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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video: Have Ron Pauliens become PSYOP Victims?

Ron Paul supporters are a very passionate bunch. They're all in for their guy. A large majority of them are 9/11 Truthers who believe the United States government is responsible for 9/11. When you point out to them that there are a lot of Muslims and communists who share that view, they dismiss it. When anti-Semitic musings were revealed to have been published in his newsletters, his supporters dismissed it. When Eric Dondero, formerly a very close aid to Ron Paul, wrote that the Republican presidential candidate is "most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general," his supporters dismissed it. When it was discovered that Ron Paul quoted Robert Pape on his website as someone whose foreign policy views he respects, his supporters dismissed the fact that Pape has close ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). When Ron Paul says it's our fault that the Muslim world hates us, his supporters nod in agreement.

The examples are endless but here is what could be the perfect case in point for why the Pauliens are unwitting dupes. His name is Yousef al Khattab. Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, Khattab converted to Islam from Judaism. He co-founded a website named Revolution Muslim with a man named Younus Abdullah Muhammed, formerly named Jesse Curtis Morton. Younus was recently convicted of using the Internet to solicit murder. Since that conviction, Yousef has reportedly toned down his rhetoric.

Here is a Fox News report from 2008. In it, Khattab expresses support for the beheading and murder of Daniel Pearl, saying that he was a spy and was rightly convicted and executed. Note something else. According to Fox News reporter Rick Levanthal, Khattab completely rejects the United States constitution and America's founders.

What does this have to do with Ron Paul? Well, in 2012, Yousef al Khattab is suddenly a libertarian who supports the constitution and passionately supports Ron Paul. Here is a video from Khattab's YouTube channel. Pay particularly close attention at the 2:45 mark where he says he's a libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter. Then, at the 5:10 mark, Khattab says he believes in less government and that everything should be done constitutionally. He reiterates his support for Ron Paul and calls Israel a "terrorist enemy."

I have increasingly come to the conclusion that Ron Paul supporters have essentially become the victims of Islamist PSYOP techniques. The secret to this technique is to appeal to the preconceived notions of your enemy while getting that enemy to support your main agenda, either through acquiescence or activism.

Via Sipsey Street, this excerpt is straight out of the U.S. Army Field Manual:
Deception (military or political) includes manipulating, distorting, withholding, or falsifying evidence available to an opponent. History has shown that it is far easier to deceive by reinforcing an opponent’s existing preconceptions than it is to persuade him to change his mind. PSYOP personnel should encourage the opponent that the most likely way of achieving the objective will in fact be adopted (thereby diverting his attention from an alternative plan). Given two options, one of which reinforces our existing point of view, people are more likely to believe what they already suspect. Psychologically, they are gratified by evidence that confirms their preconceptions. People generally attach undue importance to evidence supporting their point of view and reject that which does not. PSYOP personnel should avoid deception that requires persuading a target audience of something it is not already predisposed to believe. -- U.S. Army Field Manual FM 33-1-1, Psychological Operations Techniques and Procedures, Appendix A, "Deception Operations."
Ron Paul has increasingly become an apologist for Islam while appealing to the righteous position of adhering to the U.S. Constitution while calling for things like a smaller government with drastic cuts in spending, which are positions that actually resonate with clear-thinking individuals.

The vast majority of Paul's supporters think the Islamic threat to America is "overrated" and that's just the way the Islamists like it.

Big h/t to Jawa

Newly Revealed Islamic Tactic: Muruna

The Muslim Brotherhood's Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been elevated by the Obama administration of late. Recently, he was named as a key mediator between the United States and the Taliban. Not only is that a big mistake but thanks to the translation of Qaradawi's own words, it's been learned that a strategy known as muruna is being used against the West. Think of it as taqiyya on steroids.

In my latest collaborative effort with Walid Shoebat, we explore this tactic. It is definitely one that westerners need to know.

Via Pajamas Media:
Muruna: Violating Sharia to Fool the West
The Sunni doctrine of muruna takes taqiyya a step further.

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Westerners who understand Islamic deception often refer to “taqiyya” as being the tactic of lying in order to guard the faith. Sunni Muslim apologists counter that taqiyya is a Shiite doctrine, while accusing Shiites of being rabblerousers who sanction “mut’a” (pleasure marriage), which is nothing more than prostitution.

Shiites can easily find equivalents to taqiyya and mut’a in the Sunni Muslim world. They are called “misyar” and “muruna.”

While Westerners cringe at the thought of religiously sanctioned prostitution like mut’a, they are less familiar with the Sunni-sanctioned misyar, which literally means “the traveler’s marriage.” It was established to assist with the sexual needs of travelers — a Sunni Muslim male may enter into a contract with a woman in order to gain sexual gratification without the financial obligation necessary to maintain a wife.

As a consequence, the sin of adultery never takes place because the sex contract is an official marriage license. An abundance of misyar “middlemen” can seal these interim deals. For internet savvy travelers, there are countless websites like Mesiaronline [1] that allow men to arrange these marriages globally, including in the United States, from the comfort of their hotel rooms.

Misyar was first made legal in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Sunnis who approve of misyar may condemn the Shiite practice of mut’a, which does not require two witnesses as misyar does. Shiites argue that Allah and the Qur’an are the only two witnesses they need.

Arabic translations reveal that Sunnis and Shiites have much more in common than just sanctioned prostitution. Few Westerners are familiar with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood revival of the doctrine of muruna, which literally means “stealth” or “flexibility.” It is far worse than taqiyya, since it sanctions all prohibitions that block Muslim interests, even blasphemous ones.

Muruna allows Muslims to sow division and confusion in the Western world. In a recent sermon, this doctrine was exercised by General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badei, who laid out [2] his vision for the post-revolutionary era while revealing aspects of a strategy followers should use to deal with secularism in the meantime:

Do not fight the ways of the world because they are overpowering but try to overcome and use them, change their course, and pit some of them against others.

When Badei says to “overcome and use” the “ways of the world”, he is instructing Muslims worldwide on how to overcome Western secularism. It was precisely this purpose for which muruna was prescribed by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the main Muslim Brotherhood intellect who initiated it in December 1989 while in the United States during the annual conference of the Association of Muslim Youth Forums. He was with Mohammed Hamadi, a leading rebel in Libya who participated heavily in the “Arab Spring.” Hamadi is also the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Mauritania.

This doctrine and long-term plan should be of great interest to Westerners. In what the forum termed “The Priorities of The Islamic Movement in The Next Three Decades” (from 1990 to 2020), they planned to attain what they described as “the goals of the Islamic Movement.” The plan confirms Badei’s utopian hope for the “establishment of an Islamic state, governed according to Qur’anic law — first in Egypt and eventually in the entire world.” Accordingly, muruna calls for “organized, popular work to return to Islam in order to lead society, all of society … to bring back the caliphate … to announce Jihad either by arms, by pen, or by heart.”

Muruna was designed to catapult and advance Sharia by using Western means. If one thinks that Sharia, with its harsh code, is problematic enough, how about the elimination of the kinder, gentler laws? Muruna is literally accomplished by permitting behavior normally so eschewed by Sharia that Westerners logically assume a more moderate version of Islam when such prohibitions are suddenly permitted. Westerners’ eyes are, in fact, deceiving them. Muruna is about going to great lengths to gain interests through a much deeper level of deception while simultaneously lowering the guard and gaining the support of the...
Keep reading. 
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