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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video: Al Gore Responsible for Neil Young's Anger

Have you ever wondered why Rocker Neil Young always seems so angry? We may have our answer. He's one of the far left whack jobs who has bought into the notion of Global Warming, which is now 'climate change' because the earth is actually cooling. Anyway, he's so emotionally - and perhaps spiritually - invested in the notion that he is contributing to the destruction of the planet that he thinks about it every day and even says he realizes how hypocritical he is.

Admission is half the battle. Via CNS News:

This is a perfect example of what listening to Al Gore does to people. It fills them with self loathing and guilt based on a lie and they can't even see that the people they follow are the ones responsible for fomenting it. Neil Young has been duped and he doesn't realize it.

In fact, in November of 2010, Young's eco-friendly car burned to the ground and took over $800,000 worth of damages with it. At some point, you'd think this guy would figure out that following people like Al Gore is what has caused him so many problems.

Read it all.

Video: Tea Party Group to Clean up Madison Capitol

This just might be the allegory of the year and it involves the union protests in Madison, WI. Talk about irony; some real lessons can be learned here about the differences between the union protesters and those who actually pay their salaries. In short, taxpayer funded union protesters spend several days in the Wisconsin Capitol building and end up defacing it. The clean up is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. In an attempt to reduce that expense, a Tea Party group decides to round up as many people as it can to help with the clean up effort.

Here's video of the guy heading up the effort, Charles Brey:

Via Breitbart and Gateway Pundit

Video: Michael Moore Joins Madison Socialist Movement

As the socialists continue to yammer in Wisconsin, Michael Moore decided to join them. Interestingly, the first words out of his mouth here involve an admission of engaging in capitalism as he explains he's been watching the events unfold 'from afar' as he's been 'busy on the road, working on (his) next project.' Gee Michael, what kind of project might that be? Any chance it's a film you want people to buy tickets to go see?

Question: How many of the people in this audience couldn't stand Michael Moore before the budget crisis in Wisconsin?

Via Verum Serum

Video of Moore on his way to talk about how busy he's been on his latest 'project.'

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