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Friday, December 17, 2010


During Ed Schultz's December 15th radio show, his producer James Holm was talking on the air about Obama's meeting with the top CEO's in the country. Holm turned his attention to how much money those CEO's were sitting on. The amount totaled $1.9 Trillion according to him. Holm was disgusted by the fact that those CEO's weren't giving up that money and suggested that people who agree with him should 'put a gun to their head' as a remedy.

CLICK HERE for the audio.

Aside from the incendiary rhetoric, Holm's paradigm is disturbingly fascinating. The reason those CEO's have $1.9 Trillion is because they earned it. The reason our government is in hock to the tune of $14 Trillion is because it DIDN'T and then proceeded to mismanage it. Holm is literally advocating the confiscation of wealth from those who create more of it and giving it to those who squander it. How can a mind be so twisted that it views such a notion as rational?

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First up, none other than outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Aside from improperly using the word precarious to describe a ledge (something can be precariously sitting on a ledge but the ledge itself cannot be precarious unless it too is in danger of falling), Pelosi's bigger gaffe is her confident assertion that Barack Obama has been a job creator ever since he took office. Incidentally, when Obama took office, unemployment was around 6%. It's now at 10%. Only Socialists, Communists and Marxists could say such a thing with this degree of certainty.

Next up, John Kerry. In this moment of brilliance, the former presidential candidate is apoplectic at the notion that the Senate should read bills before passing them. No, seriously. He's literally angry that such a burden should be placed upon the government.

The best part is when he advocates "working" on the bill instead of "reading" it.

Lastly, Joe Biden's message to Republican Senators who want to have the START Treaty read before it's ratified....

"Get out of the Way." No, seriously.

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