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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video: SEIU Thugs Arrested, hauled out of WA Capitol Building

It looks like the Union thugs are attempting to do in Washington what they did in Wisconsin. There are several parts of this video worth watching but the words coming out of the cakeholes of these people are definitely the best part. Remember, these are public sector union members whose lifeblood comes from taxpayer dollars, the majority of which is given against the will of those who pay them. Keep that in mind as you hear one purple lady say, 'If we don't stand up, they'll keep taking and taking and taking and taking.'

Convoluted logic from those who live on taken dollars.

Via P/Oed Patriot:

Video: Mark Levin Slams the Budget Deal

The 'deal' to cut $38.5 Billion from the Federal non-budget is being touted as a victory for Republicans and John Boehner. I still can't see it. The cuts needed to be $207 Billion just to pay the interest on the current debt. Meanwhile, Republicans are asking the Tea Party to be patient and wait for Paul Ryan's budget; it's supposed to cut $6.2 Trillion from the deficit over the next ten years. This begs the quite natural question. If these guys couldn't even get the $61 Billion they promised to get, how on earth are they supposed to tackle Ryan's budget?

The answer is they can't, based on their own actions. Boehner should have shut this government down. The only consideration should have been that the troops get paid. The House sent up a bill that would have done that. Sure, Obama threatened a veto but there's absolutely NO WAY he would have carried through with the threat. NO WAY.

Putting it all in perspective, the Federal debt jumped $54.1 Billion in the 8 days that preceded this pathetic deal.

Once again, the Republicans and Democrats played a game of chicken and once again, the Democrats won.

Levin lays it out quite nicely on Cavuto:

h/t Hapblog

Assistant SAC at ATF Talking to Congress about Project Gunrunner

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has been the guy in the Senate who is taking very great interest in what's going on with the ATF and the Project Gunrunner scandal. First there were two agents who came forward - John Dodson and Rene Jacquez. Then ATF's top man in Mexico Darren Gil blew the whistle. Now, Assistant Special Agent in charge of ATF's Phoenix division is talking to Grassley. George Gillett appears to be doing things differently than the three men who've already come forward.

According to a post at the CleanUpATF forum by 'Jumper,' Gillett is not all that revered by some in the ATF. CleanUpATF is a place where agents can post anonymously about what's going on at the agency. Jumper doesn't think much of Gillett:
George Gillett is no Whistleblower.

Whistleblowers are people who know of corruption or criminal acts and for moral and ethical reasons risk their careers and reputations to report that to higher authorities. George Gillett has used his power to destroy Whistleblowers.

John Dodson and Darrin Gil are Whistleblowers. Gillett is what is known in the world of criminal investigations as a snitch. He is a rat who only cooperated and came forward with information after his own ass was on the line. Don't be mistaken, it was for no other reason.

Do not for a single second use the names of Dodson and Gil in the same sentence with Gillett. Gillett does not deserve the respect or honor of trying to do the right thing.

George Gillett is a corrupt, lying, evil hearted government employee who hides behind a badge and a gun and an GS-15 title. If one person out there whether you be in favor of CleanUpATF or against it can dispute that claim then post up your response and I ask the Webmaster to allow it to stand.

Gillett represents everything bad about ATF management and carries himself with the smug arrogence of knowing that he will always land on his feet because he is protected by his bosses. If nothing else, he is smart and knows exactly how to play the system and exactly how long he can ride the train before he has to jump off.

Gillett has been allowed to destroy careers and reputations while Bill Newell and ATF headquarters protects him. He has become known as the most retaliatory supervisor in ATF history and trust me, that takes a voluminous amount of retaliation to carry that title.

The next good thing he does for ATF will be the first good thing he has done for ATF. I guess the silver lining in this that Newell, McMahon, Chait, Hoover and Melson are about to be served up by an insider.
It is indeed interesting that Gillett retained an attorney and went only to Grassley while - as far as I know - the other three men who came forward did so by also going to the press (CBS) without legal counsel. If it's true that Gillett is talking, not to do the right thing but to save his hide, this scandal could be on the verge of blowing wide open.

Grassley has sent another letter to ATF Director Kenneth Melson too. One of the letter's attachments is a copy of an internal ATF email that gives instructions on what agents should do if approached by Congress. The instructions involved not telling Congress anything. Grassley wasn't happy. HERE is a copy of the letter.

CBS has more.
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