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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Video: Rep. Jason Chaffetz's fiery speech on House Floor over Fast and Furious

This is strong stuff. There were two things that prompted Rep. Jason Chaffetz to speak loudly and forcefully to Democrats on the House floor today. The first has to do with an amendment to a Department of Justice spending bill. That amendment would prevent the use of taxpayer dollars from being used to lie to Congress, a clear reference to the February 4, 2011 letter Assistant Attorney General Ronal Weich signed that DOJ withdrew nearly one year later. The second was a plea to demand that Eric Holder comply with the subpoena that's been issued to DOJ with respect to Fast and Furious.

Democrats almost never break ranks, even when they know they're wrong but Fast and Furious is Watergate with murder. If the Republicans are resolved enough to see that fact get beaten into the consciousness of the American people, Democrats will be forced to break from their Party. It's really that bad. The question is: do Republicans have the stomach to go there?

Chaffetz shames the Democrats here.

h/t Daily Caller

Video Timeline: the Obama Administration's Gay Marriage Evolution

There always seems to be a new social issue that the Obama administration is either manufacturing or in the middle of. The latest involves gay marriage. It started with Vice President Joe Biden (no surprise there) and his appearance on Meet the Press this past Sunday.

Keep in mind that Obama's public position has been that he supports civil unions but that he is against gay marriage. Public opposition to gay marriage is strong and it's become rather obvious that Obama wanted to wait to come out in support of gay marriage until after the election. That's not going to happen because Biden reached into the pantry, pulled out a can of worms and grabbed a can opener.

Here's the VP endorsing gay marriage:

That exchange with Gregory led to an uncomfortable round of questions for White House press secretary Jay Carney, who has become quite adroit at impersonating a human pretzel.

See for yourself, via MediaIte:

After having his position on gay marriage mocked for more than 24 hours, Barack Obama came out today and told ABC's Robin Roberts that he supports gay marriage. Watching this, it should be rather obvious that Obama did not want to do this now; he wanted to wait until after the election.

Here ya go:

Now, Obama in 2008 at Saddleback Church:

Which brings us back to Joe Biden's "who do you love" comment...

Video: How Illegal Aliens get big Tax Refunds from IRS

In short, illegal aliens are allowed to work in the U.S. Since they don't have social security numbers, they are issued another type of identification number. With that number, they are allowed to take advantage of what's called an Additional Child Tax Credit. They have figured out that the more children they list on their returns, the more money they get back.

So what do they do? They list nephews and nieces.... who LIVE IN MEXICO!

Via WTHR, h/t Lynn Woolley:

Proof Dick Lugar's loss a good thing; John Kerry thinks it's Tragic

36-year Indiana Senator Richard Lugar (RINO), one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate (take your pick between him, Graham, and McCain) lost his primary to the Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock. The argument for Lugar - made by the same establishment that wants Mitt Romney to be president - is that he knows how to compromise, which is exactly why the Tea Party wants him out.

Establishment types should also check their loyalties on another front. They're not the only ones upset at Lugar's loss. So is one of the Senate's most liberal Democrats - John Kerry, who is calling Lugar's loss a "tragedy."

Here is a portion of Kerry's statement, via ABC:
This is a tragedy for the Senate and the loss is particularly felt by all of us who have been privileged to serve with Dick on the Foreign Relations Committee,” Kerry said. “It’s a blow to the institution during a period when the institution itself has been strained. Whether he was serving as Chairman or Ranking Member of our Committee, wielding the gavel or working the floor, Dick’s approach to governing was always the same:  he wanted to find serious answers to some of foreign policy’s most vexing questions. He’s a class act and a gentleman and in a Senate that has seen so much change and transition these last years, his expertise on complicated issues honed over 36 years simply can’t be replicated.
If you're ever called a "class act" by John Kerry, it's time to question whether you've crossed the rubicon into the abyss.

Here's another excerpt from Kerry's insane screed:
It will soon almost sound cliched to say that America is safer today because of Dick Lugar’s 36 years of service in the Senate, but it really does bear repeating.
To quote Archie Bunker, "you are defective."

h/t Hot Air

Video: Chris Matthews' bald-faced lie; Ford received bailout

MSNBC continues to descend into a pit of outright lies; there is no way on earth that Chris Matthews or his guests don't know the truth here. That didn't stop Matthews from spitting on it or his guests from cleaning up his mess. This is pure propaganda for the White House, nothing more. Matthews actually makes the argument - for his dumbed down audience - that Ford benefited from the auto bailout.

The truth is that Ford didn't accept a bailout.


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