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Monday, December 13, 2010


The story that Pope Benedict - as revealed by Wikileaks cables - expressed strong opposition to allowing Turkey to join the EU came out last week but we have some interesting analysis from a man whose Catholic mother converted his Islamic terrorist father to Christianity. Ted Shoebat has long maintained that Catholicism has gotten a bad rap over the years but that the Wikileaks cable reveals that the Vatican is willing to express strong opposition to Turkey, and for good reason.

Via Ted Shoebat:
The Pope wishes that Turkey would not come into the EU. UK’s Guardian newspaper reported that the pope is responsible for the Vatican’s growing hostility towards Turkey joining the EU, according to previously secret cables. This further proves that the Vatican is not our enemy and that Europe will not fall into Muslim hands. Americans need to see this and understand that the Catholic Church will help the West and the Church fight againts that Islamization of the West. The Catholic church is the enemy of Islam just as it was the enemy of the Nazi Party.

Turkey and Iran are planning on becoming economic allies. Press TV reported that “Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mansour Borqaei says Tehran and Ankara need to form joint expert groups to further expand bilateral exports. [...] The Turkish side, in turn, described Iran and Turkey as two great nations in the Middle East, saying that the common history and civilization that both countries share are all the more reason for them to enjoy cordial relations.”
The point is well taken as Turkey has been drifting away from secularism and toward Islamism ever since Erdogan took office as Prime Minister and Abdullah Gul assumed the presidency. Since then, its relations with Iran have continued to strengthen as well.

Here is yet another example of how some good can come out of the Wikileaks cables. In fact, it's a bit of a mystery why the Pope wasn't public with this sentiment all along. Not coming out forcefully and publicly has only fueled suspicions about where he stood. Had he publicly made such statements, western allies would have been much more supportive. In fact, as Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004, the future Pope voiced the concerns years ago as well. Unfortunately, to the public, it can appear he doesn't realize such things based on public stances. Thanks to this particular cable, we now know the Vatican appears to understand the greater Islamic threat to western civilization.

Click here for the Guardian article.

Visit Ted Shoebat's blog.


If only! Nick Gillespie over at Reason TV gives us this awesome 45 second trailer to a Mythbusters episode that would set all kinds of records for viewership. The subject matter would make for an excellent episode. Just start lining up all of the Obama campaign promises, commitments, and assertions one after the other and then compare it with reality. In fact, the myth to be busted or confirmed could be centered around Rep. Joe Wilson when he shouted from his seat during that joint session of Congress, 'You Lie!'

So, is Barack Obama a Liar? Check out the trailer.

h/t Big Government

Dear Mythbusters, was Joe Wilson right?


I have long ago accepted the premise that when the leftwing ideologues attribute something to conservatism, it's nothing more than them pointing into the mirror and not liking what they see. It is actually a tenet of liberalism to engage in projection. It is the left who uses hate speech to describe conservatives as hateful; they usually do so while using an abundance of swear words (case in point below). It is the left that says conservatives want to take away their first amendment rights but it is liberals who want to shut down talk radio and Fox News. The examples are endless.

The other portion of this clip that involves Garofolo engaging in projection is when she asserts the sheer notion of conservatism is likely the result of a neurological disorder.

Check out the psychological definition for "projection" before viewing:
Psychology .
a. the tendency to ascribe to another person feelings, thoughts, or attitudes present in oneself, or to regard external reality as embodying such feelings, thoughts, etc., in some way.
b. Psychoanalysis . such an ascription relieving the ego of a sense of guilt or other intolerable feeling.
Now, compare that with Janeane's perspective.


Via The Blaze:


I'm really finding myself ambivalent about John Boehner's crying. On one hand, the Tea Party has been screaming that Washington politicians are detached from what's actually going on in the country. It could be that the true gravity of the dire situation America is in has actually reached Boehner - the crying may reflect him actually 'getting it.' On the other hand, he needs to project strength. After all, he will be 2nd in line for the presidency after Biden.

Then there is the issue of how he was portrayed by liberal journalist Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. On one hand, they showed him in his angrier moments when he was yelling, "Hell No" about the thousands of pages of legislation passed behind closed doors but never presented the source of that anger - it was that no one read the bills. On the other hand, the piece repeatedly showed him crying. So on one hand, he's angry and on the other hand he's crying.

Hmmmm. With all these hands, someone should hand him a bullhorn and a box of kleenex.

via Breitbart

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