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Saturday, July 7, 2012

How will Romney respond to Axelrod comparing him to Richard Nixon?

Seriously, if Mitt Romney doesn't respond to David Axelrod comparing him to Richard Nixon by pointing to things like Obama invoking Executive Privilege over the Fast and Furious documents after Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress, Charles Krauthammer may be right. Romney won't deserve to win.

Last month, on Face the Nation, Romney demurred when given the opportunity to chide Barack Obama for the latter's decision to grant one million illegal aliens amnesty. He could have questioned Obama's real concern for Mexican nationals by pointing to the operation that led to hundreds of dead Mexicans and the fact that no one has been held accountable yet.

Romney has had countless opportunities to tap into conservative anger on this issue. Instead, he has become a one-trick pony on the economy and seems incapable of inspiring people.

Here is another opportunity - perhaps his best yet - to throw the Nixon comparison right back in Obama's lap but something tells me he's not going to do it. Here is audio of Axelrod during an interview with ABC, comparing Romney to Nixon.

Via Fox Nation:

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Harry Reid 'Proud' of Justice Judas Roberts

We'll probably never learn exactly what happened and why John Roberts changed his ruling on Obamacare but one thing is for certain. If he has a conscience at all, he's lying to himself in order to sleep at night. Considering the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by communists, it's going to be pretty hard for Roberts to rationalize this latest bit of news away.

Harry Reid is 'proud' of him.

Via the Hill:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he's proud of Chief Justice John Roberts for his ruling on the healthcare reform law and plans to call him soon.

Roberts joined the four liberal justices on the high court in upholding virtually the entire healthcare law. The 5-4 decision preserved the individual mandate to have insurance, which had been the primary target of conservatives who challenged the law in court.

"Roberts  — that was a very strong opinion, and frankly I'm going to call him when I have an opportunity because I'm very proud of what he did," Reid said in an interview Thursday with Nevada radio station KNPR.
When lawless Democrats are proud of you, it's a double negative and shame is what you should feel.

It's like a mob boss telling you, 'good job'.

Which should keep you up at night.

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