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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video: 9/11 Tribute followed by those who Celebrated

The first video is a marvelously done tribute to a different America, one changed by the Islamic terror attacks of September 11th. The images of people falling from those buildings is just as horrifying to watch ten years later. The second video shows those halfway around the world who celebrated the acts of war committed by the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda. Though we should never forget, we should also open our eyes; leaders of this nation should identify the true threat. Ten years after 9/11, our leaders still haven't done that.

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How others reacted:

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From Ezekiel 33:6
But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’
From New King James


The Vetting Begins: Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem

Looks like the Houston Chronicle is sinking its teeth into Rick Perry's ties to Houston homebuilder Bob Perry. It seems that the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) was created to help builders deal with homeowners who wanted to hold them accountable. Though not related to Rick, Bob and the governor have an historically cozy relationship. Shortly after giving Governor Perry a big, fat campaign contribution, Bob's attorney was magically appointed to serve on the commission by.... Governor Rick!

Via Houston Chronicle:
In its brief but controversial life, the Texas Residential Construction Commission won far more detractors than admirers. Former Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn called it "a builder protection agency" that created additional roadblocks for homeowners living with shoddy construction. To Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, the agency served only "to shield home builders from being responsible" for defective work. The Texas Sunset Commission concluded the agency did "more harm than good."

The TRCC, however, had at least one friend who mattered: Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, who has given Gov. Rick Perry more than $2.5 million during his tenure in office. An advocate for the agency from its creation in 2003 until it closed its doors in 2010, the homebuilder's imprimatur was significant. His lobbyists played a key role in its inception; his company's general counsel, John Krugh, was appointed to serve on the commission by Gov. Perry, no relation to Bob Perry, one month after the homebuilder gave a $100,000 campaign contribution to the governor.

Now dormant, the TRCC serves as a case study of how wealthy contributors can shape public policy. In this year's hard-fought Republican presidential primary, the agency likely will get renewed scrutiny as Perry's Republican competitors search for ways to distinguish themselves from the Texas governor. In a speech last week in Iowa, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin took aim against career politicians who reward their campaign contributors with government favors.
If the name Bob Perry sounds familiar, it is indeed the same Bob Perry who co-authored a letter with Grocery store magnate Charles Butt. That letter was addressed to Governor Perry during the last Texas special legislative session. In it, the two men made known that they would be VERY displeased if the tough sanctuary cities legislation got passed.

Rick Perry was in a pinch. He had to put it on the special session agenda because of constituent support. It ultimately died in the legislature, in part, because Rick skipped town after introducing it and refused to fight for its passage.

We're learning why.

h/t Free Republic

Shocker! Liberal Writer may be Right

When it comes to conservative actions matching conservative rhetoric, Michele Bachmann far exceeds Rick Perry. When it comes to conservative rhetoric enticing Tea Party primary voters, Perry continues to far exceed Bachmann for some inexplicable reason; it's an unfortunate reality but Bachmann is slipping. When Perry got in the race, he took a significant amount of her support. I've maintained that Palin can get that back and then some. Campaign volunteer for Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill, William Browning, seems to agree.

Via Yahoo News:
In the aftermath of the GOP presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., may have been shown the exit door. The Washington Post reports a new poll conducted by the media outlet along with ABC News shows Bachmann at a paltry six percent, about half of what she had just one month ago.

Despite winning the Iowa Straw Poll, all bets are off for Bachmann's campaign. CBS News reports top staffers resigned and quit for fear the Minnesota Republican will mess up her own campaign. At the same time, Bachmann wants to have her own style while catering to her conservative base.

Bachmann's staffers may be right. Texas Gov. Rick Perry threw his name into the primary race the same time Bachmann won the straw poll Aug. 13. Since then, it's been all downhill.
Never thought I'd say it but I can't argue with three consecutive paragraphs penned by a liberal. Browning followed that up with three paragraphs in which I HOPE he's right:
The wild card in all this political posturing is Sarah Palin. The tea party darling made speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire but has still not mentioned if she is running for president. She may be the chess master as she watches the Republican pawns fight it out during each debate. The former governor of Alaska can then use her clout to dethrone any other competitors.

Palin has been unnoticed in recent polls. However, Perry was the same way until he declared he was running for president. All it takes is for Palin to say "yes" and then her name will eclipse Perry's in an instant. Politico reports Palin still hasn't said whether or not she is running for president.

The bat signal for Palin will be the next few weeks as candidates decide to drop out of the race. As more dominoes fall in front of her, the easier Palin's primary fight will be. She hasn't raised a lot of campaign cash and didn't participate in the Iowa Straw Poll. Yet her many fans may send chills down the collective spine of mainstream Republicans. Everywhere she goes, supporters urge Palin to run.
For those who like Bachmann more than they like Palin, I hear you but for whatever reason, Palin seems to have something that Bachmann does not. Call it panache, charisma, the ability to energize or anything else you can think of. Bachmann is struggling right now and Palin is the best person to take the baton. I just hope she does.

h/t Free Republic
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