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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is Why Ron Paul is a Kook

Of course, there are many examples to illustrate the Mr. Hyde side of Ron Paul but this one encapsulates it perfectly. On this issue, he's squarely in the Jimmy Carter / Liberal media camp. Note that since the Egyptian protests started late last month, there have been 146 injured or killed journalists in Cairo's Tahrir Square. That didn't stop Ron Paul from equating the Tea Party with the Egyptian protesters / Muslim Brotherhood.

Via The Hill:
Tea Party activists are similar to pro-democracy protesters in Egypt, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Tuesday.

The libertarian congressman, who is a favorite of some Tea Party groups, said that like the protesters in Egypt, the small government movement does not have a defined leader and has many different factions.

Asked by CNN if he would prod the Tea Party movement to "do more" to push for spending cuts, Paul said that would do no good.

"Nobody controls the Tea Party people. They're restless," he said. "It's sort of like looking at those people who finally rebelled in Egypt and saying, OK, what is the consensus on what you want?"
This perfectly illustrates the Ron Pauliens' ignorance when it comes to Islam.

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember any Tea Party birthing an angry mob of thugs who sexually assaulted a reporter.

This is why Ron Paul is nuts.

Video: 'Black Hole is Racist' Commissioner Strikes Again

His name is John Wiley Price and he's a Dallas County Commissioner. I think it's safe to say at this point that he's officially racist and that any name-calling he does is nothing more than projection. In 2008, Price was offended when a colleague of his referred to central collections as a 'Black Hole.' Price viewed such a term as 'racist' and the sentiment was even echoed by another commissioner. This time, Price comes unhinged and storms out of a meeting with constituents.

At the beginning of this video, you can hear an audience member say to Price, 'You've asked for respect from us, we give it. We demand respect.'

Price's response? 'All of you are white. Go to hell.' On his way out, he then points to a man who hadn't said anything to him and refers to him as 'Fat boy.'

Watch all the way to the end because the individual Wiley singled out is simply beyond incredulous. Price was so out of line that police would not let him back into the room. This is the kind of thing that happens when people take no interest in government. Over time, it's taken from the people by guys like John Wiley Price.

h/t to Jawa Report

Here's Price in 2008 responding indignantly to a black hole metaphor.

NYU Liberal's Reaction to CBS Reporter's Sexual Assault in Egypt

While the liberal media continues spinning the Egyptian / Muslim Brotherhood uprising as a wonderful thing, there are incidents and events on the ground that tell a much different story. Examples include the ten beatings sustained by CNN's Anderson Cooper and the assault of ABC's Christianne Amanpour. Another assault took place on February 11th and the victim was CBS News's Foreign correspondent Lara Logan. It was 'sustained,' 'sexual,' and 'brutal.'

Enter Nir Rosen. He's a liberal and a fellow at New York University's Center for Law and Security. He's also written for the Washington Post. In true ends-justify-the-means liberal fashion, Rosen exhibits no sympathy for Logan in multiple twitter posts. Instead, he implied that she deserved it because she is a 'war monger' while remaining completely insensitive, even joking that it would have been funny if Anderson Cooper would have been sexually assaulted as well.

All of this is happening as the liberal media continues to champion the uprising. Shockingly, in this AP video report about Logan's attack, it's reported that there have been 140 correspondents either killed or injured at Tahrir Square since the uprising.

At least in the case of one heartless liberal, apologizing for barbaric behavior justifies that uprising.

Via The Blaze

**UPDATE**: Nir Rosen is now GONE from NYU. Via the Blaze.

Video: How on Earth did THIS Happen on MSNBC?

His name is Niall Ferguson and he's a history professor at Harvard and Senior Fellow at Oxford. Maybe he appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe because his article made the cover of Newsweek, which is a publication the White House approves of so perhaps the producers didn't have to run the guest suggestion up the Presidential food chain of acceptable interviews. After all, we know the White House is in constant contact with Mika and Joe.

This is an absolute must-see because all five Morning Joe Panelists take their shots at Ferguson and fail miserably. Without batting an eye, Ferguson takes them each down one by one until there is absolutely no air in the MSNBC studio. If this were a movie, one guy totally fends off five attackers and the audience scornfully mocks the possibility as something that could never happen.

Niall is the proverbial pin and the Morning Joe crew is the balloon. The discussion is centered around the Obama administration's handling of the crisis in Egypt. Ferguson all but calls it an unmitigated disaster and warns the audience that the Muslim Brotherhood taking control is not a good thing at all. A female CBS reporter was attacked and sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square which only further backed up Ferguson's argument.

Via Freedom's Lighthouse

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