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Thursday, September 17, 2009


We all remember the controversy surrounding the invitation of Barack Obama to give the Notre Dame commencement speech last spring. President John Jenkins refused to capitulate and at times seemed to oogle over the notion of having our Pro-abort & Chief speak on his campus.

Now we learn that Jenkins has sent a letter to Notre Dame alumni announcing his plans to join the annual March for Live in Washington, D.C.
Each year on January 22, the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, the March for Life is held in Washington D.C. to call on the nation to defend the right to life. I plan to participate in that march. I invite other members of the Notre Dame Family to join me and I hope we can gather for a Mass for Life at that event. We will announce details as that date approaches.
Kinda rings hollow, doesn't it?

Well, there's more. A website in support of the NOTRE DAME 88, a group that was arrested on the orders of Jenkins, who has refused to drop charges. The group also includes Norma McCorvey, who was the actual Roe.
Apparently the irony was lost on Jenkins that while he will be preparing to protest against Roe v. Wade, the actual Roe, Norma McCorvey, will be preparing for her criminal trial for protesting at Notre Dame after she was arrested under orders from Father Jenkins who has, so far, refused to drop the charges brought against McCorvey and the rest of the "ND 88", the dozens of pro-life protestors arrested last spring for "crimes" such as saying the rosary and wearing pro-life t-shirts.
If you could go back in time to 1973 and tell people that one day Jane Roe would be a pro-life activist arrested on the orders of the University of Notre Dame president for trespassing on the campus during a commencement speech being given by a Pro-abort president, it wouldn't matter what looks you'd get. You'd be right.

I'm waiting for a group to start a movement to make the January 22nd march the first ever One Man March (Jenkins).

Be sure to read the ENTIRE STORY and JENKINS' LETTER.


Yes, you read that headline right. Jon Stewart from Comedy Central slammed both ACORN and the media that didn't uncover their willingness to aid and abet prostitutes and pimps. The truly bigger story within the story here is that Stewart's demographic is not only substantial but it's made up of younger voters who reject Fox News, conservative blogs, and talk radio.

In addition, many of them literally get their dose of news from Stewart, who provides a comedic leftist spin to the majority of his stories. His audience is somewhat politically malleable based on Stewart's take on things. He could have defended ACORN or made the story about the "paranoid right".

He didn't and he should be commended. He slammed ACORN and he slammed the media (one day after Charlie Gibson said he didn't know anything about the scandal).

Laughter is a very disarming thing. Stewart disarms his audience with laughter every day. It garners him some credibility among them. He expresses a view in between laughs and people pay attention. Whether that view is right or wrong is not important. What is important is that those views are internalized and digested by most loyal and regular members of his audience.

While fewer people watch Stewart than do Fox News, this is HUGE. Stewart may not even realize how much good he did by being intellectually honest on this story. I don't say this often but Jon Stewart, thank you.

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I will be guest hosting for Matthew Hill on IRN / USA radio network on Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th. I don't yet know what I'm going to talk about but it will be important. The show airs from Noon-1pm EST.

If you've got a one hour conference call at that time in which you are expected to be a silent participant, hit the mute button on your phone and turn up the sound on your pc.

CLICK HERE if you want to stream the the show.
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