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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All of the talk lately about Hillary's stock rising as Barack's continues to fall, prompted me to write a column comparing the two. An extremely befuddling phenomenon to me involves a significant number of voters who are withdrawing their support for Obama and are ready to hitch their wagons to Hillary.

If you've been frustrated by people who clamor for socialism despite its failed history, wait until you consider those frustrated by Obama's policies and think Hillary would be better.

Via Big Government:

The security of our nation is in danger as a direct result of the policies, ideology, and affiliations of our president. Those who clamor for socialism despite its miserable track record invariably defend it by saying it simply wasn’t implemented correctly. Perhaps those relying exclusively on historical accounts warrant a pass in light of a dynamic taking place between Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton right now.

Back in April, the Los Angeles Times published the results of a poll that showed support for Hillary rising and support for Obama falling among voters. That trend appears to be continuing. Inherent in these numbers is a contingent of people who jumped the Obama ship and have swum over to Hillary’s.

At least those who call for socialism while never having experienced it have a built-in excuse; they never experienced it.

Not so for the Obamatons turned Clintonistas. Both call Chicago home. Hillary was born there and Obama’s political career was launched there – in the home of Bill Ayers to be exact. Rodham became radicalized while at Wellesley College and was influenced heavily by the work of a Marxist / Maoist and leader of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Carl Oglesby. SDS was also the group from which Bill Ayers split to form the Weather Underground.

How about Obama’s ideological hero, Saul Alinsky? While Obama never met Alinsky, he was mentored by his proteges. Unlike Obama, Hillary not only met Alinsky but she interviewed him for her senior thesis at Wellesley. At one point, he offered her a job with his Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) – a job she ultimately declined, though ostensibly not for lack of reverence for uncle Saul or his work.....
I hope you read it all.


When I first heard about a pastor in Gainesville, FL planning a 'Burn a Koran' day, my initial reaction was that it probably wasn't the best course of action. I still hold the view that he probably shouldn't have gone that route. That said, his church hasn't even burned one Qur'an yet - not scheduled until 9/11 - and he has received countless death threats while outside the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan locals burned Pastor Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center in effigy.

Via Today Online:
The Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center announced plans to burn copies of the Islamic holy text on church grounds to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Members of the crowd gathered Monday in the street in front of western Kabul's Milad ul-Nabi mosque.

They burned American flags and a cardboard effigy of Dove World Outreach Center's pastor, Terry Jones, before dispersing peacefully.
Meanwhile, the pastor is being blamed for the burning of his own effigy by stoking all of this. At what point does it become acceptable to blame angry savages for causing the problems?

Hypocrisy? Irony? Yeah, just a little.

h/t to Jammie Wearin' Fool.


Once again, this president demonstrates his immaturity. This time, while speaking at a Labor Day rally in Milwaukee, WI - also attended by the usual gaggle of union thugs. While talking about his critics - instead of what he's doing to get America out of the mess his policies have helped to create - he says they talk about him 'like a dog'. He admitted going off-script, which only serves to make those in charge of having the teleprompter on-hand increasingly more valuable.

He doesn't seem to know the difference between insults and accountability.

VIa HapBLog


Perhaps one of the most important things to know about an exchange between NPR's Guy Raz and Rabiah Ahmed is that the latter once held a prominent communications position with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group the mainstream media continues to refer to as a 'civil rights' group despite overwhelming evidence they belong to the Muslim Brotherhood; in 2007, they were named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. The media - including Raz at NPR - seem to be disinterested in that reality.

Via Newsbusters, at the center of the exchange between Raz and Rabiah was a discussion about why so many Americans are Islamophobic.
RAZ: Rabiah, how did it get to this point, you know, where, in a sense, you're stating what should be painfully obvious, that people who practice the Muslim faith in America are Americans just like anyone else?

Ms. AHMED: You know, it is sad that it has to be said, but it's necessary nonetheless because this rhetoric, these anti-Muslim feelings, they're not just coming from the usual right-wing or agenda-driven circles.

Polls indicate that these fears are widespread. They're in the hearts of average Americans, moderate Americans. And that's what's so concerning about this.

In the post-9/11 climate, there was anti-Muslim backlash, but it wasn't so open. It wasn't so hostile, and it wasn't so widespread. And whatever the Muslim community has been doing in the past 10 years, it's been a good effort, but for some reason, it's not achieving its goal.

RAZ: Do you think, as a society, we're in the midst of maybe a passing storm, you know, something that we will look back on in 10 or 20 years from now and wonder how it ever came to this?

Ms. AHMED: I hope so. I hope it is a passing storm. I hope that it's just a matter of time where Muslims are seen as part and parcel of the society. You know, if we look back at our history, other communities have faced this kind of discrimination or these kinds of feelings, and they've been able to overcome. But it's not going to happen by itself.
That leads to the second most important aspect of this exchange. Americans are funding NPR and consequently, a propaganda campaign to paint those same Americans as intolerant, racist, and 'Islamophobic' (whatever that is).

Lastly, the implication in Raz's interview of Ahmed is that Muslims in America are being discriminated against like the Jews were before WWII. Again, seemingly lost on people is the fact that it was the arab Muslim world who fought with the Nazis against the Jews. This is victimization on steroids.

Read it all.
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