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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Must see Video: Pro-Life Rock Song

The band's name is Downsiid and they rock. It's not often you see something like this. A band with a front man that's got a set of pipes that makes you think you're listening to a cross between Staind, Creed, and Van Halen. They've also got some killer riffs!

These guys are good.

The best part? They're apparently Pro-Life and this is one awesome song / video.

Visit the band's website.

**WARNING: if you are currently pro-abortion, watch this!!**

Video: MLB's Tim McCarver says Global Warming causes more Home Runs

Tim McCarver has been doing color commentary for Major League Baseball games for years now. He has witnessed players get bigger and he has watched the steroid scandal unfold. Yet, despite all of this, he has decided to jump on the global warming bandwagon and make an absurd claim during a game, that the air is thinning as a result of climate change and thus, the reason for more home runs.

Joe Buck had an opportunity to embarrass McCarver but chose a rather innocuous comeback.

00000000154c53c2 by bubbaprog

Paging Deion Sanders... Got another tub of ice water?

h/t Weasel Zippers

Video: Bill Maher calls Mormonism a "Cult"

Bill Maher seems to be doing all he can to get Obama to return his $1 Million contribution to the president's Super PAC. He also apparently didn't get the message from Ross Douthat at the New York Times, which advises Team Obama to let the media play the Mormon card in a very nuanced way. There is nothing nuanced about Bill Maher's Mormonism-is-a-cult meme coupled with his charge that there are "no poor Mormons."


h/t Weekly Standard

Did Boehner's "Green light" to Issa just change to "Red"?

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that House Speaker John Boehner had given Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa the "green light" to file the contempt citation for Eric Holder. When asked about being given that green light, Issa refused to answer. We may be finding out why as it appears that Boehner either didn't give it or has rescinded it.

Sipsey Street noticed a correction to Sharyl Attkisson's piece in which she made the claim that Issa had been given the go-ahead by Boehner. Here is that correction:
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article said Issa had House Speaker John Boehner's backing on the citation. As noted above, he has not yet made a formal decision on the matter.
All of this leads to chin-scratching and speculation, does it not? A few questions:

How did the LA Times get a copy of that 48-page draft of the contempt citation? Is Issa's team beginning to lose patience with House leadership? Are the committee members growing weary of their constituents' impatience? To this point, Issa's office has been adamant that they have the full support of Boehner. These latest developments seem to communicate otherwise.

If House leadership continues to hold this up, one Committee member - Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) - will have egg on his face. On Greta the night before the LA Times report came out, he pledged that Holder would be issued that contempt citation by Memorial Day. This is a compelling exchange that begins at the 4:05 mark.

As I watch that, I get the sense that Eric Holder is not the only person the Oversight Committee is losing patience with. Boehner could be feeling some heat from Committee members if reports are true that the Speaker has been holding Issa back.

Whether Boehner issues a "green light" or continues to hold a STOP sign, the rubber is meeting the road and we seem to be getting closer to knowing exactly where he stands.

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