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Monday, March 22, 2010


Courtesy of Barack Obama's own words.... When Bart Stupak was voicing opposition to the Slaughter Solution, he was quoted as saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The Slaughter Solution allowed the bill to be "deemed passed" but Stupak pointed to the countless House Bills still wallowing in the Senate - over 200 - as more than 200 reasons he didn't trust the Senate to take up the House fixes after Obama signed the Bill.

Yet, Stupak settled on relying on the signature / word of Barack Obama in the form of an Executive Order that we are led to believe supersedes the law being sent to Obama's desk. That makes Stupak either incredibly naive while also claiming to understand a very easy-to-understand cliche or complicit.

Based on this montage of Obama via Naked Emperor News, it should be more than apparent that Stupak is quite complicit in perpetrating this evil on the American people.

The American people are nowhere near as gullible as Stupak wants us to believe HE is.

h/t to Hot Air


The name Stupak is very quickly becoming synonymous with the worst kinds of attributes associated with man. It is becoming apparent that Bart Stupak has at best been a coward and at worst calculatingly deceptive for a very long time. He touts himself as a pro-life Democrat but sold his vote for an Executive Order signed by Barack Obama that does not supersede legislation signed by the President. In fact, Stupak has given Obama a way not to intervene when it comes to taxpayer funded abortions while maintaining that he's following the Constitution.

Here's where it gets beyond appalling. After Stupak pledged his support for the Bill, the Republicans filed a Motion to Recommit, which would essentially put Supak's abortion language in the Bill. It would serve to reinforce Obama's Executive Order. Not only does Stupak reject the Motion but he comes across as trashing his own Amendment.

Via The Hill:
Right now the best defense House leaders have against such a prospect is a colloquy that Stupak will hold on the House floor to publicly reaffirm that the executive order upholds the ban on federal funding of abortion.

“One of the reasons for the colloquy is to get it out there that, look, this is what it's doing,” Stupak said. “Not only do we have the President's order, the legislative body understands the same thing. We want to make it very clear.”
Now for Stupak's speech on the House Floor. Pay close attention after David Obey attempts to bring order and you can hear someone in the crowd shout, "Baby Killer". It may not be apparent right now how much Bart Stupak has sealed his fate in history as the worst kind of lying hypocrite, using abortion as his means, but he has done so in a very big way.

The day may be coming when calling someone a "Stupak" might be the worst kind of insult.

h/t to Gateway Pundit


Nearly four minutes of compelling video with the best part at the end, despite the theatrics in the middle. House minority leader John Boehner goes for the jugular and he finds it. After throwing down the gauntlet by asking the Democrats who voted for the health care bill if they've read it, the reconciliation bill, or the manager's amendments, Boehner shouts, "Hell No" multiple times in response to his own questions.

That prompts a laughably ridiculous admonition from the man presiding over the session, Rep. David Obey (D-WI), who tells both sides to respect the "dignity" of the House. Dignity of the House? That's its own punchline.

Then, at the end, Boehner challenges Pelosi and Obey to have every member cast their vote in person by standing in front of the entire House. Obey's response is actually more laughable than that crack about maintaining dignity.

via Breitbart

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