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Friday, August 14, 2009


In the face of international pressure to reinstate Zelaya, Roberto Micheletti stood up to 'em and stared 'em down (including Obama). Perhaps he's feeling emboldened as a result but he's now whipping out the sedition card on these rambunctious Zelaya rioters.

The AP reports:
Two dozen supporters of Honduras' ousted president were charged with sedition Friday in an intensifying crackdown on protests against the coup-installed government.
Sedition, huh? Reports are that only about 10% of the Honduran population supports Zelaya but it's an obnoxious and destructive 10%. Besides, I thought the jury was still out on whether or not it was a coup (gotta love the AP).

Perhaps Micheletti is overreacting? Possibly, but hard to tell at this point:
Some 24 demonstrators were charged with sedition and damaging private property, said Melvin Duarte, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor's office. Another four were charged with aggravated arson and terrorism in the burning of a bus and a restaurant.
Isn't it funny that the protesters in support of the far left socialist / Hugo Chavez stooge don't know how to protest like those angry right wing "mobs"?

Whether you agree or disagree with Micheletti on this one (sedition seems like a strong charge), the odds that were massively stacked against the current gov't seem to be turning in its favor, if ever so slightly. Chavez, Ortega, and the Castro brothers are certainly seething at the fact that Zelaya has still not been reinstated. Perhaps the sitting government is finding operatives for Zelaya and his allies in its arrests or concerned that the socialist dictators will try to exploit the rioters in an act of desperation.

The defenders of Honduras' Constitution are showing courage these days. Wouldn't it be nice if America had more leaders willing to stand up for our Constitution, which has been getting chipped away at for years now? I am certainly not advocating the same course of action that Honduras took (our Constitution doesn't permit such action anyway) but it would be nice if collectively, our elected officials had greater insistence that it be followed.

Be sure to read the WHOLE REPORT


Dateline: San Francisco 2006. Nancy "Speech Polici" while speaking to a room full of moonbats stood up and said the she's a "fan of disruptors", calling them very "American". So what's changed since then? Well, apparently she only believes that people who agree with her have 1st Amendment protection.

Aside from Polici setting a new bar for hypocrisy, there are two extremely important distinctions I'd like to make between the two groups.

1.) The power brokers on the right did not attempt to silence these voices in 2006 unlike the power brokers on the left in 2009, which is doing so by using propaganda and lies.

2.) Leftwing protesters, on average, have been far more prone to violent protests than have the right-wing "mobs" of today.

So how does it feel to be blatantly lied to, America?



Here we go. Add another Czar to the list. This one is Mark Lloyd, FCC's Chief Diversity Officer. This latest assault on radio is likely intended to produce the same outcome experienced by GM - Government Ownership.

If the name Mark Lloyd rings any bells, he was the Senior Fellow of a Center for American Progress Study in 2007 called, THE STRUCTURAL IMBALANCE OF POLITICAL TALK RADIO. Without acknowledging market forces as a primary determinant of what dictates programming, the report simply noted the disparity between conservative and progressive content while using obscure and irrelevant statistics to reach the conclusion that programming needs to change devoid of market forces. That's what we call doing a study and omitting an incredibly important variable.

Appendix B of the Center for American Progress lists the names of talk show hosts it used in its report. LYNN WOOLLEY, who provided me with this report is one of them. Echoes of a target list, huh?

Anyway, onto the CNSNEWS report. According to CNS, Lloyd wants to require privately run stations to fund publicly run stations.
(Lloyd has) called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do.
Anyone who is even the least bit familiar with the radio business knows that profits don't come easy and that such a strategy will break the radio industry and put it squarely in control of the government (seems to be a common theme these days).
Lloyd’s hope is to dramatically upgrade and revamp the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through new funding drawn from private broadcasters.
This is nothing short of the government handcuffing an industry already struggling to survive by making it subsidize programming more in line with MSNBC apparently.

The entity that would ultimately receive monetary support from private broadcasters is the Corporation for Public Broadcasing (CPB). This must mean that the CPB is not currently funded.

Not exactly.
The CPB is a non-profit entity that was created by Congress and that currently receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal subsidies each year. In fiscal 2009, it is receiving an appropriation of $400 million.

“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) must be reformed along democratic lines and funded on a substantial level,” Lloyd wrote in his book.
Why are government entities being called corporations anyway? An entity funded by taxpayer dollars is going to attempt to bankrupt private broadcasters by overburdening them with excessive fees.

Sounds like a hostile takeover.

Be sure to read the entire CNS NEWS report.

h/t to HOT AIR


There seems to be a few parallels between what's going on with the media in Honduras right now and what's going on here with U.S. media outlets like MSNBC. In particular, channel 11 seems to be engaging in some Pallywood-style tactics (see video at bottom of this post).

Think about something for a minute. Ousted president Manuel Zelaya and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez are cut from the same cloth. Chavez has been extremely open about his support for Zelaya. In addition to gippin' and grinnin' with Chavez, Obama has been supporting Zelaya's reinstatement until only recently showing signs of backing off. That reality is likely to attributable to the resolve of the Micheletti government more than anything else.

The current government of Honduras is not only standing up to the world but they are fighting battles with the media that are similiar to the ones conservatives in America are fighting. Namely, shameless propaganda in order to influence public opinion with lies instead of with facts.

GATEWAY PUNDIT actually spoke with a Honduran government official about the news report above:
Last night I spent some time with a Honduran government official and family members. The official wanted to communicate how upset the people of Honduras were with the international media coverage coming from their country especially the CNN media coverage. Every day the government is releasing more and more information on the ousted dictator wannabe former President Mel Zelaya. He was a complete power hungry Leftist thug.
Ain't it funny how the truth about Zelaya continues to come out despite all of the support for him and his thuggish tactics. That support apparently includes lies in the media. Hmmmmm. Lies in the media? Say it ain't so!

To get an idea of why the people in Honduras would be upset with CNN, I wrote about one of the most egregious examples on JULY 8TH

For those curious about what Pallywood really is, here it is in its purest form.

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