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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ok, this whole Zelaya in Honduras thing needs to get exposed in a big way (and Obama's support of him along with it). A translation of the video below, if true, would say some very dangerous things about what Zelaya believes. As I've posted before, ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya accused Jewish mercenaries of trying to assassinate him and poison him with radiation as he was holed up in the Brazilian embassy.

The MIAMI HERALD reported:
It's been 89 days since Manuel Zelaya was booted from power. He's sleeping on chairs, and he claims his throat is sore from toxic gases and "Israeli mercenaries'' are torturing him with high-frequency radiation.

"We are being threatened with death,'' he said in an interview with The Miami Herald, adding that mercenaries were likely to storm the embassy where he has been holed up since Monday and assassinate him.
Yes, that's outlandish but in addition to having been confirmed, it would add credibility to a report that says Zelaya is on board with Hitler's efforts to eliminate the Jews.

Renaldo Azevedo, who writes for a Portuguese site called VEJA has written what appears to be a disturbing article about Zelaya. If the translation on FREE REPUBLIC is right, one of the things Zelaya said is:
[Excerpt of Zelaya's radio address] "At times, I ask myself if Hitler had no reason to have terminated that race with the famous Holocaust. If there were people what caused damage to that country, it was the Jews, the Israelits. I want, this afternoon, on Radio Globo, to say, with name and surname, who are the officials of the Jewish Army that are working with the Armed Forces of our country and which are responsible for all those activities of conspiracy happening to the president of the Republic [Zelaya referring to himself].
TRANSLATORS NEEDED! If you know anyone who can translate Portuguese, please email me or comment on this post. Based on the wording of the Free Republic post, I'm having a difficult time understanding if these are words specifically out of Zelaya's mouth or interpretations by the director of Globo radio, an entity that supports Zelaya.

Here is a link to audio from what the Free Republic post says is David Romero, director of Globo radio, who supports Manuel Zelaya.

Translators needed for this as well.

Antisemitismo y Xenofobia en Radio Globo from Daniel Lean on Vimeo.

If any of this is true, it sinks Manuel Zelaya to a despicable new low and takes Obama with him.

Be sure to read additional translations of Zelaya's alleged RADIO ADDRESS.


The quintessential example of what separates the left and the right. First up is the Will Ferrell-led gaggle of Hollywood whack jobs who fail to see their own hypocrisy while attacking insurance companies with pathetic sarcasm. The first video will show you the essence of the problem with liberals - they want to fix things outside themselves instead of starting with themselves:

Got that? Here is the ultimate smackdown. Using the same sarcastic format - from the black and white effect all the way down to the crying man with the sweater tied around his neck, this group puts the Hollwyood whack jobs in the role of the insurance company executives in the first video.

Will Ferrell and company have been significantly punk'd.

h/t to HOT AIR


I guess the Washington Post's Ezra Klein simply couldn't help himself. He was caught red-handed admitting that the Public Option in Obamacare is a trojan horse for single payer (government run healthcare) on a video from July of 2008. While on a panel, he admitted that the plan was "sneaky" and that even though its architects couldn't admit it publicly, Klein would.

Klein is one of those leftists with a big vocabulary who lacks the ability to understand where money comes from. These people are truly astounding.

First, as a refresher, watch this short clip from August and look for the segment that includes Ezra Klein.

Now, to flesh out Ezra Klein's position, watch this video and listen for his reference to a "sneaky strategy" at the end.

This video actually prompted a response from Klein, who had engaged both VERUM SERUM and Ed Morissey at Hot Air, who got into an interesting debate with Klein after POSTING THIS. Here is an excerpt of Klein's response to the claim that he advocates a "sneaky" strategy (as the video clearly indicates):
Actually, that’s not my view unless the public plan can use Medicare bargaining rates. But put that aside. Conservatives have an Underpants Gnomes-theory of how liberals mean to achieve single payer. It looks something like this:

1) With 60 votes in the Senate and a hugely popular new president, Democrats labor to reform the health-care system and manage, barely, to create a public insurance option by promising up-and-down that it wouldn’t have any government-provided advantages over private health insurance plans. This is about competition, they swear.

2) ????

3) The United States Senate votes to outlaw private health insurance.

I really don’t understand it. Morrissey isn’t wrong to say that many liberals would like a single-payer system. But there is nothing in Barack Obama’s plan that would enact such a thing and nothing in the political jockeying we’ve seen thus far that should make anybody think such a thing is possible.
Pure gibberish. Medicare bargaining rates?

Hey Ezra, how about allowing insurance companies to work in ALL STATES? This would necessarily drive down the cost of health care because it would create competition that you claim to champion (when you're not speaking of "sneaky" strategies).

The best thing Klein could do is come forward, admit that he's been busted, start arguing for what he truly believes, and stop being an advocate for "sneaky" things.

Again, the left simply doesn't understand where money comes from.

Be sure to read the WHOLE PIECE at Verum Serum (and follow the links to watch the back and forth between Klein and Morissey).
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