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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ACORN Going International; Offices in Egypt and Elsewhere

ACORN may have suffered a mortal blow in the United States when James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles exposed them with undercover videos in 2009 but it is now popping up in other parts of the world. Wade Rathke, former SDS member and founder of ACORN, sent a message to his supporters boasting about the early success of ACORN's international operations, which he is leading. The corrupt community organizing group has offices in Czechoslovakia, North Korea, and Egypt among others.

Via Nola:
In his message, Rathke noted that ACORN International just added a new affiliate in South Korea, known as Asian Bridge, and that activists in Prague had begun an organization called ACORN Comrades Club, with which he is communicating via Skype from his home in New Orleans.

"And, perhaps even more thrilling, I have now heard from a number of activists involved in organizing in Cairo in the last several weeks. They are talking about developing a 'Peoples' Plan' for development in a number of the poorer areas in the wake of the democracy debate and want to connect with our efforts in doing a similar plan after Katrina in New Orleans," Rathke wrote.
Comrades, huh? Considering the Muslim Brotherhood only used the secularists who spearheaded the uprising in Egypt until they were no longer useful, it will be interesting to see what ACORN's timetable is.

h/t Free Republic

Video: Donald Trump Targeting Birther Vote

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is doubling down on his comments that Barack Obama should show his Birth Certificate. In his interview with Geraldo, Trump does a very good job of batting away the attempt by Geraldo to put him in the same camp as the Birthers by simply saying that he hopes Obama was born in America but that the controversy has gone on for far too long; Obama could end it simply by doing what even Chris Matthews has called for. Just show the darn thing and let's move on!

You've got to admit. It's hard to argue the point. Trump has a knack for being heard and perhaps he's latched onto an issue he can exploit. We'll see.

Via MediaIte:

Former KKK Grand Dragon Running for Mayor.... As a Democrat

As much as the right is demonized for being racist, the plank in the Democrat Party's platform about diversity seems to include former Grand Dragons of the KKK, at least in Lake Wales, FL. A man named John Paul Rogers is not only running for mayor as a Democrat there but he has already been a Grand Dragon with the KKK. Not only has he not renounced his past but he's blaming his opponent for making it an issue.

Via WTSP News:
He blames his opponent Mike Carter for bringing up his former involvement in the United Klans of America.

"My opponent's been going around saying I hung somebody in the park two years ago. Well, we have a city ordinance against that and I'm sure the police would have put me in jail if I would have done that."

He adds, "It's a shame that in a small city like Lake Wales where most everyone knows one another you have this kind of muckraking and character assassination."

In this small town of a little more than 13,000 people, times have changed since the Jim Crow laws of segregation and Rogers isn't apologizing or renouncing his time with the Klan.
After all, the KKK was founded as the armed wing of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party freed slaves. Why wouldn't John Paul 'the racist' Rogers be a Democrat.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the floor is yours..

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