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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anti-Muslim Note Written in Arabic (Red Flag)

Echoes of the 'Crash the Tea Party' effort last year, in which some whacko encouraged fellow liberal whackos to infiltrate Tea Parties and pose as racists. In Washington State, an anti-Islamic note apparently intended to portray the author's 'Islamophobia' was placed on a car windshield. There was, however, a small problem. The note was written in Arabic - in addition to English. Wouldn't you just love to know the number of 'Islamophobes' in America who know both English and Arabic and actually extend the courtesy of communicating their message in such a bilingual way?

Via Jihad Watch:
The fact that he left a word out of his English version opens the possibility that the note was penned by an angry Coptic Christian or some other native Arabic-speaking victim of Islamic jihad, but it also opens the possibility that the whole thing is just another clumsy fake by Islamic supremacists trying yet again to portray Muslims as victims and thereby deflect attention away from jihad activity.

After all, it has happened before. Hamas-linked CAIR, which is (of course) involved in this case, and other Muslims have not hesitated to fabricate "hate crimes." CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

Maybe the Redmond cops who are busy investigating this "hate crime" will find some angry Christian Arab who left this note. But they should not omit to investigate the possibility that the author of the note was from the same poor victimized group that the note targeted.
It is beyond a stretch to believe that the individual who wrote this note was a Coptic Christian. In fact, this tactic has been used consistently by left wing activists, who are very sympathetic with Islamic groups.

Here is a video from KOMO in Seattle. Notice that the note appeared on the woman's car windshield after she had only been in a Starbucks for just a few minutes. What are the odd?

More here.

Paging N.O.W. - facebook Page calls for Beating Female Saudi Drivers

There may be no further evidence that civil rights groups and the National Organization of Women (NOW) have zero interest in the cause they supposedly champion than the deafening silent response to a facebook page with thousands of 'likes' in Saudi Arabia that is calling for men to physically beat any woman caught driving a car. Perhaps the biggest whiner of civil rights abuses is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). It would seem that the mistreatment of women in Saudi Arabia would be a far better cause than filing complaints in the United States that allege abuses that, even if true, are so exponentially less discriminatory.

Via Breitbart:
A campaign has been launched on Facebook calling for men to beat Saudi women who drive their cars in a planned protest next month against the ultra-conservative kingdom's ban on women taking the wheel.
The call comes as activists are demanding the release of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi woman who was jailed for defying the ban.

The page, titled "The Iqal Campaign: June 17 for preventing women from driving," refers to the Arabic name for the cord used to hold on the traditional headdress worn by many men in the Gulf, advocating the cord be used to hit women who dare to drive.

It has drawn over 6,000 "likes" on the popular social networking website.

Some on the page proposed distributing boxes of Iqals to youths and encouraging them use them to hit women who participate in the June 17 protest.

One joked about the price of Iqals going up due to men buying them before the protest.
Code Pink, CAIR, ACLU, NOW, etc. are conspicuously silent. Even if they make a statement condemning the action, that action is so egregious, these groups should be dropping everything to fight against it.

My money's on 'not gonna happen.'

Blago Trial: Rahm and Jesse Jackson Jr. Take Stand, no Fireworks

The entertaining circus that was the first Rod Blagojevich trial is certainly missing from the second trial, despite both Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson, Jr. both taking the stand. The big difference so far is that in the first trial, the prosecution played a lot of tapes which actually served to ingratiate Blago with the public. They humanized him and were often quite funny, cuss words notwithstanding. The prosecution didn't do any of that this time around and Blago has garnered little to no attention as a result.

In the first trial, Blago's lawyers were effective at playing up the possibility that Emanuel, Jackson, Jarrett, and a host of other high profile people would be called to the stand, including Blago himself. It had an air of, 'if you think the prosecution's arguments were entertaining, you just wait.' What ensued was an anti-climax, the likes of which haven't been seen since Geraldo opened Capone's vault. No one was called. In hindsight, that may have been Blago's biggest mistake. He had an opportunity to capitalize on the inertia of the very dynamic circus atmosphere.

The second trial is proving to have the opposite kind of inertia. The prosecution induced yawn's and virtually no attention. When it became Blagojevich's turn, the decision to call Emanuel and Jackson to the stand didn't even get the ball rolling. Their testimony was a virtual non-event.

Via Westport News:
In their cross-examination of U.S. Rep Jesse Jackson Jr., prosecutors asked him about an unrelated incident, previously reported by the AP. Jackson confirmed Blagojevich had once considered Jackson's wife for a position as head of the Illinois lottery. Jackson said his wife didn't get the promised appointment after Jackson refused to give Blagojevich a $25,000 campaign donation.

Jackson claimed Blagojevich later apologized the appointment didn't pan out but made it clear the donation was part of the reason.

"He snapped both fingers and said, 'You should have given me that $25,000,'" Jackson testified, pantomiming a pose from the governor's idol, Elvis Presley.

Another high-profile witness to take the stand Wednesday was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel testified that, in his former job as chief of staff to President Barack Obama, he knew of no deal in which Blagojevich had asked for a top job in exchange for appointing Obama's preferred candidate to the president-elect's vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2008.
This may all come down to whether Blago decides to throw a Hail Mary pass and testify at his own trial. It may be all he has left. If the testimony of Jackson and Emanuel isn't drawing the much needed attention Blago's team wants, there really aren't any more options.

Read it all.
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