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Friday, April 23, 2010


What can one possibly say to set this up? The video starts out with an un-hinged moonbat yelling, "Raise my taxes". Either the moonbat is a complete and utter moron, she has no idea where money comes from, or she's living vicariously through others whose taxes she wants raised. Regardless of what option you choose, she's certifiable.

Don't stop watching there because the hits just keep coming. For example, the woman in the purple shirt with the yellow vest says she's for an increase in revenue which is why she supports taxes......for business owners who make more than she does, as a business owner. This individual is then asked how she got to the event - the question was actually geared toward who funded the trip. The answer? We got here on a Greyhound bus.

Priceless - no pun intended. These people literally - no, I mean literally - have no idea where money comes from.

h/t to Hot Air


If someone told you Barack Obama skipped all his classes on economics and the virtues of capitalism, it would be believable. Also believable would be the suggestion that he never learned that lesson about picking your battles. As the court cases being filed by states against the Federal Government continue to mount - last count was 20 - Arizona's governor has signed a strict immigration enforcement bill into law.

Via New York Times:
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Friday signed into effect the toughest immigration law in the United States, which President Barack Obama singled out as a "misguided" effort that showed the need for national reform.

Police in the border state with Mexico will now be required to determine if people are in the country illegally if there is "reasonable suspicion" -- which critics charge will open the door to racial profiling.
Now about that "know when to pick your battles" thing. Keep in mind that this bill went through Arizona's state legislature, passing both the House and the State Senate before getting signed by Governor Jan Brewer - ironically, the Republican Brewer replaced current head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Janet Napolitano, who would have certainly vetoed the bill.

But I digress. Obama is apparently so bitter about Arizona having the gall to write, pass, and enforce its own laws, he is going to have Eric Holder's Justice Department look into civil rights violations. Via Jim Kouri at COP Magazine:
"If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country," Obama said.

Obama also said that the Justice Department will monitor enforcement of this new law, a statement many believe is a threat aimed at Arizona cops.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs later said if the Arizona measure became law in that state, Obama has asked that the Justice Department look into any civil rights implications.
This is a fight Obama is welcome to wage. He will lose. When states begin to see the Feds send in the Justice Department to investigate them because the latter doesn't like their laws, they may just start waking up. Such a fight would make the Feds look like the bullies they are and might turn the tide of public opinion even more in favor of suing the federal government over health care.

Read it all.


Whether this is just a blip or foreshadows a growing fissure between Barack Obama and Democrats who support Israel, seeing far left Senator Chuck Schumer come out publicly this strongly with respect to Obama's policy on Israel is raising a few eyebrows.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer harshly criticized the Obama Administration's attempts to exert pressure on Israel today, making him the highest-ranking Democrat to object to Obama's policies in such blunt terms.

Schumer, along with a majority of members of the House and Senate, signed on to letters politely suggesting the U.S. keep its disagreements with Israel private, a tacit objection to the administration's very public rebuke of the Jewish State over construction in Jerusalem last month.
It didn't stop there with Schumer, who appeared on a Jewish radio show and actually took things up a notch. While appearing on the Nachum Segal show, Schumer let some indignation show when talking about the tension between the Obama administration and Netanyahu:
"This has to stop," he said of the administration's policy of publicly pressuring Israel to end construction in Jerusalem.

"I told the President, I told Rahm Emanuel and others in the administration that I thought the policy they took to try to bring about negotiations is counter-productive, because when you give the Palestinians hope that the United States will do its negotiating for them, they are not going to sit down and talk," Schumer told Segal.
Schumer went on to publicly chastise Hillary and her State Department spokesman, PJ Crowley for statements made about what the administration expects from Israel.
"...the next day Hillary Clinton called up Netanyahu and talked very tough to him, and worse they made it public through this spokesperson, a guy named Crowley. And Crowley said something I have never heard before, which is, the relationship of Israel and the United States depends on the pace of the negotiations."

Schumer was referring to State Department spokesman PJ Crowley's description of Clinton's conversation with Netanyahu, in which he said that Clinton "made clear that the Israeli government needed to demonstrate not just through words but through specific actions that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process."

"That is terrible," Schumer said today. "That is the dagger because the relationship is much deeper than the disagreements on negotiations, and most Americans—Democrat, Republican, Jew, non-Jew--would feel that. So I called up Rahm Emanuel and I called up the White House and I said, 'If you don’t retract that statement you are going to hear me publicly blast you on this,'" Schumer said.
While Schumer apparently has a problem with Hillary's public statements toward Israel, maybe he should also take a look at who she allowed into the United States. Tariq Ramadan had been banned from entering the United States when his ties to terrorism became known six years ago. Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, was found to have contributed to the Holy Land Foundation before it was convicted on 108 counts relative to funding Islamic terrorists.

h/t to Hot Air for the link to the Schumer story.
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