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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video: Krauthammer's Ignorance over Libya

Look, Charles Krauthammer is a very intelligent guy but to say the overthrow of Gadhafi in Libya is a major success for the United States simply shows his ignorance relative to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, if the Brotherhood has deceived someone like Krauthammer to this extent, they're more successful at stealth jihad than I thought. Gadhafi is a very bad guy. I get it. He's responsible for acts of war against the United States. His removal was tempting but you don't remove a Castro if he's going to be replaced by a Hitler.

Here is Krauthammer expressing his very misguided view via Daily Caller:

The Muslim Brotherhood is on the move all over the Middle East and make no mistake, they will end up ruling Libya in the near future; they will take Tunisia, Egypt, and likely Syira, along with any other country in the region that falls. Once they do that, borders will become irrelevant and their power will only increase. Turkey is loving every second of it because that is where the power center will end up.

I am simply shocked by how out of touch otherwise very intelligent people are when it comes to the threats on our horizon.

More at DC

Jeb 'RINO' Bush Shows us why he Ain't the Guy

RINOism appears to run in the Bush family. George H.W. liked that 'New World Order' rhetoric, George W. refused to stop spending, ingratiated himself with Muslim Brotherhood groups, and refused to deal with our illegal immigration problem, and Jeb is now telling Republican nominees not to go after Obama too hard. Obviously, oblivious to the sentiment in America, Jeb must have absolutely NO interest in getting into the race. Typical establishment guy who doesn't understand that the ground has shifted (literally and figuratively) in DC.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush warned the Republican presidential hopefuls against ideological intransigence and knee-jerk opposition to President Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying they risk turning off middle-of-the-road voters.

Asked by Fox News host Neil Cavuto if some Republicans go too far in their criticism of Obama, Bush said flatly, “I do. I think when you start ascribing bad motives to the guy, that’s wrong. It turns off people who want solutions.

“It’s fine to criticize him, that’s politics,” said Bush, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, who again reiterated that he won’t run for president himself. “But just to stop there isn’t enough. You have to win with ideas, you have to win with policies. … He’s made a situation that was bad worse. He’s deserving of criticism for that. He’s not deserving of criticism for the common cold on up.”

“If you’re a conservative, you have to persuade. You can’t just be against the president,” he added.

Breaking with the GOP field, Bush said he’d be willing to accept new revenues as part of a deficit-reduction package.

“I think the problems are so severe in this country that leadership is required to find common ground and solutions,” he said.
I'm just flat out tired of RINOs who lecture the Tea Party on ideological intransigence. Jeb, are you truly that blind to what Obama is doing to the country?

Uh, as for Jeb's take that we should raise taxes, would it be intransigent of me to tell Jeb to go pound sand?

h/t Weasel Zippers

Videos: Frederica Wilson says Tea Party the 'Real Enemy,' blames Unemployment on Racism

On Monday, August 22nd, Congressional Black Caucus member and Democrat Rep. from Florida, Frederica Wilson attended a town hall meeting in Miami that was to be followed on day later by a job fair sponsored by the CBC. At the town hall, Wilson apparently took a cue from fellow CBC member, Maxine Waters (D-CA), who told a crowd in Inglewood, CA that the 'Tea Party can go straight to hell.' Here, in this clip, Wilson took the baton and referred to the Tea Party as the 'real enemy.' Why? Because it wants to make Obama a 'one term president.' The irony is priceless. Instead of blaming the Tea Party for why there was a need for a CBC job fair in the first place, why not look to the president, whose policies are the reason for it? By the way, since Frederica is wearing a red hat, is she racist against other colors for hats?

Then, while appearing on MSNBC, Ms. Wilson continued the racist rhetoric. She identified the reason for unemployment in the black community as being the result of "racism." She also donned that red hat again, which really raises suspicions about her racist tendency when it comes to the color red.

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