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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Approval Index at -2 Again


I am now convinced that we are in the middle of a significant shift AWAY from public support for Barack Obama. Since March, aside from a few one-time spikes, he has enjoyed an approval index consistently in positive single digits, sometimes going above +9.

Now, however, we are seeing him wallow around ZERO, with today's number being -2.

Rasmussen determines the index by comparing the number of people who strongly approve of Obama's performance vs. the number who strongly DISapprove.

We are likely witnessing a tipping point with respect to how he is viewed by the American people. Mr. Obama has logged too many straight days in the same territory for this to be an anomaly.

Sotomayor a Racist?

Exactly when are we going to stop being color blind when it comes to identifying racism?

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has said things, done things, and belonged to groups that should at the very least raise the possibility that she is a racist. First off, let's go to Merriam-Webster for a definition of Racist.

Actually, there are two...
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

First Black Attorney General calls us a "Nation of Cowards" in things racial.

Now, let's chronicle incidents which indicate that Sonia Sotomayor just might be a racist..
1.) Her multiple comments about how a 'wise latina woman' would render better judgments than a white male
2.) Her membership in the National Council on La Raza, an hispanic civil rights organization with some extremely questionable ties to a group (MECHA) that calls for the annexation by Chicanos of a significant portion of the Western United States.
3.) Her affiliation with a group called Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which among other things, identified capital punishment as racist. As a citizen, you're entitled to that view but as a Supreme Court Justice, I don't think so.
4.) She has identified herself as an "Affirmative Action Baby"
5.) Belonged to a women's only group called Bohemian Grove, which she subsequently quit after her background was put under increased scrutiny.
6.) Now we learn that yet another one of her rulings is overturned by the Supreme Court. She has now had 6 of her rulings in front of the SCOTUS and 4 have been overturned (in baseball she's batting .333 but High Court Justice has a bit of a higher standard). That case just so happened to involve discrimination against white firefighters.

There are some who believe Sotomayor shouldn't be identified as a racist. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says that it would be "out of bounds" to call Sotomayor a "racist". Yet, he also wanted her to apologize for comments that point to her being a racist.

Lindsey, if the comments weren't racist, what is she supposed to apologize for?

Texas Senator John Cornyn said he wants to put an end to the vicious cycle of SCOTUS nomination hearings (likely alluding to what happened to Sam Alito in 2006) by taking the high road.

Hey John, it's not going to work until you RINO's start giving these people a dose of their own medicine. Case in point: Robert Bork was the victim of the vicious cycle you refer to. Then your party basically gives Ruth Bader Ginsburg a free pass (some might argue to put an end to that vicious cycle). Then came the Alito hearings.
How'd that work out?

Bottom line is that Sotomayor gives us far more indications that SHE is racist than do the white males she claims to have better judgment over.

It is time for the right in this country to stop proving Eric Holder right.

Please SHUT UP about Michael Jackson

My brother and I went golfing one day and were paired up with another twosome.

As we got to talking to the guys in our group, one of them became animated out of frustration at the prospect of trying to understand what his wife chose to prioritize as being important. I remember him telling me that they were in financial straits and every time he tried to engage her in a discussion about it, she ignored him.

Then the source of his frustration comes out as he relays this story....

"I go to the fridge to make a sandwich and I dropped a jar of mayonnaise on the floor, which breaks open and ends up all over the place. My wife went off and wouldn't stop talking about mayonnaise. After hours of her bringing it up, I got in her face and said, 'Look, we have to deal with SERIOUS issues! We're being audited, we owe backtaxes, and we're in danger of foreclosure. Yet all you want to talk about is Mayonnaise?!'

Moral of the story?
When it comes to matters of importance, Michael Jackson is on par with Mayonnaise all over your kitchen floor yet the mindless masses (many of whom voted for Obama and continue to blindly support him) continue to mourn the death of an alleged pedophile and freak.

In light of all of the important issues confronting us, the death of Michael Jackson = A Broken jar of Mayonnaise.
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