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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busted - Jumbotron at Tucson Memorial Called for Applause UPDATE: Clarification

As the handling of the Tucson Memorial continues to gestate with the public, it becomes increasingly disturbing. There was the American Indian opening prayer to 'Mother Earth' and the T-shirts handed out to participants that said Together We Thrive, which later were shown to have been from Organizing For America's website back in 2008. Most obvious was perhaps the raucous applause from the crowd. The White House denied having anything to do with it.

So who approved the Jumbotron telling people to applaud? As days go by, this Memorial is looking to be as tasteless as the Wellstone Memorial.

UPDATE: Commenter Colleen makes a fair point below, saying the word 'Applause' that appeared on the Jumbotron was actually a closed-caption description of what was happening. I will concede this point until proven otherwise since accusing the administration or the university of calling for applause must include all facts that they did so. That said, what we know for sure did NOT appear on the Jumbotron after this were the words, 'Please No Applause' because Obama never uttered them.

Via Gateway Pundit.

Video Made by Tucson Shooter

This video, shot by Tucson shooter Jared Loughner allegedly is what got him suspended from Pima Community College, which is where this video was recorded. Throughout this video, you can hear Loughner refer to the school as a place where 'torture' and 'genocide' takes place. He is clearly and significantly unstable in this video. Again, if any politics can be gleaned from this lunatic at all, they would be from the left. That is only relevant because of the attempts by the left to pin the shootings on the Tea Party.

That said, this guy is clearly just flat out insane.

Via The Blaze:

Video: Pelosi Calls Tucson Shootings a 'Tragic Accident'

There is a paradigm that says nothing happens by accident in Washington, D.C. If that's the case here, one has to wonder the political intent. It's quintessential moral relativism to say that a mass shooting is a 'tragic accident' but Pelosi went there. If it's an accident, then it's no one's fault. That would include Jared Loughner. If it's no one's fault, then everyone must share in the blame. If everyone must share in the blame, there are certain things that can be done to prevent such accidents in the future, right?

We have reached despicable lows when those who perpetrate acts of murder are no longer responsible.

Yes, Pelosi is delusional but this is likely the closest we'll get to her ever admitting that Jared Loughner was not a creature of the Tea Party or talk radio. On the contrary, if he was political at all, he was from the left.

h/t Freedom's Lighthouse

Contrast those words with what she said in 2009 when she compared the Tea Party to the (left wing) violence that happened in San Francisco in the 1970's (Weather Underground / Jim Jones). She was obviously prepared to blame the Tea Party if something did happen. Loughner wasn't it, as much as she wanted him to be.

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