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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Her name is Frances Fox Piven and in the 1960's, with her husband Richard Cloward came up with a strategy to overwhelm government entitlement programs until they could no longer support the angry masses that demanded to be taken care of. The resulting revolt was the goal of their National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). In a recent column written by Piven, she appears to be calling for a physical revolution. Ron Radosh at Pajamas Media provides an analysis of Piven's latest missive that appears in the far left Nation magazine:

Via Pajamas Media:
Now, as our national economy and many state and city budgets again are at the breaking point, Frances Fox Piven has issued a new call to repeat and build upon the ruinous strategies that she and her late husband advanced decades ago. And as in 1966, her vehicle is The Nation, the flagship magazine of the Left which today has a huge circulation and much greater influence than it had in the 1960s.

Writing in the current issue, Piven presents [4] a clarion call for a new mass movement, one that the magazine publishes as an editorial statement representing its editors. (It is currently under the magazine’s firewall.) She begins by noting that nothing is taking place to deal with ending what she claims is an unemployment rate of 15 million people. To regain the 5 percent rate of 2007, she estimates there would have to be 300,000 jobs created each month for several years, something that is next to impossible.

Thus Piven asks a question: “So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs?” In other words, the kind of action her protégé George Wiley fomented in the 70s with the NWRO. She admonishes the Left not to wait for “the end of the American empire and even the end of neoliberal capitalism,” but to up the ante at present to pressure for “big new [government] initiatives in infrastructure and green energy” that could “ward off the darkness.” Her fear is that the new Congress, instead of moving in the direction she and the Left favors, will concentrate on “deficit reduction by means of tax cuts and spending cuts.” As for President Obama, she sees him as a new version of Herbert Hoover, who foolishly meets with corporate executives and seeks to placate them.
Later, Piven outwardly calls for uprisings here in the United States similar to what's going on in Greece and Great Britain. Here is the relevant excerpt from Piven's piece:
An effective movement of the unemployed will have to look something like the strikes and riots that have spread across Greece in response to the austerity measures forced on the Greek government by the European Union, or like the student protests that recently spread with lightning speed across England in response to the prospect of greatly increased school fees.
Radosh ends his analysis on a positive note, pointing to the fact that NWRO no longer exists and ACORN has been significantly crippled. That said, there is a noticeable increase in incendiary rhetoric coming from the left lately.

Here is a video of Piven from 2004 explaining her take on when violence is acceptable:

h/t to The Blaze


As the balance of power shifts in congress, the two men who will head the committees that will be most responsible for investigating the Black Panther voting rights case are Lamar Smith (R-TX), who will head up the House Judiciary Committee and Darrell Issa (R-CA), who will lead the House Oversight Committee on Government Reform. Of the two, Issa has been arguably the most outspoken when it comes to the way the Black Panther voting rights case was handled and it will be interesting to see if rhetoric when not in power matches action when in power.

The New York Times quotes Holder himself on the matter and he doesn't seem to be that concerned:
“We’ve already seen this administration dismiss one case against a political ally — the New Black Panther Party — for no apparent reason,” Mr. Issa and Mr. Smith wrote. “We remain concerned that politicization at the Justice Department once again may result in the administration’s political friends getting a free pass.”

Asked about the prospect of oversight hearings and subpoenas involving the New Black Panther case, Mr. Holder said, “there is no ‘there’ there.”

“The notion that this made-up controversy leads to a belief that this Justice Department is not color-blind in enforcement of civil rights laws is simply not supported by the facts,” he said. “All I have on my side with regard to that is the facts and the law.”
There's plenty 'there' there. As for the premise put forth by Issa and Smith, to argue that the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) is not a political ally of this administration is laughable. Forget the voting rights case for a moment. How about the recent recording of former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones and NBPP leader on December 20th talking about how Jones, who was responsible for distributing $40 Billion of the $787 Billion stimulus package? There is AUDIO of Shabazz talking about having some of that money.

As for answering to Smith and Issa about how the NBPP voting rights case was handled, Holder is dismissing any accusations that it was mishandled. I find it mildly disturbing that he and Smith seem to be a little to chummy. There is a leadership vacuum the Tea Party expects to be filled by Issa and Smith and they better fill it because they're being watched very carefully.

h/t Weasel Zippers.


Remember that $787 Billion stimulus bill in 2009? Van Jones was responsible for distributing $40 Billion of it. On December 20th, he discussed how he (re-) distributed it to inner city minorities. I like the part about making sure that the 'work and the wealth' are easily distributed.' Also making appearance in this clip is New Black Panther Party (NBPP) leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, who discusses how his group has 'Green jobs' available and no background checks are necessary.

Shabazz exhibits in-your-face racism when he talks about having 'jobs for black men' and bemoans just having to 'deal with white folks.'

The left is apparently ok with racism as long as it comes from the right source.

Via The Blaze:

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