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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video: Is Herman Cain's Abortion Stance the Beginning of his Implosion?

The upside to Herman Cain is that he's not a politician. The downside is his lack of political experience. It was refreshing to see him admit that he was ill-informed about something. It's tiresome to watch him continue to have to do so. Cain's latest misstep may be the beginning of the end for his candidacy and it involves a convoluted position on abortion.

John Kerry was for something before he was against it. When it comes to abortion, Cain appears to be for something WHILE he is against it.

First, decide for yourself what Cain is trying to say in this interview. To extend a full allotment of grace presumes that Cain is 100% anti-abortion except in the case of rape, at which point the decision should be made by the family and the doctor. However, the reality of this exchange is that one is left scratching one's head at the lack of clarity.

The vast majority of Cain's support is pro-life. He needs to be careful not to become the dog with a bone in its mouth who sees his reflection in the water; the dog loses the bone he has by trying to get a second one below. Cain needs to tightly hang on to the Tea Party bone. Equivocation at this point will definitely hurt him. Again, his strength is the fact that he's not a politician. His weakness is that he doesn't have political experience. I'd by lying if I said I'm not concerned Cain will sink his candidacy with incidents like these.

Hot Air has much more on this.

Video: Muslim Brotherhood Joins Occupy Orlando Protest

It's already been proven that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests across the country (Occupy Cleveland, Occupy Seattle, etc) have been endorsed by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the American Nazi Party, and Barack Obama. Now there is evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is playing an integral role in at least one of the protests (Occupy Orlando). This is a phenomenal piece of video journalism from the United West. To put this in the proper context, you'll need to go back to 2009, when a 17-year-old girl named Rifqa Bary fled to Orlando because her Muslim parents discovered she converted from Islam to Christianity. Rifqa charged that she was destined to be the victim of an honor killing.

The attorney who represented Rifqa's parents was a man named Shayan Elahi, who is a member of CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group. CAIR is an extension of Hamas. What the latter attempts to do through terrorism, the former does through lobbying, litigation, etc. Tom Trento of United West attended the Occupy Orlando protest and while he was interviewing a female protester, Elahi showed up. From there, Trento and his crew began connecting dots. It turned out that Elahi wasn't just in attendance; he was a primary leader of Occupy Orlando. Are we to believe this is an isolated case? If there were actual journalists in the mainstream media, there's no telling what they would find at other OWS protests. We already know that the Muslim Brotherhood has been working rather covertly when it comes to the Arab Spring.

Once again, Islam finds common cause with Nazis and Obama. Who'd have thought?

Via United West:

Video: Comedienne Infiltrates OWS Protests, Protesters don't Notice

I must admit, as I watched this video without any context, I thought the long-haired lady who got the bulk of airtime in this video was actually one of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. She seemed to fit right in. Perhaps that's why the real protesters left her alone. Any inclination they may have had to shut her down was likely suppressed by how truthful her message seemed to be. There were probably some in the crowd who wished she had more nuance but she essentially captures the essence of the protests.

Her name is Kelley Lynn and she is a comedienne who infiltrated the OWS protests for Opie and Anthony. The left wing site MediaIte has the video but Jon Bershad's commentary over there is quite lame. His contention is that Lynn was so over-the-top that the fact no one assaulted her should be proof that the OWS protests are peaceful. Uh, Jon, no one assaulted her because she was expressing the movement's lack of intelligence and coherence. She fit right in.

Be sure to watch until the very end. **MILD CONTENT WARNING FOR LANGUAGE**

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