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Friday, January 7, 2011


Frances Fox Piven is back courtesy of some audio recordings of her that are within two months old. To listen to this, one must conclude that the mortgage crisis was an orchestrated attempt to destroy our financial system with Community Organizers providing the thugs and Democrats providing the legislation that would allow them to do it. One could probably conclude that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd knew exactly what they were doing. When you accept the premise that the housing meltdown was intentional, a lot of things make much more sense.

Via The Blaze:


I guess you could call this an unintended, juicy consequence of the Republican majority's decision to have every newly elected / re-elected Representatives read a portion of the U.S. Constitution aloud. The issue for the 'Birthers' relative to Obama's eligibility based on his citizenship status has to do with the verbiage in Article II, Section 1. Not sure if it was a coincidence that the responsibility for reading that portion fell to a Democrat - Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) - but it was a nice fringe benefit.

Anyway, check out the look on Pallone's face upon hearing a protestor yell from the gallery, 'Except Obama! Except Obama! Help us Jesus' after he recites the part about the president needing to be born on American soil.

Via Breitbart:


For those wondering about the effectiveness of the Tea Party, this is clearly some of its fruit. On the same day the 112th Congress was sworn in, a group of House Republicans introduced a bill that would eliminate all 39 of Obama's czars. In the wake of the recent election, it became clear that Obama was going to attempt to push his agenda by using executive fiat and going around congress. The passing of this legislation is unlikely but it is a shot across the bow and will shine a light on these czars, putting the administration on defense.

Via The Hill:
A group of House Republicans introduced a bill on Wednesday to rein in the various "czars" in the Obama administration.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and 28 other House Republicans introduced legislation to do away with the informal, paid advisers President Obama has employed over the past two years.

The legislation, which was introduced in the last Congress but was not allowed to advance under Democratic control, would do away with the 39 czars Obama has employed during his administration.

The bill defines a czar as "a head of any task force, council, policy office within the Executive Office of the President, or similar office established by or at the direction of the President" who is appointed to a position that would otherwise require Senate confirmation.
If the 39 czars - which would include Cass Sunstein, Donald Berwick, Kevin Jennings, John Holdren, and others - were to be sent packing, how many of them would end up at Center for American Progress (CAP), home of Van Jones? My guess - most of them.

More here.


Of all the burgeoning scandals that are expected to be exposed to sunlight courtesy of Republican majorities in the House, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) voting rights case is potentially the most explosive. It didn't take long for new House Judiciary Committee chairman, Lamar Smith (R-TX) to issue his first letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on the matter either. In it, Holder is given a deadline of January 21st to respond with some answers. In the first two years of the Obama administration, Holder has stonewalled any and all real inquiry into the case. If Smith is serious, Holder will not be able to do that anymore.

Via Washington Post:
…he (Smith) notes that in the New Black Panther Party case investigation, it came to light that a political appointee, Julie Fernandes, directed Justice Department attorneys "not to bring cases against black defendants for the benefit of white victims."

Smith then details allegations by former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams that the department declined to enforce the National Voter Registration Act and its provisions relating to "voter integrity."

After reciting the evidence concerning Fernandes's statements and her expressed hostility toward enforcing the NVRA, Smith concludes, "Allegations that the Civil Rights Division has engaged in a practice of race-biased enforcement of voting rights law must be investigated by the Committee." He then gives Holder until January 21 to respond to a list of questions, including whether Fernandes did, in fact, "explicitly or implicitly direct Voting Section staff not to enforce any section of any federal rights statute" or "not to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act." He demands all documents that relate to the department's enforcement practices under the Voting Rights Act.
In a recent New York Times article, Holder is quoted as saying there's no 'there' there.

It appears there is enough 'there' there to warrant a letter from the new Judiciary committee chairman demanding that Holder prove it. Until now, he has not.

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