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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Channels Charlie Sheen

If one is inclined to be fair to Rep. Anthony Weiner, he / she might say that he was placed squarely on the losing side of a debate before he engaged in it. However, as a Democrat who's been in Congress since Pelosi took the gavel in 2007, he's complicit in the budget mess we're facing. Perhaps that explains his inability to address any of the points posed to him by Sean Hannity or the opposing guest, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

Charlie Sheen is obviously detached from reality. That fact is manifested in his delusional words. In that regard, Weiner shares something in common with the actor. The money quote from Weiner comes very early in this exchange when he takes a hatchet to the metaphor he was trying to use. He was trying to blame Bush for our economic woes but it came out like this:

'The Bush Administration drove the economy into a cliff and we've been digging out ever since.'

Weiner went downhill from there. Watch for the same reason you're inclined to watch Charlie Sheen, if nothing else.

Now compare Weiner to this. Not too far apart, are they?

Will Marco Rubio Run in 2012?

Make no mistake; there is a loud sucking sound coming from the place where the favorite and most viable conservative Republican nominee for president in 2012 should be. Mitt Romney? Please. Newt Gingrich? No thanks. Mike Huckabee should just keep playing his Bass on that weekend show of his. Sarah Palin is better stirring the pot and would likely drive Democrat voters to the polls just to vote against her.

Conservatives are looking around en masse and wondering who in the world is going to rise to the top? Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) would be excellent but has expressed strong reticence. Rep. Allen West (R-FL) would be as well but unfortunately, decades of leadership experience in the Military doesn't translate to the corrupting experience in Washington, D.C.

Enter Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). In the wake of his overt rejection of another Continuring Resolution designed to kick the budget can down the road again, the Tea Party is taking notice.

Sen. Marco Rubio is done with the quiet freshman act.

With a landmark spending debate engulfing Washington, the Florida Republican has, virtually overnight, launched the national profile the conservative movement has been clamoring for.

During his first national interview Monday, Rubio pounced on President Barack Obama — from the friendly confines of Laura Ingraham’s conservative radio show. He blasted a statement to the media, pledging to vote against the Republicans’ short-term spending resolution and calling it a “nickle-and-dime” approach. And he’s vowed to vote against everything that comes through the Senate unless it deals with addressing the $14 trillion debt crisis.

Rubio has even given up an apparent Twitter moratorium, tweeting this week for the first time since his victory last November.
In the House, only 22 of the nearly 100 freshmen Republicans voted against the Continuing Resolution. As shockingly small as that number is, those 22 members are the ones who understand why they were sent to Washington. The balance, including Kristi Noem (R-SD), already seems to have been compromised. The argument that the next president needs more experience than someone like Rubio, West, or any of the other 22 freshmen is misguided. The type of experience that is supposedly needed is exactly the kind that is giving us establishment candidates.

The Tea Party doesn't want them.

Besides, by 2012, Rubio will have had experience as Speaker of the Florida State House and two years as a U.S. Senator.

We're on the eve of an election where experience inside the Beltway will be a liability.

Read it all.

Video: Was Jeremiah Wright Right About how MLK Viewed Capitalism as a Demon

The video of Jeremiah Wright that is making the rounds shows the former Obama pastor in his racist light but there are parts of it that don't seem to be getting any attention. Aside from pointing to Micah 4:3 as evidence the Bible promotes Black Liberation Theology, he says Martin Luther King Jr. identified a three-headed dragon - Racism, Militarism, and Capitalism.

If Wright lied about MLK believing Capitalism is a 'demon,' he lied about his interpretation of Micah. But what if MLK DID believe capitalism was a demon? HERE is a link to one of King's speeches in which capitalism was demonized. In this regard, if Wright is correct about MLK, when will conservatives confront the reality of who MLK really was, especially in his later years?

Via The Blaze:

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