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Friday, April 16, 2010


Not even sure how the left is going to double down on this one. Then again, I thought they played out their hand a long time ago so I don't put anything past them. It's getting very embarrassing for them though.

Tea Partiers all across the country are on to the Tea Party crashers and have actually brought signs that point them out. In this video, one of the crashers is wearing a Swastika while pretending to be part of the movement.

If you thought the leftwing whack jobs were confused before, this guy's head must have been spinning when he was done role playing a white racist at a tea party only to find the tea party actually calling him out as the Nazi racist.

Leftwing Whack job, meet Mr. Mirror....

via Sharp Elbows


When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Committee (FEC), it was not only a slap in the face to the sponsors of McCain / Feingold. It also deeply bothered Barack Obama to the point of chastising the Supreme Court's Justices at his State of the Union.

The suit was filed on the basis of First Amendment freedoms surrounding a documentary about Hillary Clinton, called "Hillary: The Movie". Citizens United produced the film and was prohibited from marketing it based on the notorious campaign finance reform law penned by John McCain and Russ Feingold.

As further evidence that the Supreme Court ruling was very unwelcome news to the left, CQ is reporting that the Democrats are now hard at work, trying to overturn it with new legislation.
By early next week, House and Senate Democrats are expected to introduce a bill designed to blunt Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which tossed out most restrictions on corporate political ad buys. While language is still being finalized, the measure will more than likely expand disclosure requirements for corporations and nonprofit organizations looking to take advantage of the more liberal regulatory landscape.
Sounds like the Republican sponsor of McCain / Feingold would be the first one in line when it comes to writing new legislation, right?

Not so fast. John McCain is conspicuously silent on many of his notoriously liberal issues - immigration reform comes to mind - for one primary reason. That reason is that he is in the fight for his political life in Arizona. Here is another reason to embrace J.D. Hayworth's bid for the Senate seat McCain has held since the Reagan administration. Regardless of one's stance on Hayworth, his being in this race is serving to keep a RINO - John McCain - on a leash.

Conversely, if McCain wins the August 24th primary against Hayworth, many expect him to perform a flip flop that would make John Kerry proud:
“Given that [McCain] made the centerpiece of his earlier political efforts governmental reform and campaign finance reform in particular, it’s curious,” said Marc Elias, a Democratic campaign finance lawyer at Perkins Coie. “It seems clear that he is not planning on being a leader on reform, but is he really willing to vote against reform?”

Elias and other observers say that the day of reckoning for possible McCain support is Aug. 24, when Arizona voters take to the polls to decide the 2008 GOP presidential nominee’s fate against his primary opponent, GOP former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. Many observers speculate that after the primary, McCain may pivot toward the middle and could ultimately back a Schumer-Van Hollen bill.
I have received criticism for my stance of strongly opposing Sarah Palin's decision to actively campaign for McCain in his primary with Hayworth. Based on this news, I am even more convinced that Palin made a big mistake in doing so.

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