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Thursday, May 31, 2012

War against Future Women: Jay Carney ok with Gendercide?

In light of the newly released undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees who are all to willing to help facilitate abortions based on gender, this exchange between Fox News Channel's Ed Henry and White House press secretary Jay Carney takes on added significance.

Note that Carney deflects the concern away from one that asks about "doctors" who are willing to kill unborn females because they're females to one that involves placing too much of a burden on doctors for determining the reason for the abortion.

Poor "doctors."

This is disgraceful.

Via CNS News:

Video: Sheila Jackson Lee defends Gendercide

As the House was preparing to debate a bill authored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was doing an interview with MSNBC. Franks wants to pass a bill that will make gendercide illegal, which is increasingly in the news due to undercover videos from Live Action. Nonetheless, Lee avoided questions about that topic and instead leapfrogged to an alternate future reality where women would be dragged out into the streets from their patient rooms and beaten if such a bill were passed.

Uh, what do you expect from a woman who asked if the Mars rover could drive over to where the Astronauts planted the US flag?

Via Daily Caller:

Video: More Gendercide... in New York City

After the first Live Action undercover video in Texas, that exposed Planned Parenthood as an entity that is facilitating gendercide, the abortuary issued a statement that vehemently denied condoning the practice. Now Live Action has released another video that shows Planned Parenthood doing the same thing in New York City.

h/t WZ

MSNBC Host interviews guest on Mormonism's 'White Horse Prophecy'

MSNBC's Tamron Hall interviewed Edward-Isaac Dovere from the POLITICO. The topic of conversation was Mormonism's 'White Horse Prophecy,' allegedly made by Mormonism's founder, Joseph Smith. At its core is a belief that a wealthy Mormon would be elected president at a time when the US Constitution is hanging by a thread.

In this clip, Dovere actually minimizes the importance of the prophecy by explaining that it was first reported by one lone person 50 years after it was allegedly uttered by Smith. Dovere does make a subtle attempt to tie Romney to the prophecy by saying that Mormons believe the Constitution was 'divinely inspired,' which is also a part of the 'White Horse Prophecy.' He then referred to a comment by Romney that the presidential candidate believes the Constitution was... you guessed it, 'divinely inspired.'

Compounding this is the fact that Romney's campaign is not responding to inquiries about these things. Dovere makes this point as well. The media knows full well that when the subject of Mormonism is brought up, Romney would rather not discuss it. Unfortunately for Romney, the green light for the media to continue pressing the issue couldn't be any brighter as a result.

The strategy of the mainstream media will become clear. It is going to continue piling up the bizarre aspects, practices, and beliefs inside the Mormon church to the point of having an overwhelming preponderance of items that Romney will not be able to withstand. The more such things are met with silence from Romney, the more damaging they will be.

Via MediaIte:

Video: Best Political Meltdown ever?

This guy's name is State Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) and he's fed up. Relative to the meltdown, it really doesn't matter all that much why he explodes on the House floor but it's about a bill that is going to raise property taxes on his constituents to deal with the state's pension crisis while Chicago residents skate. As you can see, he's lashing out at the majority party in general and the Speaker in particular.

The reason? His constituents are likely giving him more than an earful back at his district and he wants them to know that he's with them but the Democrats are preventing him from doing what those who elected him to office want him to do. I think this is part theatrics for those constituents but it also comes across as raw emotion.

Frankly, if we had more of this, C-SPAN's ratings would definitely go up.

Via Political Wire, h/t Hot Air:

Video: Attendees of Holder event think Operation Fast and Furious is a Movie

While speaking at a meeting for the Congressional Black Caucus  Congressional Black Socialists Caucus (save for Rep. Allen West, who has joined the group primarily to annoy the socialists) and the Conference of National Black Churches, attendees were asked what they thought of when they heard the phrase, 'Fast and Furious.' They all thought it was a movie.

Prior to being asked about this, Eric Holder gave the keynote speech, during which he asked for the prayers of those in the audience. If Fast and Furious is dogging him so much, shouldn't the attendees know the specifics about what they're praying for?

Via Daily Caller:

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