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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama Lies on 60 Minutes

We all remember it. During the 2008 campaign, then candidate Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber, 'When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody.' Here we are nearly four years later and Obama is telling 60 Minutes he is NOT 'redistributing wealth.'

Via CBS:
In a "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Kroft, President Obama disputes the notion he is trying to redistribute wealth with his plans to treat the country's economic ills. He tells Kroft he's just attempting to deliver the "American Deal" of a strong middle class "where everybody is able to do their part and everybody's able to succeed."
Of course, as GWP points out, we all remember Obama's 'Joe the Plumber' moment in 2008:

So, which is it? Is Obama spreading the wealth around or has he failed to do what's 'good for everybody'?

Either way, Obama is a failure. He's lying so much that even when he wants it both ways, it's bad.

Video: Jihad in Hollywood

In the same week that the DoD identified the Fort Hood massacre as 'work place violence,' there has been another Jihadist attack on American soil that could have been prevented if America's leaders would re-read the part of Sun Tzu that talks about identifying the enemy.

In this news report, a witness identifies the shooter as having shouted, 'Allahu Akhbar' before opening fire on drivers and pedestrians at the corner of Sunset and Vine.

The worst part? Other than this one piece of video, media silence on the truth about this attack is deafening.

Via Atlas Shruggs:

I wonder if General George Casey thinks diversity is the biggest casualty here:

UPDATE: Jawa is reporting this doesn't appear to be Jihadist-inspired. Stay tuned.

Debate Video: Ron Paul vs. Newt Gingrich on Palestinians

In last night's ABC debate, George Stephanopolous asked Ron Paul to respond to Newt Gingrich's comment on Jewish Television that the Palestinians are an 'invented people.' Paul did not argue the accuracy of the statement but instead took the position that speaking the truth is 'just stirring up trouble.'

Aside from the fact that the Ron Pauliens love their guy because he's willing to speak the truth regardless of who it offends making that stance a bit hypocritical, Paul likely didn't do himself any favors when he said 'Israel didn't have a state' either. This statement is egregious on its face because it draws a line of moral equivalency between anti-Semites and Jews.

When the conversation went over to Newt, the former speaker did not attempt to walk back his statement at all. He dug in his heels and doubled down.

Via Breitbart

Debate Video: Mitt Bets Perry 10k, Loses with Voters

The damage Rick Perry did to himself when he drew at 52 second blank in a previous debate may have been done to Mitt Romney in this latest one. In essence, the Texas governor went back to the line in Romney's book that was taken out in a later edition.

Back in the September debate, Perry brought up the fact that Romney's first edition said Romneycare should be applied nationally.

Via ABC News:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry said during the Florida debate that Romney took out the single line that suggested the Massachusetts health reform law could be applied to the country. The line that is removed in the paperback version reads, “We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country.”
Perry brought it up again last night and Mitt had no response. Consequently, he reverted to a childish tactic. He stuck out his hand and offered to bet Perry 10k.

Not only was that an inadvisable response to an indisputable fact highlighted by Perry but that's a lot of money for Iowan voters who probably didn't appreciate Romney's ability to put that much money on the table over such an issue.

Perry did it all with a smile, too. This one may have cost Mitt some real percentage points.

Via Breitbart:

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