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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Newt's Best Line came BEFORE the Debate

Make no mistake. Barack Obama does NOT want to face Newt Gingrich in the fall. He wants Romney. The actions of the 'in-the-tank-for-Obama-media' will tell you that. Anyone with a modicum of logic can see that the liberal media is doing all it can to help Romney become the nominee. Why would they do that? For the same reason they wanted McCain in 2008; he is the least viable.

While at a Tea Party Convention hours before the South Carolina debate, Newt delivered perhaps the line of the campaign by encapsulating exactly why nominating Romney is a very dumb idea.

Via National Journal:
“Why would you want to nominate the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama?” Gingrich asked a lively crowd at the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse, referring to Romney’s loss to eventual nominee John McCain in the 2008 primaries. He said the GOP establishment “can't argue his record in Massachusetts because he's too liberal,” so they are making the electability case.
A better question cannot be asked and it can only be honestly answered by looking at the agenda of a liberal media that wants to be portrayed as objective.

Obama wants Romney. Period.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Video: Juan Williams Plays Race Card with Newt, gets Smacked Down

Possibly the best part of the debate. Juan Williams attempts to subtly intimidate Newt Gingrich by implying that the former Speaker made racist comments. Instead of relenting and re-phrasing his argument, Gingrich made Williams look foolish. Then, Juan attempted to push the issue after being thoroughly embarrassed. It didn't work. Newt hit him again.

Via Breitbart:

Video: Ron Paul Once Again Defending Islamists

More South Carolina debate video. This time, Bret Baier asks Paul about killing bin Laden in Pakistan. In an attempt to make his point about why it wasn't necessary, Paul makes reference to the capture of Saddam Hussein as something that could have been a viable alternative. Baier quickly reminds Paul that the congressman was against going into Iraq (Paul ignored that part).

Then Newt comes in at the end of this and once again skewers Paul's foreign policy views, which are convoluted, at best.

Via Breitbart:

SC Debate Video: Santorum Traps Romney

Romney has already become the presumptive nominee in the eyes of many. Even those looking for the anti-Romney candidate are conceding that a win in South Carolina would be game over. That's why his opponents in last night's debate needed to land knockout punches, in addition to bolstering themselves with good performances.

Though no one landed any haymakers on Romney, this was a good moment for Santorum, who challenged the frontrunner on a Super PAC ad that identified the former Pennsylvania Senator as someone who wants felons to vote. Santorum proceeded to expose Romney as having been more liberal on the issue when he was governor.

Not a knockout but Santorum did lay a glove on Romney here.

Via Breitbart:

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