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Saturday, April 13, 2013

21st Century Nuremberg Trial in Philadelphia

At the bottom of this post is an extremely important documentary entitled 3801 Lancaster. It is solely about the horror story that took place inside Kermit Gosnell's "clinic". Like many of the Nazis before him, Gosnell is essentially on trial for his crimes against humanity.

Godwin's Law states that the longer a debate goes on, the greater the possibility that comparisons involving Hitler or Nazis will be made and that the person who makes those charges actually ends / loses the argument. In the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his Philadelphia aborturary, those comparisons are valid right out of the gate. Those who don't make said comparisons risk losing the debate.

The Limbaugh theorem states that no matter how much damage Barack Obama is directly responsible for, he always escapes culpability because he is so successful at keeping his fingerprints off the levers that cause such damage when they're pulled. Obama essentially pulls those levers while wearing latex gloves and then is seen as someone who is trying to fix the problem. That's not the case when one looks at his votes on abortion while a State Senator in Illinois.

Check out this excerpt from a 2008 Wall Street Journal article by Daniel Allott:
As an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama twice opposed legislation to define as "persons" babies who survive late-term abortions... Mr. Obama said in a speech on the Illinois Senate floor that he could not accept that babies wholly emerged from their mother's wombs are "persons," and thus deserving of equal protection under the Constitution's 14th Amendment.
This brings us both to the trial of a 21st Century Nazi named Gosnell, who personally murdered countless babies that either survived abortions or were simply born alive before they could be aborted. Save for the conditions in Gosnell's Philadelphia abortuary and the death of at least one adult who was over-medicated, Obama cannot argue against what Gosnell did to those babies; the president opposed legislation that would make such things illegal in his state.

When one correctly accepts the premise that the mainstream media is little more than a series of little ventriloquist dummies for the Obama administration's ventriloquist apparatchiks, the aforementioned points of agreement between Obama and Gosnell provide all one needs in order to understand why the mainstream media has been so reluctant to cover Gosnell's trial.

Fortunately, at least one liberal - Kirsten Powers - has not abandoned intellectual honesty. In a recent op-ed that appeared in USA Today, Powers wrote:
Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. A child screaming after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure. Haven't heard about these sickening accusations?

It's not your fault. Since the murder trial of Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell began March 18, there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page. The revolting revelations of Gosnell's former staff, who have been testifying to what they witnessed and did during late-term abortions, should shock anyone with a heart.

NBC-10 Philadelphia reported that, Stephen Massof, a former Gosnell worker, "described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, 'literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body." One former worker, Adrienne Moton, testified that Gosnell taught her his "snipping" technique to use on infants born alive.
How can one find any difference between that and what Obama supported as an Illinois State Senator? Any attempts to do so would reveal distinctions without differences.

Remember this during the 2008 campaign?

Here is Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in 1999 on the Senate floor, telling then Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) that a baby is not a person until it's taken home (poor audio):

Like Obama, Boxer may - for political reasons - take issue with the conditions in Gosnell's abortuary and the death of an adult there but based on her position, she can't really take issue with his murdering these babies before they go home.

When Generals Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton visited the Ohrdrup concentration camp after liberating it from the Nazis, the former sent a cable to George Marshall that relayed his eye witness account from the pit of hell. To illustrate how heinous was the carnage that Eisenhower saw, even Patton's war-hardened, cast iron stomach wasn't enough to allow him to look at it all.

Here is part of Eisenhower's account, via Ptak Science Books:
"The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering as to leave me a bit sick. In one room, where they were piled up twenty or thirty naked men, killed by starvation, George Patton would not even enter. He said that he would get sick if he did so. I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to 'propaganda'."
In the Philadelphia abortuary run by Gosnell, an evil very much on par with what Patton and Eisenhower discovered in Nazi concentration camps is coming to light in a courtroom not all that dissimilar from one during the Nuremberg trials... if people are willing to admit it.

During the first of those trials, prosecutor Robert Jackson said the following in his opening statement:
"The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated."
How is this dissimilar from what happened on Gosnell's watch, in his office?

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Joseph Slobodzian, who has been covering the trial daily, reported the following:
Testifying under a plea agreement with prosecutors, Williams, 44, had told the Common Pleas Court jury of a time when she followed Gosnell's practice of "snipping" the spines of late-term fetuses born alive during abortions.

One of her duties, Williams said, was to clean up and dispose of fetuses some women spontaneously aborted in the waiting room after getting large doses of drugs to dilate the cervix.

One day, Williams testified, a woman expelled a fetus into the toilet and she saw its arm moving. Williams said she took a pair of scissors and snipped the spine as Gosnell showed her.

"I did it once and I didn't do it again because it gave me the creeps," Williams said.
Consider the testimony of Marie Claude Vallant-Courturier at Nuremberg. She was a holocaust survivor from France.
Vallant-Couturier described how a Nazi orchestra played happy tunes as soldiers separated those destined for slave labor from those that would be gassed.  She told of a night she was "awakened  by horrible cries.  The next day we learned that the Nazis had run out of gas and the children had been hurled into the furnaces alive."
Babies / children being hurled into furnaces or toilets is, as mentioned earlier, a distinction without a difference.

Via CNN:
It was a scene the Philadelphia District Attorney called "a house of horrors." A warning to readers, some of the details in this story are gruesome.

West Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell is on trial for running an abortion clinic in which he allegedly killed babies who had survived illegal, late-term abortions, and where a woman allegedly died of a botched painkiller injection.
Charges were brought against Gosnell a little over two years ago. Here is Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams in an interview with CNN at the time. Note how the detail provided by Williams actually causes the anchor to stop him, saying none of it has been proven. Williams, who appears a bit taken aback, ultimately asserts that he's merely relaying grand jury testimony.

Think it's a stretch to compare Gosnell to a Nazi? Well, didn't the Nazis seek to murder Jewish children?

Via Lindenwirths Sammlung:
Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, was determined to exterminate all Jewish children. His policy was set out in the secret speech he gave at Poznan, Poland on October 6, 1943.

“I do not consider it justifiable to exterminate the men, meaning to kill them or get them to be killed, while allowing the revengers, in the form of children, to grow up and face our sons and grandsons,” said Himmler.

The Nazis deliberately killed children: the toll of minors in the Holocaust is estimated at as much as 1.5 million.
Here is a documentary about Gosnell's abortuary.


There is something else this story allows us to conclude.

Barack Obama's fingerprints can be found on his opposition to legislation that would make this despicable evil illegal.

Finally! Someone throws Fast and Furious into gun control debate (Ted Nugent vs. Erin Burnett)

Regular visitors to this blog know that I've been calling for gun rights advocates to go on a counter-offensive with the gun grabbers, instead of playing defense all the time. The best way to do that is to contrast the exploitation of Sandy Hook by the Obama administration with how it handled Operation Fast and Furious.

Practically every point, argument, and position taken by Obama's media ventriloquist dummies can be responded to with a Fast and Furious reference.

Selling guns to bad guys: You want to talk selling guns to bad guys? In Fast and Furious, Obama's ATF didn't allow gun store owners to sell to bad guys; they ORDERED them to.

Background checks: You want to talk background checks? How about the gun store owners who didn't want to sell to straw purchasers they knew were going to walk guns into Mexico? It was Obama's ATF that insisted those gun store owners make the sales despite background checks that told them not to.

Murder: You want to talk about guns being used to murder people? How about the straw purchasers mentioned above, giving those guns to Mexican drug cartels who have used those guns to murder hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American border patrol agent? All with the approval and mandate of the ATF.

Banning assault weapons: You want to talk about banning assault weapons? Why did the ATF allow thousands of assault weapons (AK-47s and .50 Cal.) to be placed into the hands of the most violent cartels on earth?

Shutting down gun stores: You want to talk about shutting down operations? How about leaving the responsible gun store owners, who didn't want to sell weapons to bad guys, alone and shutting down the ATF, which mandated those gun store owners sell those weapons to bad guys?

Gun Trafficking: You want to talk about gun trafficking? How about the ATF - after mandating that gun store owners sell to bad guys - looking the other way as those bad guys not only trafficked weapons out of the country but gave them to hardened criminals whom they knew would murder innocent people with them.

In this clip below (fast forward to the 6:18 mark), Nugent hits Burnett with a question about stopping gun traffickers. Burnett, predictably agrees right before Nugent asks her if she thinks Attorney General Eric Holder should be arrested for... gun trafficking.

Burnett's reaction tells the whole story. She was rendered speechless.

If the gun rights crowd wants to win this debate, it must make these arguments. Hopefully, this is the first instance of many.

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