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Thursday, March 4, 2010


It has been learned that Barack Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, once served on the Board of Directors of a magazine called The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in 1984. On the surface, that may not appear to be a big deal but as is increasingly the case with the Obama administration, what's beneath the surface is often borderline ghastly.

Trevour Loudon at New Zeal Blog has uncovered some disturbing facts about the magazine's past.
The Bulletin was founded in 1945 by former scientists from the Soviet spy-riddled Manhattan Project, creator of the US Atomic Bomb.

From the start, the Bulletin and its associated organizations, worked to weaken US nuclear superiority over the Soviet Union, through East/West scientific exhanges, conferences and a a steady stream of anti-nuclear propaganda designed to terrify the US public with tales of nuclear destruction and looming Armageddon.
Loudon points out that in 1994, Pavel Sudaplatov, the author of a book titled, Special Tasks identified by name, individuals who worked for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that provided atomic secrets to the Soviets:
According to Sudaplatov, a former wartime director of the Administration for Special Tasks, an elite unit of the Soviet intelligence service, Leo Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi, knowingly supplied information to Soviet contacts during their work on the Manhattan Project.
Loudon quotes from Sudaplatov's book extensively and the picture is painted of Soviet power brokers threatening scientists inside the Manhattan project with harm to their familes back in Russia. Go figure - Soviet style blackmail. I found this excerpt particularly interesting:
After our reactor was put into operation in 1946, Beria issued orders to stop all contacts with our American sources in the Manhattan Project; the FBI was getting close to uncovering some of our agents. Beria said we should think how to use Oppenheimer, Fermi, Szilard, and others around them in the peace campaign against nuclear armament. Disarmament and the inability to impose nuclear blackmail would deprive the United States of its advantage. We began a worldwide political campaign against nuclear superiority, which kept up until we exploded our own nuclear bomb, in 1949. Our goal was to preempt American power politically before the Soviet Union had its own bomb. Beria warned us not to compromise Western scientists, but to use their political influence.
Now we can add Holdren to the list of people either once or now affiliated with Obama who have connections to the Communist Party.
Holdren's fellow board member Deborah Shapley, was the grand-daughter of astronomer Harlow Shapley, a veteran of dozens of Communist Party fronts.
Yes, there are quite a few degrees of separation between Shapley and Obama but there aren't many between Obama Valerie Jarrett, her father-in-law Vernon Jarrett, and Vernon's colleague Frank Marshall Davis, who mentored Obama in Hawaii when the latter was a child. Speaking of Obama, how about another board member of the Bulletin, Aaron Adler, who served with not only Holdren but on another board with a member of both the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists of America?
Serving on the Bulletin's Board of Directors in 1984 were:

Aaron Adler, Board chairman in 1988, Adler also served on the board of the Chicago Center for US/USSR Relations and Exchanges, alongside Larry McGurty of the Communist Party USA and Betty Willhoite - later with Democratic Socialists of America and Progressives for Obama and a supporter of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights.
On that note, don't forget that the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) was founded by longtime friend of Bill Ayers, who is a longtime friend of Barack Obama Quentin Young. As usual, Loudon connects a bunch of dots. Be sure to read the whole thing.

We should also not forget that other disturbing fact about Holdren - his co-authoring of the book Ecoscience, which Zombietime broke down quite well.

Be sure to read Aaron Klein's piece at WND on these latest revelations about Holdren as well.


Back on February 22nd, Jeffrey Lord had a piece in the American Spectator that was rooted in some very strong arguments that the Obama adminstration's Chicago-style politics may have crossed the line of illegality. The strongest case may have involved the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. Arlen Specter's opponent, Joe Sestak admitted that he was offered a job to back out of the race. The position offered is believed to have been Secretary of the Navy.

There was another case, involving Denver Senator Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff back in August. Coupled with the recent Sestak revelation, eyebrows have been raised.

You can read the American Spectator piece here.

Now we have an editorial update thanks to the Washington Times, in which Lord's piece is referenced:
Mr. Lord explained why, at the very least, the Justice Department should open a preliminary inquiry into these claims. He said that investigators should subpoena records of e-mails and phone calls "between the White House, Sestak, Specter, Romanoff and Bennet."

These sorts of "he said, she said" allegations are very difficult to prove, and there are all sorts of gray areas that can mean hints of jobs were inappropriate rather than illegal. Still, the allegations appear to come from credible sources, either directly from elected officials of long-standing or from people very close to those officials. An investigation should be mandatory.
At first blush, one might be inclined to be dismissive of this story, citing no means of enforcing any law that may have been broken. They'd have a point.

However, the current political climate is changing in a way not kind to politicians in general and Democrats in particular. Charlie Rangel stepping down from his chairmanship, New York Governor David Paterson announcing he will not run for re-election amid calls he step down now, and Democrat Representative Eric Massa is leaving as well amid a scandal involving a male staffer. Then, of course, there's Evan Bayh's exodus.

There are indicators all around us of continued disenchantment with career politicians as well. The most recent example is courtesy of the Texas Republican gubernatorial primary. Incumbent, yes, but Rick Perry seized the Tea Party mantle early on - despite what the Medina supporters say - and sent Kay Bailey back to Washington. How long she stays there depends on how willing she is to honor her promise to resign if she lost to Perry. The clock is ticking on that one but don'w hold your breath....

Throw on top of all this the fact that Obama is leading the charge to use reconciliation to pass health care despite the American people overwhelmingly rejecting it. If Democrats are dropping like flies - via elections or resignations - even though they have strong majorities in both houses of congress as well as in the executive branch, the possibility that this White House could be held accountable for any criminal activity may be even more viable if the Democrats go "nuclear" on health care.

Some may argue that reconciliation in this instance is not equivalent to the "nuclear option" because it's only being applied to this bill but the fallout, if it is used, may just end up being radioactive. If this option is used and the story about alleged White House criminal activity somehow gets more traction, Tea Party majorities in both houses of congress in 2011 could make things very interesting for the Obama administration.

Read the whole thing.


Actually, the man who came up with the term "Bald Communist" is Glenn Beck, who played excerpts of this video on one of his recent television shows. Based on how excitable Jed Brandt seems to be, my guess is he hit the ceiling when he was referred to by that name, which is probably why Beck did it.

But I digress. This guy is publicly calling for the destruction of the United States and the overthrow of its government. However, he is NOT a right wing extremist and doesn't fall under that category as outlined in the DHS report. This is the quintessential example of someone who should be watched VERY closely.

Not much is known about this guy's history - which is how Beck came up with the term "Bald Communist" - but based on what I see, the public school system didn't do him any favors as a child.

Oh, he also refers to Van Jones, another bald communist, by name and guess what? He does so while defending him.

A definite Must-see.

Now that you've seen that, here is the video of Glenn Beck on his show watching the Bald Communist, which is actually so good, it's worth watching the bald communist one more time. Fast forward to the three-minute mark to watch Beck watch Jed Brandt. The facial expressions are definitely worth it.

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