrest.

There were no physical barriers, though, and at one point, the marchers began walking up the roadway with the police commanders in front of them – seeming, from a distance, as if they were leading the way. The Chief of Department Joseph J. Esposito, and a horde of other white-shirted commanders, were among them.

After allowing the protesters to walk about a third of the way to Brooklyn, the police then cut the marchers off and surrounded them with orange nets on both sides, trapping hundreds of people, said Mr. Dunn. As protesters at times chanted “white shirts, white shirts,” officers began making arrests, at one point plunging briefly into the crowd to grab a man.

The police said that those arrested were taken to several police stations and were being charged with disorderly conduct, at a minimum.
Today, NYPD police are probably high-fiving each other, laughing their butts off.

h/t Drudge
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