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Friday, December 3, 2010


Howard Dean audio leads this off, during which he is heard talking about a guy named Marshall Ganz who, Dean says is an 'Alinsky disciple.' He then proceeds to talk about how Ganz heavily influenced the Obama campaign. As in all things Alinsky, it's about deception when talking to people about electing a candidate. Quintessential Saul Alinsky is all about the ends justifying the means. After the segment with Dean, watch the video of Camp Obama in the summer of 2007 and you'll see Ganz in action.

The mask is coming off bit by bit.

Via The Blaze:


On December 2nd, the House voted 333-79 to censure Charlie Rangel. He was also ordered to pay any debt he owes the Treasury as a result of his not paying taxes. Here are three videos for your viewing pleasure. First up, a somber outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reads the formal verdict with Charles B. Rangel in the well of the House. Next up, Charlie Rangel addresses the House and subsequently receives a standing ovation. Lastly, afterward, at a press conference he tells the press that he does not deal with average citizens.

Welcome to an inside look at why this country is in the mess it's in.

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Finally, Charlie speaks the truth...

Via HapBlog:


You've really got to wonder when western civilization will have had enough. We are beyond simply being poked repeatedly in the chest. We are standing down as we get kicked, smacked, slapped, spit on, beaten, mugged, whacked, paddled, etc. etc. This story provides even further proof. In 1988, Lockerbie bomber Abdulbaset Ali al-Megrahi blew up an airliner full of innocent passengers and killed 270 people.

He was sentenced to life in prison but was released last year because he had an alleged terminal illness and was expected to die soon. Not only is the dirtbag still alive but his family is suing the Scottish government for al-Megrahi's treatment while in prison.

Via the Scotsman:
COLONEL Gaddafi has revealed that the family of Lockerbie bomber Abdulbaset Ali al-Megrahi is preparing a compensation claim over "neglect" in his Scottish prison cell.

The compensation claim was branded "offensive" by MSPs last night as the Scottish Government defended its care of the bomber, who was released on compassionate grounds by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill due to advanced prostate cancer.

However, he remains alive more than a year after his release, following intensive therapy in his homeland.

The Libyan dictator said last night: "He was released because he was considered dead, and yet he is still alive.

"His health was not looked after during his time in prison. He didn't have any periodic examination. After he passes away his family will demand compensation because he was deliberately neglected in prison."
There is a perfect example why international law should not trump nationalism. Western civilization gets what it deserves if it continues taking garbage like this.

h/t to Weasel Zippers


It is beyond amazing how western civilization is able to get played. In response to Israel's claim that al-Qaeda is operating from Gaza, which is the reason why the former is conducting military operations there, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (pictured) is insisting that there is no al-Qaeda present in Gaza. The fact that Haniyeh even for one second believed that such a pathetic trial balloon would fly speaks more to how gullible the west is than to how absurd the statement is.

Via the AP:
Gaza's Hamas prime minister was adamant: There is no al-Qaida presence in Gaza, he said, rebuffing what he portrayed as Israeli allegations meant to justify military action against the territory.

At the same time, a new homegrown crop of zealots — even if only inspired by the global terror network — is increasingly turning into a problem for Gaza's ruling Islamic militants.

Dismissing Hamas as too tame, Muslim firebrands have challenged the Gaza government's informal truce with Israel — in place since Israel's bruising offensive against Gaza two years ago — by sporadically firing rockets at Israeli border communities. Israel says they also planned to try to cross into neighboring Egypt to use it as a springboard for attacks against Israelis and foreigners.

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, speaking at a rare news conference for foreign reporters on Wednesday, suggested that claims of an al-Qaida foothold are part of an Israeli attempt to further discredit the group already shunned by much of the world and to perhaps justify action against Gaza in the framework of the global war against terror.

"There is no such thing as al-Qaida in Gaza," Haniyeh insisted. "The Palestinian resistance does not work outside the borders of Palestine."
This is ridiculous on so many levels. Primary among them is that Hamas IS al-Qaeda. Both groups reside cozily under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella. Both are terrorist organizations and both insist on the complete and total eradication of the state of Israel. It's akin to saying you shouldn't shoot the dog that's about to attack you because it's not a pit bull - it's only a rottweiler.

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