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Friday, August 21, 2009


Interesting indeed. When you contrast Paul Krugman's column on August 20th with what he was caught on tape saying back in June, it becomes easier to read between the lines of what he's putting in print. What's between those lines appears to be deception.

Here, Krugman is making the point that the "public option" served as an idea that bridged the gap between democrats and mollified those who where insistent on single payer.
...the public option offered a way to reconcile differing views among Democrats. Until the idea of the public option came along, a significant faction within the party rejected anything short of true single-payer, Medicare-for-all reform, viewing anything less as perpetuating the flaws of our current system.
When you contrast that with what he said on videotape in June, you will see he that he understands the idea of a "public option" to in fact be a trojan horse that he advocates. Quoting Krugman talking about single payer in the video posted below:
"Politically, it's hard to do in one step."
Now back to his column.
The public option, which would force insurance companies to prove their usefulness or fade away, settled some of those qualms.
Did you catch that?

Notice how he calls for putting the onus on the Insurance companies to prove their worth on an inherently uneven playing field (government doesn't have to make a profit to stay in business). Yet, in the video below, he says the following:
"You have to convince people to completely give up the insurance they have."
So which is it, Mr. Krugman? Are you advocating raising the bar on insurance companies or enticing people away from them with taxpayer dollars?

Krugman answers that question in the video as well:
"..something that lets people keep the insurance they have but then offers the option of a public plan may be evolved into single payer. You can do it politically."
It would seem that Mr. Krugman has come full circle when he said "Politically, it's hard to do in one step."

Then in his piece, Krugman continues working toward the larger goal, trying to convince the unenlightened rabid dogs not to exit the trojan horse too soon. Doing so puts everything inside at risk. He's wanting the far left who don't "get it" to read between the lines when he says:’s possible to have universal coverage without a public option — several European nations do it — and some who want a public option might be willing to forgo it if they had confidence in the overall health care strategy.
Confidence in the overall strategy? Translation: "Hey you far left rabid dog progressives, we all want the same thing here. We know you want it all now but the ends justify the means, even if they take longer. Shhhh. Stay inside the horse." What's the overall strategy, Mr. Krugman? We know. Single payer, right?

Here is Krugman's ENTIRE PIECE OF ELITIST DRECK. Fortunately, if you don't want to read between the lines of his column, he tells you what he really thinks in this video (fast forward to the :33 mark). Also note that he seems to almost eerily look into the camera at exactly the same time he may have realized he overplayed his hand.

Video courtesy of VERUM SERUM


Keep in mind that La Raza "The Race" is the same group that newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor belonged to for 6 years. They showed up at a town hall held by Texas Representative Gene Green (D-HOU). It all goes down starting at the 2:30 mark. The fine young La Raza member keeps pushing until he gets hauled away by the Texas blue.

Two things to listen / watch for.

2.) As the youngster is hauled away, I was reminded of the scene at the beginning of "Trading Places" when Eddie Murphy was lifted up by the cops after pretending to be a bum with no legs.

CONTENT WARNING: La Raza is rather carefree with the expletives.



There's enough blame to go around if you're in the Obama administration. The problem is they don't want to accept any of it. The latest strategy for confronting the Obama-care critics appears to be the blame strategy. The first strategy was to demonize American citizens by calling them mobs. That didn't work so using union thugs to bully the mobs was attempted. That backfired so the race card was played, which didn't work either.

When all else fails, blame everyone but yourself for the situation you find yourself in. THE BLAME GAME, courtesy of Barack ObLamEba is in full gear. Caroline Baum at BLOOMBERG does an excellent job of enumerating all of the examples:
Rather than examine the public’s concerns, the plans’ inconsistencies or the sheer irresponsibility of trying to ram something this big and complicated through Congress without a small-scale trial, the Obama administration is pointing fingers. Lots of them. Most of the targets are just plain silly.
Among the jaw-dropping targets of Obama's Blame game according to Baum?

The media (yes, the media).



Fathima Rifqa Bary is a 17 year-old honor student and cheerleader who ran away to Florida from her Muslim parents in Columbus, OH after converting to Christianity. Today at 3:15pm ET, a judge will decide whether she be returned to her parents. Florida Governor Charlie Crist has the authority to intervene and prevent it.

Chelsea Schilling at WND REPORTS on Bary's circumstances and that the 17-year old fears for her life if sent back to her parents:
Bary, a native of Sri Lanka, hitchhiked to a bus station and ran away from home on July 19 because she says her family will murder her in what is known as an honor killing. In Islamic tradition, an honor killing is the customary slaughter of a person who is believed to have brought dishonor upon his or her family.
Based on her upbringing and reports of abuse, this hardly seems like a scare tactic on the part of the young lady.

Bary insists that if she is ordered to be given back to her parents, her life will be in danger. Apostasy (leaving Islam) is punishable by death under Shariah Law so the young lady has a legitimate concern. Many Muslims consider an apostate worse than an infidel (non-Muslim).

In order for Crist to match this lady's courage, he will need to do the right thing and intervene. If this girl is under threat of bodily harm (including death) and something happens to her, Crist will have blood on his hands. Bary is on video saying the following:
"I'm a Christian, and my parents are Muslim. They are extremely devout," she said. "They threatened to kill me. … You guys wouldn't understand. Islam is very different than you guys think. They have to kill me. My blood is now halal, which means that because I am now a Christian, I'm from a Muslim background, it's an honor. If they love God more than me, they have to do this. I'm fighting for my life. ..."
Bary is currently in foster care. The question is whether that will end at 3:15pm ET today or not.

On what grounds, Governor Crist? How about Freedom of Religion? Quoting Fathima:
"You talk about religious freedom? No! I don't have that. I want to be here. I want to worship Jesus freely. I don't want to die."
Crist is nothing short of a coward if there is even a tiny grain of truth to Fathima's story and he sends her back to her parents.


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Pablo Diaz, Political Director
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We wee'd up? Maybe it's we weed up? Maybe it's an Elmer Fudd impression (as in 'we read up on....'). No one seems to know. However, Mr. Obama whips out this beauty after alluding to people thinking he had lost his mojo last year when he hadn't.

Is it possible to keep your mojo while saying, "we wee'd up"?

BREITBART has more on the story.


At issue was the August 18th segment on MSNBC led by Contessa Brewer in which a video of a man with an assault weapon was shown as guests spoke about the racial element at the Obama-care protest rallies.

The problem was that the man carrying the guns was black and didn't fit the paradigm. MSNBC's solution at the time was to not show the man's face while using the video of his guns to talk about white right wing gun nuts who just might go off half-cocked.

You know the leftwing media is sufficiently busted when they feel compelled to defend their extremely egregious propaganda tactics.

POLITICO reported on the response it received from MSNBC after inquiring about the incident:
An MSNBC spokesperson responded to POLITICO: "Contessa was speaking generally and not about that specific person with the automatic weapon."
Wait a minute. Did MSNBC just admit that one of its anchors used a generalization while discussing a matter of race?

The problem here is clear. Speaking generally when using a specific and individual example in a completely misleading way in order to further your "general" argument is borderline criminal. Especially when you're purporting to be a media source.

Nothing other than propaganda. In this case, very dangerous propaganda.

Calderon over at POLITICO also posted excerpts from correspondence between AMERICANS FOR LIMITED GOV'T president Bill Wilson and MSNBC, which included a carbon copy to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, whose mask is slowly coming off.
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