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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video Awesomeness: Another Freshman, Another Righteous Rant

Examples of freshman Tea Party-elected Representatives in Congress keep coming in. This is five minutes of righteous indignation that is hard to beat. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) demonstrated perfectly what every Republican congressman should do on the House floor - get a fire in your belly and let it rip. He runs the gamut here; Kelly starts off by ripping the Congress for not passing a budget last year because of an election and then tells a room full of clueless bureaucrats what they're doing to the private sector. Kelly encapsulates perfectly what's wrong with the buffoons who are in charge.

h/t to Wayne, via Townhall:

Video: Senior Hillary Clinton Advisor Compares Arab Spring's Reliance on Internet to Che Guevara

You really cannot make this stuff up. Alec Ross is Hillary Clinton's senior advisor and while he was speaking in London recently, he lauded the success of the 'Arab Spring' by saying one of the reasons it's been so successful is that there are no real leaders anyone can negotiate with or point to. Ross said that other than Wael Ghonim, there really are no recognized names of people who are at the forefront of the uprisings in the Middle East. Lost on Ross is that Ghonim - Google's regional manager in North Africa at the time of Egypt's uprising - was pushed off the stage by Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi after Mubarak fell.

Via The Guardian, Ross not only puts forth some absurd theories about the 'Arab Spring' but actually lauds it by pointing to the Marxist murderer Che Guevara. Fast forward to the 6:00 mark if pressed for time.

Via The Guardian:
Hillary Clinton's senior adviser for innovation at the US state department has lauded the way the internet has become "the Che Guevara of the 21st century" in the Arab Spring uprisings.

Speaking at the Guardian's Activate summit in London on Wednesday, Alec Ross said "dictatorships are now more vulnerable than ever" as disaffected citizens organise influential protest movements on Facebook and Twitter.

The US has pledged to back the pro-democracy movements that have swept the Middle East and north Africa since January. Ross welcomed the "redistribution of power" from autocratic regimes to individuals, describing the internet as "wildly disruptive" during the protests in Egypt and Tunisia.

"Dictatorships are now more vulnerable than they have ever been before, in part – but not entirely – because of the devolution of power from the nation state to the individual," he said.

"One thesis statement I want to emphasise is how networks disrupt the exercise of power. They devolve power from the nation state – from governments and large institutions – to individuals and small institutions. The overarching pattern is the redistribution of power from governments and large institutions to people and small institutions."
This is either willful or blind ignorance on the part of Ross. Whether knowingly or not, he is running interference for the Muslim Brotherhood while championing Che Guevara.

h/t GWP, which also provides a short video on who Che Guevara really was:

Sanctuary Cities Bill and TSA anti-Groping Bill may Both be Dead in Texas

First up, the Sanctuary Cities Bill (SB 9 and HB 9) in Texas. It looked like a tough immigration bill was set to sail through Texas' special legislative session after Gov. Rick Perry put it on the agenda. With Republican majorities in both houses, odds were much better than not, that the bill would end up on Perry's desk. Then two of Texas' richest men stepped in - Charles Butt and Bob Perry - and threatened to withhold future contributions to the Republican Party if the bill passed.

Via Houston Chronicle:
AUSTIN — As two of Texas' most politically-involved business leaders emerged as opponents, a bill banning "sanctuary cities" lost crucial momentum Friday, raising the possibility the measure will be killed or substantially weakened before the special session of the Texas Legislature ends Wednesday.

HillCo Partners' lobby team, led by Neal T. "Buddy" Jones, is working on behalf of Houston home builder Bob Perry and San Antonio grocery store magnate Charles Butt to alter a proposal that would permit law enforcement officers to inquire about the immigration status of people they detain, Jones' partner Bill Miller confirmed.

Miller declined to detail the changes Jones hopes to make in the legislation, saying only that they have "given language to members" to consider including in the proposal, which would carry financial penalties for cities that prohibit law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status.

The opposition of the business leaders demonstrates a schism in the Republican Party on the issue, designated a priority by Gov. Rick Perry. Bob Perry, no relation to the governor, is a prolific Republican contributor who has given $2.5 million to the governor's campaign coffers since 2001. HEB CEO Butt has made substantial contributions to members of both parties.

Friday, the House State Affairs Committee canceled hearings scheduled to pass the bill for the second day in a row, due to a lack of a quorum, as exhausted lawmakers returned home to tend to their businesses and families. A meeting has been scheduled for Monday, but House leaders did not rule out that a meeting could be called during the weekend if enough lawmakers return to Austin.
As if that wasn't enough, House Speaker (RINO) has called the TSA anti-groping bill a 'publicity stunt,' which indicates an unwillingness on his part to push the bill forward.
AUSTIN — House Speaker Joe Straus on Friday called an “anti-groping” bill favored by Gov. Rick Perry a “publicity stunt” and said he would not allow it to come up for a vote as written.

The legislation, which would criminalize invasive airport security pat-downs, would turn Texas “into a laughingstock,” said Straus, R-San Antonio, after abruptly adjourning the House for lack of a quorum for the second time this week.

Straus said the bill is so seriously flawed he does not think lawmakers will approve the measure before the special session ends Wednesday.

“The bill, without some serious revisions, appears to me to be nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt,” he said. “It’s unenforceable, ill-advised and misdirected to uniformed security personnel, not where appropriately it should be aimed, which is in Washington to the bosses of these people.”

Perry, who is contemplating a run for the Republican nomination for president, placed the measure on the special agenda Monday. He and some of his legislative allies view the security checks by the Transportation Security Administration as unreasonable.

The bill, as drafted, would make it a crime of official oppression if federal employees perform a search that involves touching a person’s private parts without probable cause to believe the person has committed an offense.
Both of these developments should outrage conservative voters who are watching establishment-style politics torpedo two critical bills they demand get passed. This goes to demonstrate that when Republicans lose seats, it's because they're too liberal, not because they're too conservative.

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