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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The incoherence of the left just continues to seek out new frontiers. I wonder if this woman knows that there is petroleum in the mascara that's running down her face as she bawls in vain. Perhaps she doesn't know what's in her shoes either. On one level I really feel sorry for these people because they've been so thoroughly brainwashed. As BP is busting their collective butt to get the wells capped, this woman is making YouTube videos decrying the use of evil oil.

I wonder if she knows petroleum was a necessary ingredient in the plastic used to make the camera she used to record this video.

As I watched that, I was reminded of this classic for some reason:

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May 15th - 17th are definitely dates to be familiar with. That is when a group called National People's Action (NPA) will be descending on Wall Street to outwardly demonize and demagogue banks. If not for James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, NPA may have sent ACORN instead but alas, that layer of the onion has already been peeled away. Billed as the Showdown on K Street, NPA is calling all thugs to help them bully bankers.

As we learn more and more about the left, we learn that they love to create various groups with positive sounding names. They do this, in part, to provide cover for the overall movement. If ACORN was the biggest and most powerful left wing group, the jig would be up. If not for groups like the Center for American Progress (CAP), Van Jones may have dropped off into obscurity. Instead, he's a fellow with CAP and has the ear of John Podesta.

Now we appear to have ACORN on steroids, in the form of NPA. Founding Bloggers is reporting that NPA may have more culpability in the housing crisis than ACORN did:
This group is at the very center of the real estate bubble-bust brought on by the dreaded CRA, and they are organizing an army of unions to march on Wall Street and blame the entirety of the economic disaster on the evil rich.
A sister organization of NPA is the National Training and Information Center (NTIC). They have a history of misappropriating federal grant dollars but to keep from getting too confused with all of these acronyms, just know that they all fall under the Community Organizing umbrella. In fact, the downfall of ACORN has left a void that is being filled by NPA and NTIC.

Via Founding Bloggers, here is a video of SEIU president Andy Stern giving a speech in Chicago last year in which he 'rubbed raw the sores of discontent' and directed the subsequent anger at bankers. In reality, as the man who had the most White House visits, Stern is doing the Obama administration's bidding and vice versa. Corporate America and the free market is under attack and these thugs are ginning up anger in order to do it.

Another video that is very important is this one of John McKnight, another Alinsky-ite. McKnight was a mentor of Barack Obama during the latter's indoctrination into the Alinsky methods. McKnight is on the Board of the Gamaliel Foundation, an outfit inspired by Saul Alinsky.

Via Big Government


It is known that Faisal Shahzad is a Pakistani American who attempted to explode a car bomb on Times Square. However, if you rely exclusively on the Associated Press for information, you will not know if he is a Muslim. Forget the fact that this attempt to detonate a bomb in a crowded area fits the Islamic terror template. The AP is pointing the finger at Shahzad's circumstances as a motive for his actions.
Not long ago, Faisal Shahzad had a pretty enviable life: He became an American citizen after emigrating from Pakistan, where he came from a wealthy family. He earned an MBA. He had a well-educated wife and two kids and owned a house in a middle-class Connecticut suburb.

In the past couple of years, though, his life seemed to unravel: He left a job at a global marketing firm he'd held for three years, lost his home to foreclosure and moved into an apartment in an impoverished neighborhood in Bridgeport. And last weekend, authorities say, he drove an SUV loaded with explosives into Times Square intent on blowing it up.
Ah, so Shahzad was not motivated by his religion despite that being the most obvious possibility. Also not fitting the mainstream media template Shahzad's education along with the affluence of his family.
Shahzad, 30, is the son of a former top Pakistani air force officer, according to Kifyat Ali, a cousin of Shahzad's father. He came to the United States in late 1998 on a student visa, according to an official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the investigation into Saturday's failed car bombing.
Completely absent in the article is even one mention of the word, "Muslim" or "Islam". Mayor Bloomberg pointed the finger at someone angry at the new Health care law before he had any facts. Now that we have the facts, neither the liberal media nor the liberal politicians want to face them.

Read the entire piece of AP dreck.


Perhaps Phoenix Suns basketball player Steve Nash is good at what he does for a living but when it comes to enunciating rational and coherent arguments, he's not very good at all. As a member of the Suns, whose home is in the state that just passed SB 1070, Nash can reach a lot of people with any words that come out of his meat-collector, regardless of how unintelligent they are. In this interview with ESPN's Tony Kornheiser, Nash touts multi-culturalism and thinks the law is racist.

Since the polls are showing that the citizens of Arizona support SB 1070 overwhelmingly - and in numbers greater than was the opposition to Obamacare nationally - does that mean that the 60% of Arizonans who welcome this new law are racist too? Is the state legislature that passed it racist? Is the Governor a racist?

Nash is free to say whatever he wants but in addition to either not reading the polls or not understanding the implications of his own words relative to what they show, I'd bet 25 cents Mr. Nash hasn't read the new law before spouting off about it.

Anyway, click HERE to watch.

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