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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jim DeMint Boycotting CPAC - Is Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating GOP?

Two mildly related stories involving CPAC's loss of conservative figures and groups. CPAC is having quite a few problems this year, with groups boycotting over GOProud's participation and others over the prominence of a Muslim with questionable ties, Suhail Khan. On top of that, the head the group behind CPAC - the American Conservative Union (ACU) - had been mired in a messy financial scandal. The statement from DeMint's office is somewhat vague about his reasons for deciding not to attend but in light of his adherence to socially conservative principles, it's likely the GOProud issue.

"With leading conservatives organizations not participating this year, Senator DeMint will not be attending. He hopes to attend a unified CPAC next year," DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton said in an email.
The larger issue very well could be the alleged infiltration of the Republican Party by the Muslim Brotherhood. While appearing on CNN's Anderson 360, Frank Gaffney debated Suhail Khan, a Muslim on the Board of CPAC. Video speaks for itself.

Via TPM:

Tea Party to Hold a 'Dump Dupnik' Rally in Effort to Recall Whack Job Sheriff

Not sure how much real impact this is going to have beyond demonstrating how effective Tea Party muscle can be, if some reports that Clarence Dupnik has indicated he wouldn't run for election again anyway, are true. Then again, in addition to Sarah Palin being the victim of blood libel and baseless accusations relative to the shootings, so has the Tea Party so I don't fault them in this effort to recall the Pima County Sheriff. Besides the blood libel angle, Dupnik seems to have tampered with the investigation by popping off about Loughner's motivations.

Via the Washington Times:
Conservatives have bristled at Sheriff Dupnik's insinuation that Republicans and the tea party movement were somehow responsible for the rampage. The Pima County Tea Party Patriots plan to "indict" the sheriff at their rally for "politicizing the shootings, blaming free speech for the crime without evidence, failing to protect Giffords, failing to recuse himself from the investigation, and embarrassing the community in front of the nation," according to the Arizona Daily Star.
As for the recall effort, it will be a test of Tea Party resolve as over 90,000 signatures in 120 days, which is just under 800 signatures a day.
The group needs to gather 90,809 valid signatures within 120 days to qualify the recall for the ballot. The recall would require a special election, which could be held at the earliest in March 2012, said Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson.

That's a lot of signatures in a county with 485,629 registered voters. In order to oust Sheriff Dupnik, recall organizers would also have to make sure another candidate runs against him, and so far the sheriff is batting 1.000 against Republican challengers.
As time goes by, the only person Dupnik's words seemed to benefit were Obama, who called to thank him.

h/t via The Blaze

Video: Another Member of Congressional Black Caucus Cites Constitutionality of Obamacare

In addition to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is another Democrat who's decided to actually cite the U.S. Constitution in defense of Obamacare. It's completely mis-applied and ridiculous on its face but at least they've decided it's better than Nancy Pelosi's decision to scoff at the question and mock the questioner when she was asked about it back in 2009. More evidence the Tea Party is framing the terms of the debate.

Laughably, both Lewis and Lee are not only members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) but they're registered socialists. Talk about an oxymoron - Socialists are citing the U.S. Constitution to justify socialist policies that are antithetical to the Constitution. The good news is if they're going to argue they're on the right side of the Constitution, they'll lose.

Here's John Lews citing the Fourteenth Amendment - as did Lee - as justification for the individual mandate. In particular, he focuses on the part in Section 1 that says persons should have equal protection under the law. That doesn't answer the question about whether Obamacare is constitutional; it simply says that people will have equal protection under an unconstitutional law.

Via The Blaze:

Here's Nancy Pelosi before Lee and Lewis decided to point to the Fourteenth Amendment. Look for the Democrats in general to pick up the mantra of Lee and Lewis and get ready for some laughs.

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